For Karen’s Family


Karen McEvoy who died on Christmas Day

Yesterday, in The Irish Times.

Kitty Holland reported that Karen McEvoy, 24, originally from Tallaght in Dublin, died of suspected sepsis on Christmas Day, a week after she had given birth to a healthy baby girl in the Coombe hospital on December 18.

The baby girl was her third child, as Karen already had two boys with her partner Barry Kelly, 26, and she was discharged on December 19.

Ms Holland reported that within two days of giving birth, Karen was “complaining of severe back and abdominal pain, exhaustion, flu-like symptoms and sweating” and that by the time she was back visiting the Coombe on December 23, for her daughter’s heel-prick test, she needed crutches to walk.

Barry told Ms Holland that, while at the Coombe, Karen went to the A&E and was told she may have sciatica and advised that “If it gets worse go to Tallaght [Hospital] for an X-ray”.

On Christmas morning, she woke up swollen and slurring her words. She was brought to Naas hospital where medics decided to sedate and intubate her – with the aim of helping her to breathe. However she went into cardiac arrest and died.

Barry said the staff at Naas Hospital did everything they could and they “were brilliant. It was very hard for them too”.

This morning, Ms Holland is reporting that Barry is calling for an independent investigation into Karen’s death while a GoFundMe page has since been set up to help Barry and Karen’s children.

Those who wish to donate to the fund can do so here

Woman (24) died on Christmas Day one week after giving birth (Kitty Holland, The Irish Times)

Man calls for independent investigation into partner’s death (Kitty Holland, The Irish Times)

8 thoughts on “For Karen’s Family

    1. Cian

      It is tragic – especially sad for the three kids and their dad.

      But I’m not sure what your point about diligence? We are constantly reliant on the diligence of others. Be it while driving (or being driven/walking) – that all other drivers are diligent. If you use anything mechanical – that the designers/builders/maintenance were all done diligently. There are a thousand things that could kill us daily – and it is due to other people’s diligence that they don’t.

      1. SOQ

        Oh come on. Medical negligence is near impossible to prove because they lock together. In this case however, it is quite obvious that someone did not do their job and they should be held to account.

        RIP Karen and sincere condolences to Barry, children and extended family.

  1. B Bop

    A truly despicable outcome.
    Was so saddened to read of this fully negligent case.
    That poor young girl, Karen McEvoy…I will remember her name – for in absolute tragic sadness she should resonate along with Savitha Halappanavar.
    I hope her family get justice.

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