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From top: CervicalCheck logo; Dr Gabriel Scally; a letter a woman received on Monday informing her she needed to have a repeat smear test as a consequence of a test she had in the summer of 2016

Yesterday, we reported about the letters from the HSE sent out to 6,000 women informing them that they need to have a repeat smear test.

Their previous tests, some taken as far back as 2015 and which would have tested positive for low-grade abnormalities, were not subsequently tested within the recommended time limit for HPV by Quest Laboratories.

The HSE stated it was first notified of this issue with HPV testing at the end of November

A woman who received one of the letters, writes:

“Was Dr Scally [Dr Gabriel Scally, whose scoping inquiry of the CervicalCheck screening programme was published last September) aware of the 6,000 women when he made this recommendation: ‘The Scoping Inquiry considers there is no reason, on quality grounds, why the existing contracts for laboratory services should not continue until the new HPV testing regime has been introduced.'”


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6 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Cian

    Simple answer is no.
    If the HSE “was first notified of this issue with HPV testing at the end of November [2018]” and the Scally report was “published last September [2018]” then it is likely he was aware of this.

    I would doubt if Scally was looking at this other HPV testing route as part of his report – I can’t see it being in scope.

    Finally, the risk here is low. The HPV tests were done outside the recommended 30-day window – but that doesn’t mean that they are totally invalid.
    Accuracy of your HPV test if done after the recommended date

    HPV tests are still likely to be accurate even if carried out after the recommended date. But, in order to provide complete reassurance, we will ask some women to go for a repeat cervical screening test. your HPV test if done after the recommended date

    1. Giggidygoo

      Quite the expert eh? This woman is writing about a test from 2016 and what ensued from there. If Scally is the expert he’s made out to be he would have examined everything, not just what suited your buddies wanted him to.
      And you’re quoting from a HSE document. The HSE, like yourself, has skin in the game.

        1. jusayinlike

          If they knew what they were doing/talking about, how come it’s such a grandiose mess Cian??

  2. IsMise

    As one of those 6000 women who received a letter I am once again shocked at the treatment of women in this country and how much of a complete clustertoot this is.

    Now my letter actually said I don’t need a retest and my test was positive and therefore the correct course of action was taken at the time. However, despite being a healthcare professional myself, I found the wording of the letter massively confusing and almost contradictory.

    Oh but of course once they apologize that’s fine.

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