Rubbish Spies


Independent councillor Seamus Morris has taken issue with Tipperary County Council over its plan to ask people how they dispose of their domestic refuse.

“I fought tooth and nail to stop a waste collector who serviced people with small amounts of waste and who went to areas that waste collectors didn’t service from losing his licence. He was put out of business,” he said.

Cllr Morris said that the operator had collected mainly from the elderly and in apartment blocks [and that] that most of these people were managing their waste properly and did not justify paying for the bigger waste collectors.

Tipperary County Council is criticised for looking for refuse collection receipts (Tipperary Star)


The new powers will allow for an “intelligence-gathering” system whereby licensed kerbside bin collection companies will pass on the Eircodes of paying customers to authorities.

A database will then be used to pinpoint neighbours with no known waste-collection service.

Hugh Coughlan, regional co-ordinator of the Eastern Midlands Regional Waste Office, expects about 80,000 households across Ireland will be identified, “a significant minority who are outside the system”.

“It is unclear what they are doing with their waste,” he said.

Households not signed up for bin collection to be inspected (irish Times)


22 thoughts on “Rubbish Spies

  1. Ian-O

    The PR campaign has already started with Ciara Kelly on newstalk. Yes Ciara, we all agree that fly tipping and illegal dumping is disgraceful, I don’t need to be told that, especially by a Dinnytalk shill.

    What we are seeing, once again, is FG attempting to portray the sins of the citizens as being the only sins there are. I have a feeling this is all part of a bigger smokescreen to obfuscate what is going on with the children’s hospital.

    I know several single people who do not generate enough waste to justify an ongoing contract with one of the bigger, and lets be clear, quite politically connected waste disposal companies. Will it now be an offence to not get receipts from the local municipal dump that they use?

    1. b

      christ almighty, not everything is a FG/DOB conspiracy – you only have to take a look around both urban and rural areas to know that flytipping is a big problem

      1. rotide

        B, this is broadsheet. E V E R Y T H I N G is a fg/DOB conspiracy. Leo actually dines on the poor every evening and Dobbo , when not busy literally raping haitians , kidnaps people on welfare.

  2. Jake38

    “What we are seeing, once again, is FG attempting to portray the sins of the citizens as being the only sins there are. I have a feeling this is all part of a bigger smokescreen to obfuscate what is going on with the children’s hospital………….”

    I’m sure its also designed to obscure the impact of climate change, mass unemployment due to robotics, Russian military adventures in Ukraine and Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea.

    Well spotted.

  3. Nigel

    I mean, I would advocate a rising scale of prison time for tippers, dumpers, and all agricultural, industrial and corporate polluters. Get all CSI Waste Disposal on their backsides.
    Looks like they should have obeyed the…
    litter of the law.

    1. SOQ

      I would advocate that the state collects household waste at a cost billable to the owner therefore removing the need for three or four private companies queuing up, then nosily hammering over speed ramps down the same street?

  4. chris

    “expects about 80,000 households across Ireland will be identified”

    Ill be amazed if the figure is anywhere near that high

  5. Father Filth

    Haven’t put out a black bin in 18 months. Paying a yearly standing charge of close to 100 euro (County Dublin) just to have (clean) green waste collected every 6 weeks or so.

    I have a bill of less than 4 euro per quarter, on average.

    Once you think about what you’re buying at the shop, avoid ‘blended plastics’ (plastic cat food pouches with bonded foil, card with a plastic sealed surface etc) and you’re fine.

    I had one odd letter ‘reminding’ me to have proper arrangements for disposal of rubbish, mildly threatening in tone. Mostly stick, no carrot.

    The government had ad after ad reminding me it was my job to sort out waste..and I took that thought and ran with it..

    I wish there was a company that took just green waste for people that do bother.

  6. Truth in the News

    How can the postal address data base be used, will this type of personal
    surveillance and data collection be an infringement of GDPR

  7. TheQ47

    Anyone can go on and find out the Eircode for any address in the country. It doesn’t tell you who lives there, just the address and associated Eircode. If you have a list of Eircodes and addresses that do not have a bin collection, it’s easy for the Council to drop letters to those specific addresses.

    No GDPR problems with that, that I can see.

    1. Iwerzon

      They just have to tell the council they have regular and efficient waste disposal arrangement and go fupp demselves and mind their own business.council needs proof they are flytipping.

  8. gdprplease

    There is no legitimate interest for the Government to do this and your (private) waste provider should notify you before they share any information with a government body and cannot do so without your consent.

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