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Where is everyone?


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3 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

    1. jfgjfdjdn

      I think they’re trying to say why isnt ben gilroy getting the same support as Maurice Mc Cabe?
      only that gilroy guy is not worth of the support McCabe got

  1. growing_muses

    Perhaps the original proprietor of the Namewinelake Twitter account got their hands back on it? The original account (and accompanying blog) was written by someone who actually grasped finance and law and was able to comment on how rotten things were within Nama.

    Then it got passed around by office flunkies from pols offices, failed stock pitchmen, actual disgruntled Nama debtors etc and the quality of analysis went down the tube and it was used to further personal vendettas. The usual giveaway was when a new person took over and they immediately started @’ing their normal account.

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