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  1. Dub Spot

    Britannia waives the rules. Beastly Germans and Paddies.

    Theresa May your boys will still take one hell of a beating. And just like at Eton and Oxford they’ll like it.

      1. SOQ

        Ha. The cats were really out on that thread.

        Theresa May is convinced it’s 7th June 2017, Mark Francois is convinced it’s 6th June 1944, Jacob Rees-Mogg is convinced it’s 5th April 1705.

        And the DUP think it’s 1690.

        Tory talking about arrogance! Irony is still alive and kicking

        Brexiteer mentions the war shock. Which battle did you fight in Francois? Apart from the Battle of the Bulge, which you clearly lost

        Dads army is getting the gang back together

        Apparently, we *aren’t allowed* to call these Brexidiots, ‘stupid, bigoted, xenophobic pricks’. It’s bloody ‘political correctness’ gone mad, I tell you!

        Someone needs to remind this fool that Basil Faulty was not a viable role model.

  2. SOQ

    The last few words in the British Independent just about sums yesterdays stupid pantomime up.

    … rebel MP’s did pass one amendment taking a symbolic stance against a no-deal exit.

    And it was symbolic, as was all the other ‘amendments’, with no legal standing whatsoever. The EU is rock solid and more importantly, with the two main Irish parties, whom in all but name are in government together, are rock solid. There is no division here, there will be no gambling with our peace.

      1. Martco


        sur BBC Parliament has overtaken Sky Sports down the locals at this stage

        It’s disaster porn

  3. Eoin

    A second Garda in Limerick is arrested for corruption. Which gang allegedly corrupted them? The Rathkeale Rovers,the rhino horn and fraudulent trading traveller gang.

    The Irish Times reports

    “He is the second garda to be investigated in recent months in connection with the Rathkeale Rovers. Last October another Limerick garda was suspended after he was suspected of providing bogus insurance certificates to members of the gang.”

    I wonder if any Gardai have been corrupted by Ireland’s two biggest gangs, the Kinahans and the Hutches? None have ever been arrested, have they.

    1. Rob_G

      … the Kinahans and the Hutches? None have ever been arrested, have they”

      Many have been arrested, tried, and duly convicted.

      1. Catherine costelloe

        At least investigating garda arrested and suspended two of their own…..there’s hope yet!

  4. Eoin

    Winston Churchtown reacts to the road traffic tragedy in Donegal on Monday.

    “Number of multi-death crashes in Donegal ‘staggering’, says Ross” reports the Irish Times. Why is that, Mr Minister for Transport? Who knows.

    “Donegal was the county with the second-highest number of road fatalities in 2018, with 10 deaths. Per head of population, it had the fifth-highest rate of road deaths. However, in recent years it has accounted for a disproportionately large percentage of incidents involving multiple deaths in a single collision…Multiple death collisions in Donegal “just seem to happen regularly and out of the blue”, the county council’s road safety officer Brian O’Donnell said.”

    1. dav

      I recall hearing a radio documentary last year regarding road safety, not sure if it was RTE or Newstalk and can’t remember if it was solely to do with Donegal. In it the maker was speaking to a Donegal Driver, with his son in the car with him. She was asking about why he (the driver) wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, and his reply was along the lines that he really didn’t think about it and he only put it on when the gardai were doing a checkpoint!

      1. Cian

        I find it mind-boggling. That a driver is more worried that a Garda “will give out to them” than that they will die in a car-crash.

    2. Junkface

      There’s almost a bandit culture up in Donegal with regards to driving. They repeatedly pack 4 or 5 young fellas into a car and crash. Whenever I drove up to Donegal I would make sure we arrived before it got dark, because I did not want to share a road with a possible bunch of lunatics packing 5 in a car racing around their town like rally drivers. They have to change the driving culture up there. It was similar in Sligo but didn’t seem as frequent as Donegal.

  5. Giggidygoo

    Harris gives the go-ahead for the Children’s Hospital to over run by whatever it likes. PWC will ‘inform’ harris of a new figure in March. Bam! and another target reached.

    1. Eoin

      PwC will tell the government what it wants to hear, happily freeing ministers and mandarins of responsibility in return for a €450,000 fee. That’s how this game works.

      1. Otis Blue

        Given the value of this contract wouldn’t there be a require to seek tenders through the public procurement process? Had a quick look on e- tenders but can’t see anything related to it.

        You’d like to think that an expensive report to examine the reason for huge cost overruns on a project would itself have met value for money criteria, wouldn’t you?

      2. johnny

        Eoin they have make this record fine up somewhere………
        “A federal judge’s decision on Monday that global audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP must pay $625 million to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides a rare look into the typically secret settlements between global audit firms and bankruptcy trustees.

        Judge Barbara Rothstein’s decision in the case of Colonial BancGroup Inc. and the FDIC v. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, is the largest ever judgment against an audit firm in the United States. It will compensate the FDIC for its losses as the receiver of Colonial, a crisis-era bankruptcy.”


        (this case was back in court Monday but all reporting so far is paywalled)

  6. Eoin

    “In one of the most remarkable turnarounds in political history our indomitable [impossible to subdue or defeat!] PM unites her party and receives the mandate to return to Brussels with Parliament’s full weight behind her….SHE DID IT! Now it’s up to EU.” screams the Express today.

    All they did in the UK parliament last night was to vote to repeat their demand to the EU from two years ago to have their cake and eat it. The EU [Tusk and Coveney] responded in a matter of MINUTES to say “no”.

    Why is the Express giving its readers false hope.

    1. Giggidygoo

      It’s readers wouldn’t be used to reading realily. To stay in business it has to give its readers what they want.

    2. Junkface

      There would not be a Brexit at all without the rantings of their Tabloid press, they have really fueled the delusion.
      Imagine Britain without Rupert Murdoch owning the press?

    3. Otis Blue

      Given their fetish with headlines on dementia, we can safely say that they understand their target market.

  7. Eoin

    Fair play to the Telegraph for exposing sleazebag Philip Green, the owner of Topshop, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Miss Selfridge.

    The sleazebag dropped his legal claim against the Telegraph last week, though the judge in the case only learned about the dropping from the media and he might have something to say about that when the case comes back before him tomorrow.

    The Telegraph has published this feature article today, which isn’t premium or paywall. Total sleazebag.


    “The High Court heard that a witness statement had recently been provided by a note taker who was involved in one of the internal investigations and her testimony confirmed that “their investigation by the solicitor and subsequent appeal were a pantomime designed to cover up culture at Arcadia which condoned Sir Philip’s misconduct”.

    On Monday evening, just days later, a letter was hand delivered to her home “after dark”, Mr Browne said.

    “I am told that the Schillings letter to the note taker states she will be sued if anything from her appears in the Telegraph whether she was quoted or not in a story,” he continued.”

  8. bob woodhouse

    “Perfidious Albion” is a term coined hundreds of years ago to reflect the tendency the English have of breaking their promises and agreements. I see nothing has changed

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