‘€1,750 Or More For A One-Bed Apartment’


Illustration of what a new apartment complex on St James Road in Greenhills, Dublin 12, will look like when it’s completed later this year

Carly Bailey, of the Social Democrats, tweetz:

They are currently seeking expressions of interest for apartments at this development [above]. €1750 or more for a one bed apt. €1950 or more for a two bed. Absolutely outrageous & unaffordable for most. Impossible to tackle #housingcrisis with rents like this!

St James’s Road, Greenhills, Dublin 12 (Daft.ie)

24 thoughts on “‘€1,750 Or More For A One-Bed Apartment’

  1. Junkface

    Extortionate rents are widely reported, here and other sites. Nothing ever seems to change with regards to Housing. It seems the normal mode of behavior of builders, estate agents and landlords refuses to budge. The Government continue to sit on their hands and let this happen.

    1. Hank

      The Government (a lot of whom happen to be landlords themselves) continue to sit on their hands and let this happen

  2. anthony

    Its gone beyond it
    Its all going to end in tears
    Another crash will happen as we have learnt absolutely nothing
    The aftermath is going to be a house of cards
    But if you have cash I would say keep it in your pocked as next year post brexit many bargains will be on the market
    If you are renting with mortgagee approval keep your hand in your pocket as I see every bit of property will be negative equity and why risk 20 or 30 years with a albatross around your neck

  3. Baz

    another whiney social democrat demanding homes yet complaining when they are provided, I also note her inverted snobbery, as if those that might choose to pay the market rent somehow would not be part of ‘the community’

    1. Termagant

      A home nobody except high-earners can afford is the same as no home at all for the vast majority of the population.

    2. Dr.Fart MD

      “demanding homes yet complaining when they are provided” .. what an incredibly dumb comment. incredibly dumb. You, Baz. are an idiot beyond belief. I’m not even bothered explaining why your comment is so painfully dumb, because you wouldn’t understand. It would be easy to explain, but it’s not what you find issue with, it’s that you don’t recognise anyone who doesn’t make the same amount of money as you, or their problems.

      1. Baz

        you make a lot of incorrect assumptions, you are also rude. try counting to ten before exploding with emotional rants, they rarely make for sound rebuttals.

  4. George

    If your rent was 30% of your income you’d need to earn 120,000 a year. If that was the that case why would you want to rent in Tallaght?

  5. Liam

    the rents are outrageous, sure, but if there are people living in them then they *are* actually having an impact on the housing shortage.

  6. diddy

    your all looking at this the wrong way. 1 bed flat fits four beds. 450 each and you don’t have to sleep in a hostel whole doing your minimum wage job on your non EU student visa!

    1. Mel

      Exactly diddy. We’ve all seen the ads with several bunk beds in one room. Mostly immigrants will be living there. There are people here saying immigration has no negative impact on our housing crisis. It demonstrably does and many are here in the whole student visa, English school racket.
      This is globalisation, immigration rules are ignored wilfully; driving down incomes and living standards, especially for those at the bottom.
      Still you’ll get the happy clappy chumps arguing for more immigration as they now have wonderful restaurants in their middle class suburb.

      1. SOQ

        There is a big difference between people who legally come here to make a better life for themselves and educational scams which are solely in existence to rubber stamp visa applications.

        Do not throw a veiled ‘foreigners’ tack on Ireland please. We were the foreigners, we have the t shirt, we know better.

  7. Henry

    Looks like ground floor retail with apartments over, this does not work well for the retail or the residents – ever. Also, that has to be the cheapest and poorest looking CGI visualisation I’ve seen for property since 1998. If that’s the level of detail they’re going for throughout…

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