CervicalCheck And 6,000 Letters


CervicalCheck log; Mary Regan, of RTE

Last week, several matters emerged concerning the CervicalCheck programme.

One of these was that some 6,000 women were to be written to and advised to return to their GPs for repeat smear tests.

This is in relation to a cohort of women who would have and initially tested positive for low-grade abnormalities after having a smear and who would have then been advised to have an additional HPV test within 30 days of the initial smear test.

In the cases of 6,000 women, their additional smear test was tested by Quest Laboratories for the HPV virus beyond the 30-day limit.

[The practice of being advised to have an additional HPV test, on foot of a test showing up low-grade abnormalities, began in Ireland in 2015]

Further to this..

This afternoon.

In respect of these 6,000 women, Mary Regan, on RTE, reported:

Letters have been issued to those women today, and to their GPs, and they should receive them on Monday, advising them to go back for a repeat smear test.”


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One thought on “CervicalCheck And 6,000 Letters

  1. harry

    Maybe we should look at this latest disaster in the HSE and its tentacles
    You make an announcement that will scare the bejesus out of people and you send out six thousand letters advising women to get another test while not ensuring these tests can be processed
    Bit like booking a wedding and having a sliced pan and a tomato in a hotel knowing 500 are turning up to be fed

    This is actually criminal negligence by the HSE and all concerned
    Now imagine if an actual disaster happened in this country how our health service would buckle due to who makes decisions

    This alone is a resigning matter for the board of the HSE and the minister of health
    The is a swamp that needs draining and it needs draining fast
    As for unaccountability and the public service covering its backside its simply not good enough and this is the last straw

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