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CervicalCheck log; Mary Regan, of RTE

Last week, several matters emerged concerning the CervicalCheck programme.

One of these was that some 6,000 women were to be written to and advised to return to their GPs for repeat smear tests.

This is in relation to a cohort of women who would have and initially tested positive for low-grade abnormalities after having a smear and who would have then been advised to have an additional HPV test within 30 days of the initial smear test.

In the cases of 6,000 women, their additional smear test was tested by Quest Laboratories for the HPV virus beyond the 30-day limit.

[The practice of being advised to have an additional HPV test, on foot of a test showing up low-grade abnormalities, began in Ireland in 2015]

Further to this..

This afternoon.

In respect of these 6,000 women, Mary Regan, on RTE, reported:

Letters have been issued to those women today, and to their GPs, and they should receive them on Monday, advising them to go back for a repeat smear test.”


On Virgin Media One…

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The controversial ‘hearth-based’ Virgin screw-up last night

All better.

Last night: One Job


*sucks teeth*


Downside: it’ll be cold.

Upside: You might get to see Terry Prone on the Tonight show.

The cosmic ballet continues.



This morning/afternoon.

Aviva Stadium.

The launch of Virgin Media, formerly TV3, Autumn/Winter schedule launch

From top: Elaine Crowley; Claire Brock; Coronation Street actress Victoria Ekanoye; Simon Delaney and Laura Woods; Martin King (left) and Ray Foley Mark Cagney and Ciara Doherty; from left: Cassie Stokes, Glenda Gilson and Karen Koster; Niall Quinn and Niamh Kinsella; Ivan Yates and Lucy Kennedy; group photo.


The rebrand launch of TV3 to Virgin One, Two and Three last month

Sure, you may get to bump into a sleb in the corridor.

But is that enough?

Disgrace writes:

TV3 / Virgin aare currently advertising multiple jobs to work for six months unpaid on main studio and sports shows as well as in the HR department.

They are having a giraffe… Owned by Liberty Global, turnover last year of 20 billion and they want kids to work for free. It’s an absolute fupping disgrace.


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Pic: Virgin Media