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Ron writes;

Inspired by Fyre Festival. Have you heard of Fyre Festival? If not, it was a festival in the Bahamas a few years ago, where people paid thousands to go to, it was meant to be very luxurious, yachts, models, etc., they even got Kardashians to post about it. It was a big fraud though, and when the guests arrived it was a total disaster. There was no music, no organisation at all, the tents were disaster relief tents, the cuisine was meant to be lobster etc. but just a slice of cheese on bread….

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  1. john f

    Seems appropriate…
    As critical as I am of Fine Gael, I ask what is the alternative?
    Fianna fall is the exact same party, cut from the exact same ideology.
    Sinn Fein are a joke, they stand for very little. They will jump on every single bandwagon to appear popular and down with the kids. This has alienated a lot of the older voter base and party members.
    People before profit, right to change, solidarity are just dangerous. They are pushing forward an ideology that academically sounds reasonable, but when applied practically has been a disaster, rampant socialism has ruined economies and in many cases killed millions.

    The real damage isn’t really done by interchangeable politicians or various talking heads. It is done by high-ranking unelected civil servants. The mess up in the Children’s Hospital budget, The Public Services card, various infrastructural projects. It is politicians that come up with these things. Now one could argue that it will take some political will to address this head-on. But all of the major parties seem to dancing around the issue.,

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