Jam Today: RTÉ And AA Roadwatch


Here’s How.

The current affairs podcast hosted by journalist William Campbell (above) looks at the relationship between RTÉ and AA Roadwatch.

It’s complicated.

William writes:

Do RTÉ adhere to their own rules?

If you have mates in Montrose, can you get soft coverage and ride roughshod over the rules governing balance and fairness on our national broadcaster?

The AA’s Conor Faughnan, Ireland’s most visible industry lobbyist has spectacular access to the RTÉ airwaves.

Is this connected to the AA paying for the staff and studios to supply AA Roadwatch traffic bulletins for RTÉ radio?

And don’t the rules prohibit registered lobbyists from sponsoring programmes anyway?

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Here’s How

10 thoughts on “Jam Today: RTÉ And AA Roadwatch

  1. Ian-O

    Already listened to it, its (like so much) despicable really.

    I detest Conor Faughnan and his made up, pretending to be upper class English, accent and I also loathe the AA’s utterly poo ‘traffic reports’ which are generally useless. I cannot count the amount of times they reported on some issue that was supposedly happening on the part of the road I was actually on, or said a road was clear when it was jammed.

    This is basically RTE making up the rules as it suits them. Needs to stop – NOBODY needs AA roadwatch. Pull in, check Google maps traffic, live data that is very accurate and there you are. No need to listen to some corporate ‘journalist’ and his whiny, reedy, marble gargling brogue.

    1. TheQ47

      Even better for live data is Waze (www.waze.com), as it’s updated immediately by users actually on the road. The more users it has, the better it becomes.

  2. Cathal

    Faughnan is on local stations as well ,usually defending AA insurance when they pull renewal quotes out of their arse. There is one interview with Greg Hughes on Highland Radio from a few months back where he continually refuses to answer the question he is asked.

  3. Eoin

    Whatever about RTE/the AA, the RTE/Davy relationship is really sleazy. Davy are now placing adds just after the 7.30am Radio 1 news bulletin and, as often as not, there’s a Davy head in studio at 7.50am to impart their questionable wisdom.

      1. Eoin

        Not sure what else there is to add, William. I think it was Monday last 4 Feb, when I heard for the first time on Morning Ireland the ad for Davy. It’s a very basic ad and they seem to mispronounce “Davy” because it sounds like “Daly”. The ad was broadcast after 7.30am and then, at 7.50am, RTE broadcast their business slot and the interviewee to provide commentary on the day’s business was someone from…..Davy.

        As for “questionable wisdom”, remember last September “an analyst at Davy, which worked on Glenveagh’s IPO and recent share sale, said in a report on Thursday that he was increasing his price target on the stock by 8 per cent to €1.47”

        Glenveagh shortly afterwards crashed to a low of 66c and is currently stuck at around at 80c.

  4. Lord Muck

    Great podcast this, some no nonsense brain on this Campbell guy, he’ll never get a job in OurTE. I’d like to drop around to his house with a six pack of beer and lots of questions about things I can’t get my head around.

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