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    1. Slightly Bemused

      I thought so at first glance, but on closer examination it’s just angles and lighting.

      Of course, it could be the ice forming from the frosty atmosphere…

    2. Eoin

      The puss on her, you wouldn’t think there’s less than 50 days to Brexit and 20 days until the UK seeks an extension from the EU where unanimous approval is required. The UK doesn’t have a single trade deal with a third country yet (it’s close with Switzerland, Israel and a handful of African countries). Can’t afford pusses at this stage, madam.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Fake news, Eoin. FAKE NEWS.

        The UK of GB & NI signed a trade deal th’other day with the Faroe Islands. Gawd bless ‘er and all who sail in ‘er.

      2. Frilly Keane

        I know

        There is a definite air of who do they thing they are coming off her
        that Puss on her as you say is very telling

        the kind that deserves a bitta’ve comeuppance

        what d’we think of the suit anyway folks

        I’m not gone on the jacket tbh

        maybe if it was more fitted and a bit longer
        (I’d don’t like suits where the jacket doesn’t go below the crotch)
        the pants, tho
        are lovely
        a great cut and a great colour
        – for work like

        1. edalicious

          The outfit in general has a bit of a “Victorian Gentleman” look to it, it just needs a high white collar and top hat and it would be spot on. Perhaps some subconscious posturing on her part?

  1. SOQ

    So Harris knew of the Children Hospital’s over run months ago- no surprise there but if Harris knew, so did the rest of the government which means they have been sitting on it. Did they think it would just go away?

    I am intrigued by what has actually caused the overrun mind. Either the tenders were not very well written or they have encountered additional problems on the site- probably both. It is a very built up area and likely to have hidden utilities which needed to be rerouted but they should have known that before a decision was even made as to where it should be located.

    No matter what way you look at it, it doesn’t add up.

  2. Giggidygoo

    Harris’ FG buddies getting nervous. Between himself, Yoghan Murphy and Vacron, they have managed to bring politics here to the lowest level in decades. The local yokels are revolting.
    Maybe he will join his Dail Mammy in the ‘Resigned Roon’
    Miriam O Callaghan made short work of him on last nights Prime Time

    1. ReproBertie

      Lower than a hungover Biffo telling us we all partied as he signed us up to billions in bank debt?

        1. ReproBertie

          I’m not defending anyone. I’m pointing out that the coalition partners set the bar pretty low.

      1. Giggidygoo

        Is the Bertie you refer to the same one who finalized the GFA? Whose mother died during the final minutes, and who still travelled to belfast the day of her funeral? That one?
        Now tell us on a similar legacy that ANY FGer left. A €2bn overspend (and that’s what it will be) will put the e-voting machines in the junior infants class.
        The boys Harris, Yoghan and Vacron are way out of their puberty depths.

        1. ReproBertie

          Didn’t realise you were such a fan of the lying crook. A closet FFer, no wonder you hate this incompetent government with such venom when your own boys are impotently propping them up through any and every debacle.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            That’s a dismal response. Assumptions aren’t your forte obviously.
            You tried to divert and it blew back in your face. Tough.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          And in “opposition” Fianna Failure are all just sitting around scratching Meehole. They could bring the government down tomorrow and resolve this fiasco. Why don’t they?

          1. Cian

            “Why don’t they?”

            Why would they? If there was an election tomorrow we’d (most likely) end up with a similar proportion of FG/FF/SF/Lab/others; what would be the point?

        3. f_lawless

          about the funeral, I’ve always wondered does it give credence to the idea that Bertie had sociopathic tendencies?

    2. Cian

      Lower than Sinn Fein up north? Not bothered to go to Westminister. Not bothered to go to Stormont. Not bothered.

      1. Eoin

        Deffo lower than the Shinners.

        Having been promising to field candidates in Northern Ireland in 2019 for more than half a decade, the FFers have bottled it and won’t be contesting this May’s local elections. Meanwhile the Shinners have more than 100 local councillors in the North, doing some decent work by all accounts.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        You know the answer to that of course. But on the off chance you don’t, answer the following:

        If FG run candidates in the North and were successful, would they swear allegiance to the queen?

        Are the DUP in Stormont? Why not? Answer on the back of a wood pellet please.

  3. Eoin

    There’s an interesting criminal trial in progress in west London. The Times Ireland has been covering it each day this week.


    Stephen Fingleton, a film director from Enniskillen, who has been nominated for IFTAs, is accused of sexual assault on an actress at her home in London. He denies the charges. Because it’s the UK, the alleged perpetrator is named. The alleged victim retains anonymity though in some reports her age is given as 23. The trial is ongoing. In general, the Brits name alleged suspects in part because, if there is a pattern of behaviour, if there are other victims or people with information, they will have enough info to come forward.

    Contrast with Ireland where a Garda has just been convicted of a sexual assault on a 10-year old who was the child of friends of the Garda and his wife. The Garda is awaiting sentencing. Even after the conviction, the Garda has been given anonymity “to protect the victim” (no name, rank, age, Garda station though he was once stationed in Limerick). How would the victim be identified if the Garda was named? Wouldn’t naming and showing photos of the Garda allow other victims, if such victims exist, to come forward?

    1. Cian

      Do you know if the victim/victim’s family have a say in this? Because if it is (actively) their decision then I would have to respect it.

  4. Eoin

    “One-in-four chance Britain enters recession this summer” says the Bank of England.


    Ireland is given 7/1 odds of winning the 6 Nations.

  5. Eoin

    The Equality Commission in Northern Ireland yesterday published their annual survey of Catholics and Protestants in employment.


    It’s 48.9%:51.1% Catholic:Protestants in the workforce today, and the ratio is changing by a steady 0.5% a year over the past decade, that is, by 2021, it will be 50.4%:49.6% Catholic:Protestants.

    Can you see the direction of travel?

  6. Martco

    I think what @Giggidy is scratching at here is that frustration just how low the bar is nowadays….as far as I’m concerned BOTH are as bad as each other…like I’ll see your Bertie & raise you a Lowry?!
    what really hurts here we’ve had nothing but both of these self-serving constructs since the beginning of time & there’s no prospect that I can see of anything other that, this bloody polar vortex of a Government will continue. Harney, Varadker, Woods, Fr. Fintan Stack, Harris it’s all irrelevant – it’s just big business now & none of these people are vocational like say Noel Browne was.
    Stop wasting your energy @Giggidy I think we all want better but WE KEEP VOTING THEM IN & maintain this system so it’s ‘our’ own fault at the end of the day. Fianna Gael? The only thing that will break this trough is a war or a revolution.

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