Clockwise from top left:Joe Duffy, Hailey Keirse sent the card to Jean-Claude Juncker above with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Brussels on Wednesday

Further to mystery surrounding the extraordinary Thank You card ‘sent’ to Jean Claude Juncker by EU fan Hailey Kierse.

Ms Kierse told Joe Duffy on RTÉ Radio One’s ‘Liveline’ yesterday that she sent the appreciation when the President of the European Commission refused to remove the backstop from the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

She said she wanted to “kiss him” as she feared Ireland would become a “whipping boy”, and the Good Friday Agreement would be at risk if the backstop was to be amended.

Ms Kierse asserted “absolutely no agenda” and had not even heard of Mr Juncker before sending the card.

Conor H writes:

The only reference to Ms Kierse on social media is a Twitter account that follows a number of politicians , including Leo, and only has one tweet…

…which was sent out to all news organisations last August. All most odd. Have we been played? What’s going on?


Yesterday: Junck Mail

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71 thoughts on “House Of Card

  1. Nigel

    This is just to say
    A big thank you here today
    From everyone on my laptop
    Please keep sticking by the backstop.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Actually, I realise she may have an intellectual age far less than an adult. If that’s the case, I’m sorry.

    2. Hailey

      Hi Hailey here, thanks for your feedback. Love your name by the way “Spaghetti Hoop”. Making me laugh just to say it. You continue to be awesome!

      xxxx Hailey

  2. George

    Don’t understand how her giving out about policing of landlords should lead us to believe “we have been played”. Leo looks like he is thinking “What the f is going on?”.

    1. Hailey

      Hi George, thank you for your comment. I replied to explain the landlord issue to the guys. I think you are right, Leo was surprised. I had planned on sending him a copy, but could not afford to send a 2nd card. (the card costed €11). I just left it, cause I just thought there was no way, anyone would take notice of the card in Brussels.

      By the way he is looking at the card, Leo is reading the bit where I and offering The President of the European Commission, to pop into my gaff for a cuppa when ever he is in Ireland! That, or it was the bit where I tell Jean Claude Juncker that “he broke the internet” “he dropped the mic”. I think Leo will know what that young person slang is.

      Hailey Dave, Scooby & Little boo

  3. Mel

    Well LinkedIn is social media isn’t it? Conor didn’t look very hard. 3 out of 10 there. I’m assuming you’re a journalist Conor and therefore lazy.

    1. Hailey

      Hi Mattress Pat, Hailey Kierse here. I just wanted to say hi, and confirm this was not a political stunt. As I said in my reply to the Journalist -Conor H- I joined twitter in 2009, and last year we were evicted so our landlord could do Airbnb. you will see the full details in my response to Conor. But, just wanted to give you a quick reply.

      I followed, Today FM, Radio One,Claire Byrne Show, Eoghan Murphy and all those other sites because in order to contact them-some I had to follow 1st and some I didn’t. I wanted to be notified, if or what see their response would be. At that time there was legislation pending for months and months in the Dail which would stop AIRbnb stuff from happening to other people.

      I have not liked, retweeted or responded I believe any other tweet in those 10 years on twitter, or since August when I followed those other twitter accounts. If there is a function in twitter to show when you log in, it will show that I have not logged into twitter since that time (until this morning-when I went to look at what this post was seeing)

      Anyway, I checked my Moonpig account and I ordered the card January 31st (last Thursday week). I was on the spot when Joe Duffy asked me on air, so the card was sent a week ago long before any Donald Tusk comments.I am of course happy to pop on a copy of the Moonpig order or anything else.

      1. Andrew

        Hailey, you wrote the following:
        “Britain does not care about peace in Northern Ireland. Ireland to them is a nuisance. The UK do [sic] have an alternative. They can keep Northern Ireland in the customs union by handing it back”

        Can you tell me what you think would happen in that scenario?

        1. Hailey

          Hi Andrew, thanks for your question. I do have a outline idea. before I write it publicly, I need to just think it through and get the dinner on as I do. I will be back to you. but just wanted to say I am working on it.


        2. Hailey

          Hi Andrew, when you asked me, last week, how handing back of Northern Ireland to Ireland might be,I thought it was a great question, it challenged me. Excuse the long response but, it not a quick one type solution answer.

          I need to be honest here and confess, in my heart I do have a romantic dream of what Ireland could be. It sounds corny, I know, but it’s the truth. This may be surprising for some to hear, but my romantic dream really began with the Good Friday Peace Agreement and not with any flying columns or 1916. For what it is worth, here are my ideas, a silly exploration of how my romantic dream, might, be able to edge towards reality.

          I remember, so vividly, they day the Good Friday Agreement was signed. I was only a kid. But even as a kid, I knew it was a big deal. I remember asking my Dad-would there really be no more bombs. I grew up in a time when people with Republic of Ireland car reg. would be afraid to drive into the North. This kid, never thought peace was possible. But that agreement taught this kid, that people from absolutely different sides, CAN find a common ground for the good of the people they represent.So, my dream is far more to do with Unionists and Nationalists being able to live in peace in one country, than any battle cry or political statement.

          I think in order to make any progress, the NI assembly must be reestablished and renewed and here is some ideas to start the conversation here:
          1. Good Friday Agreement-Part 2 or Good Friday Agreement 2020.
          2. Permanent government clause for the people of Northern Ireland.
          3. Regulatory Differences & Integrity of the UK Clause.
          4. Diversity Act (not Irish Language Act).
          5. People’s Assembly & People of Ireland Clause.

          1. Good Friday Agreement-Part 2 or Good Friday Agreement 2020. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. It is time to have Good Friday Agreement-Part 2 or Good Friday Agreement 2020. The Good Friday Agreement Part 2 will (we hope) heal division in Northern Ireland and start focusing on what NI should be and ensure the DUPs current -Brexit blocks/hard border stance is simply not tolerated here or in the UK.This is what I mean:

          2. Permanent government clause for the people of Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Government is in “government paralysis” A scenario that is holding up we are told £100’s of millions of investment and so costing Northern Ireland jobs and future prosperity. NI economic growth has flatlined, where else in the UK it is at 3-4%.

          Currently, there is no incentive for parties to get back into power sharing. The DUP don’t want a new election, as they are propping up power, and are literally holding the rest of Britain to ransom- king’s ransom at that. Sinn Fein continue to bleat on about a Act that they have failed to get any support on for over a decade. It’s time Sinn Fein- show leadership and stop navel gazing.

          The people of Northern Ireland deserve a working government-it seems like a basic human right. To be missing out on £100m’s of investment- simply can not be tolerated and would not be tolerated anywhere else in Britain. No one party, whatever side you are on, should ever be allowed to punish the people of Northern Ireland.

          There should be a clause requiring mandatory government for the people of Northern Ireland.
          If government executive does not sit in 100 days, automatic general election is triggered and a “caretaker government assembly executive” will be appointed to take care of day to day business until elections are completed and new Executive is announced. (Caretaker executive appointees are made from both London/Dublin under a “state of emergency clause” imposing temporary direct rule by London & Dublin))

          3. Regulatory Differences & Integrity of the UK Clause. The DUP asked for equal regulatory status with the rest of Britain. The DUP suggest that any differences in regulation threaten the future integrity of the UK. The DUP’s claim that the backstop/ trade differences or border along the Irish sea would be an apocalyptic scenario is simply untrue and ignores the current trading scenario.

          Today NI has different livestock import regulations from Britain. Today, NI has different waste regulations from Britain. NI has different gay marriage regulations from Britain. NI has different abortion regulations from Britain. NI is currently also part of a single electricity market with the ROI.

          These regulatory consistencies that currently exist north and south- are pragmatic, uncontroversial measures which are not deemed as a threats to Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom-see Theresa May speech last May 2018. source:

          The DUP is being asked to maintain the trading status quo as it exists now and been given assurances that any differences that exist does not damage the integrity of the union. Now, is not the time for the DUP to demand “no differences” scenario when differences have existed for years and continue to exist. But it seems blatantly clear what the DUP strategy is.

          The DUP, want no border along the Irish sea, and they also won’t support the backstop, so the only option left is a hard border in Ireland. This is what I feel is what the DUP really want, but they cant say that publically without loosing their supporters in the Commons. Mrs May, needs to speak directly to the Commons on this. Their tactics must be laid bare and as Prime Minister it is her job to put these requests to bed, once and for all. Their actions directly threaten the Good Friday agreement and can be dealt with in the next clause.

          This clause in the Good Friday Agreement Part 2 is providing the DUP with comfort and reaffirmation that any differences in trade regulation would not be a threat to the integrity of the UK and that any future differences in trade regulation would be managed as per Northern Ireland’s current processes.

          4. Protection of Peace Clause
          Permanent peace without borders. London and Dublin must be guardians of and jointly enforce and protect the Good Friday Agreement (in the absence of a NI Government, or if any party works to undo any element).

          The DUPs demands want to force a no deal scenario and force a hard border to go up. Theresa May (as London side) must force DUP to either respect the Good Friday agreement (no borders) or she, with the support of Dublin must declare a state of emergency and call for elections in NI. Protection of peace is paramount for both states and any act by any party to undo any aspect has to be dealt with in a clear and unequivocal manner.

          Platform for peace long term-20 year programme for peace. Brexit and the withdrawal of EU funding of peace programmes was another key threat to peace. There should be a joint long term peace programmes/fund from London and Dublin (through its EU funding). This is essential to ensure peace and stability in the short and long term and is essential to protecting the Good Friday Agreement.

          5. Diverseness Act (not Irish Language Act). In America, different cultures and languages (American Italian) co-exist without threatening or demanding equal status as English. Italian is not written on road signs, but families speak to each other in the language of their choosing. A business is welcome to write signs in any language-be it Chinese or Italian…Different holidays are celebrated depending on your own personal preference. Diverseness is celebrated not berated.

          Language and culture has and continues to be contentious in Northern Ireland. So, instead of Sinn Fein pressing to get the Irish Language Act perhaps they need to be more inclusive of all the nationalities in Northern Ireland. My idea is that the American model is adopted, whereby it is an individual’s choice to express their:
          Singular or dual ethnicity…. American/Italian family, Irish/English family, English/ Irish family, Irish/Polish, Chinese/Irish…..
          Ethnic Designations-everyone or nobody.
          Sinn Fein requested the establishment of designated Gaeltacht areas in the North. These should be allowed only if the same rules/requirements for gaeltacht status in ROI are applied to NI.
          Likewise any other language/ethnicity is now also entitled to get special designations (using the same criteria as Gaeltacht areas) should they wish to apply. Any language apart from English which is currently the working language (e.g. America-english). For example, Chinese, Polish .
          Diversity Commissioner. Sinn Fein requested the appointment of an Irish language Commissioner, the use of Irish in courts, in the Assembly and for use by state bodies including the police, the right for education through Irish and bilingual signage on public buildings and road signage.
          Any ethnicity in NI is entitled to elect/appoint a Cultural & Language Commissioner. E.G. Irish Language Commissioner in ROI can be used to serve NI, polish community appoint polish commissioner…
          Any ethnicity in NI is entitled to conduct business with state bodies in the language of their choosing and will be given a translator.
          Cultural Diversity & Education Commissioner.
          To promote long term peace and understanding- school history for example will specifically addresses both British and Irish view of history.
          Diversity Commissioner will oversea Peace Programme Funding and create the 20 year strategy for peace.
          Smaller initiatives will be funded-like Neighbourhood block parties/community to encourage all ethnicities to come together -non religious

          6. People’s Assembly & People of Ireland Clause.
          People’s assembly/Citizens Assembly, like in ROI, this assembly is a voice for the people to discuss matters of the day and make recommendations to the Executive Assembly.
          “One Ireland, on the island of Ireland”. My Thank You Card said “hand back…. Northern Ireland to Ireland”. I did not say hand back the North to the Republic of Ireland. The people of Ireland- are those who live on the island of Ireland, be they Unionists, Nationalists -north and south of the border. It is not a “United Ireland” call to action that is quite frankly immature and completely fails to understand the importance of language, another key component in the Good Friday Agreement. This clause is stepping forward into what should be the relationship-north and south. Through the programme of peace and diversity it is working to build “one Ireland, on the island of Ireland” that is strong by our diversity. People of Ireland is a collective noun for governments in Belfast and Dublin and its people north and south. This is different than the current references to “northern Ireland” “southern Ireland”, Eire, Ireland and Northern Ireland….

  4. Liam Deliverance

    “I was happy for once we were on a world stage and doing well. I’m not political. I don’t talk to politicians. I don’t even watch Oireachtas Report, but what he said resonated with my heart. We may be a small country, but right now we feel mighty.”

    BS, can you post a screenshot of her “Following” list from Twitter – it includes FF,FG, Eoin Murphy, Socky, Primetime, The Tonight Show, Frances Fitz and more

    1. millie st murderlark

      She’s also something of a complete moron if she thought anyone with a brain cell wasn’t able to put two and two together

    2. Hailey

      Hi Hailey here. I just wanted to reply to you, commentators, and the article journalist- Conor H above.
      Firstly, I totally understand your concerns. I want to assure you all -that this was not a political stunt. You have “not been played”.

      I really, really, hope the facts below can help me show that. And if it does not, then, I suppose, there is not much I can do about that. Have a read of the points below re my twitter account.

      I offered also the invitation to Jean Claude Juncker, to pop in for a cuppa, if he was ever in Ireland.And anyone that wants a cuppa is welcome too.

      So, for the record Conor H is absolutely correct. I am on twitter.
      I joined twitter as you can see in 2009.
      The only tweet I sent in 10 years on twitter was last August regarding a decision the RTB had made re our unlawful eviction from our rental house of 8 years (spring 2018).

      Conor H is correct. I did send a tweet to 19 media about the RTB decision. If I recall correctly, in order to send a tweet (to some or maybe all those accounts) you had to follow first. Or if you did not need to follow first, I wanted to see if they replied, so that is why I followed the account.

      I only contacted twitter media accounts when our landlord evicted us in order to do AirB&B. Our landlord had told us when service notice in December 2017 that the reason he was doing this was because “he needed to sell for financial reasons”…”that here were traumatic personal circumstances….”. Then 4 months later we see our house for rent on airbnb. You can imagine how that feels.

      As it turned out, I had misread the RTB decision. They had fined the landlord the maximum amount for serving an illegal notice of eviction, and the fine for illegal eviction itself had to be determined at a different date because of “technical reasons”. These technical reasons-were at the time of the hearing the landlord had 3 days to list, sell and go sale agreed on the house. So technically the RTB could not make a determination until the full time he had to sell had passed. I misunderstood the legal decision document they had sent to me, and made no further comments on the issue.The RTB are due to give us a determination on our illegal eviction in the coming days.

      In 10 years, and even since I sent that one tweet last August, I don’t think I have ever liked, responded, retweeted a single solitary thing from any accounts.

      If there is a function on twitter to show when you logged in, it will show that I have not logged into twitter until this morning when I saw your post.

      So, sorry that took a bit to explain. Anyway guys have a good weekend.

      1. Bodger

        Hailey, thanks for your engagement with us today. May I confirm that you are you Marketing Manager with KBC Bank and have taken courses in ‘How To Be A Great Radio Guest’?

        1. Hailey

          Hi Bodger,
          Happy of course to answer your questions. If there is anything urgent that needs answering today, would you ping me a text, and I will respond there and then. So lets get down to business:

          1. As regards your question about the course. Margaret E Ward wanted to begin offering media training to women. This was part of a “Women in Media” initiative aimed to get more women talking on radio. Media in Ireland-frequently found/find it difficult to find female contributors. The media ware very keen to have as balanced panel as possible (when possible) of men and women etc Margaret wanted to run a pilot of a course she was going to offer and invited some friends to be ginny pigs for her and give her feedback! I believe it was 4 hours of training-one aspect of it was literally that we would just hold a microphone. The idea was that should we be ever asked in our roles to comment, we would not shy away when we receive a media call. Bodger,

          Just in the spirit of full disclosure, I will point to my linked in page-to show you my primary degree is Economics and Business. When I was 22(16 years ago) I also did a 6 week diploma in public relations. If I remember correctly, you will see on my CV-that PR will be referenced. When you work in bank marketing PR management means liaising between Senior Managers (spokespeople) and the banks PR companies . PR/media in my experience is always managed externally in banks, Carr Communications etc

          On Thursday morning last, my mother in law called me to say Ryan Tubridy was looking to see who had sent the card. I called their number a few times but no one was answering so I sent the show a email. By the time they got back I had basically chickened out and felt too nervous and said I needed time.

          I don’t really listen to the radio but I have heard Joe Duffy alot at my sisters house. His show was on in like 4 hours, so I felt that would be ok and I sent Joe the email. When I got the call back from the Producer (Fergus) from the Joe Duffy Show, I told him about having chickened out…., and I told him that I had promised Margaret that if I was ever asked to speak on radio I would, just as pay back for her training and great women in media initiative. In fact I have emailed her to say just that.

          Joe Duffy- said initially said the slot would be from 2.45-3pm, however the slot was moved to be 1st item they spoke about and I went on radio I think at 1.45 ish. I thought I would be on for 2 minutes and that would be that (which I think is the usual format) but I was kept on air.

          2. Your question re my current profession. In order to do this I want to disclose some personal medical stuff. I hate to do this but as you can see from my CV I was a real high achiever. A absolute swot at school and University…II am ashamed to say I do not work.

          I am not currently a Marketing Manager with KBC Bank. I worked there for 15 months on a contract between 2013/2014. I was let go from KBC because of productivity issues after I was knocked down by a car whereby I suffered extensive injuries. I suffered significant spinal injuries =fractured sacrum/coccyx, persistent lower back pain, inability to have children because “they could not predict what would happen my spine” if I tried to carry a child, I was also made incontinent. I had head injuries which resulted in me having seizures and I am no longer permitted to drive. Because of my head injuries I have severe memory issues, post traumatic Hypersomnia which means I live in a constant state of severe sleep depravation/fatigue among other things. I have done 20+ other occupations in order to change my career-if I could not sit and do a desk job-i did standing jobs-I sold Christmas wreaths in a car park to earn money, and ended up in hospital for 3 days…

          Today, I am currently retraining to work Rescue Dog Rehabilitation. A far cry from my bank advertising career but when life hands you lemons….

          Again please forgive me perhaps oversharing! Enjoy the rest of your weekend

          1. Bodger

            Thank you, Hailey, for your gracious response and humour. I am very sorry. Please forgive the intrusion and cynicism. I hope things improve for you.

          2. Mrs. May

            Why is this lady having to lay her whole life out on a platter for all the shut-ins on here, so they can rifle through what she’s written and go in even further for the kill????

            She sent a card to the EU, it’s been in the media as we know – why then does that give people the right to pull her apart and scrutinize every last detail of her life?

            Good gracious, where’s the fpn line with you lot?

          3. Hailey

            hey guys, please don’t be sorry. It is my truth and I am getting used to saying it. I would rather say the truth (and over share-sorry- Mrs. May) but it is better than trying to “fudge” things like politicians do.I am ashamed I don’t don’t work, I am not ashamed to tell my truth-warts and all.

            Mrs May though I totally see your point-you are so right-I sent a corny card- big deal (not) right!

            Anyway-I am off to get some grub in. Take

  5. Dr.Fart MD

    it was all so transparent from the start, that in no way a child wrote that and sent it to Tipsy McSwagger himself. I think even ol’ Tipsy looked as though he wasn’t fallin for it either. It was one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen.

    1. Mel

      I think people may have assumed it was from a child, but were incorrect. I don’t think this Ms. Kierse ever pretended to be a child though. Or did she? I may have missed that.
      The whole thing is a bit odd in any case.

      1. Liam Deliverance

        I think she is more than a bit of a Woman-Child, who signs off correspondence to the President of the EU with their dogs names, Scooby and Little Boo *retch*

        1. Hailey

          Hi Liam, Hailey here. I totally agree with you. I was morto’ that I had signed it off with our two dogs. But, when I sent the card, I absolutely did not think anyone would read it. I thought a aid of his might just laugh and throw it in the bin to be honest-that is why I never told any of my family that I sent it. I am not ashamed of the card. It was a card from one human to another-so say thank you for protecting peace. If I knew the whole of Ireland would read it-i would not have popped our puppies on it.

          I got a great giggle when the comments mentioned the card was from a “family”. David and I, refer to our dogs as “the kids”. They do hold a very very special place in our heart, because we are unable to have children of our own. I say that, not to get sympathy, but is just a fact. And is just a fact, that every time I send I card it is signed off the 4 of us. It is stupid. I totally agree!!!!

          Enjoy your Sunday guys.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          I was about to give up scrolling down and hit ‘previous’… then I saw that gem of yours Hoop :0)

  6. Joe Small

    I’m not sure why one person sending a card to someone else matters at all. It has zero wider meaning for me. Conspiracy theories are for people whose lives would otherwise be very boring.

    1. Mel

      Fair point Joe.
      However I wonder though, how the card got in to Juncker’s hands for the photo op.? Did he bring it along or did Varadkar? Some cheap shots and one-upmanship directed at the ‘Brits’. It’s not very diplomatic.

      1. Hailey

        Hi, Hailey Kierse here. I just wanted to say Leo Varadkar did not bring the card. The card was ordered from by me on January 31st. He had no idea it had been sent. The card came out bigger in reality than what I thought it would be to be honest! eeekkk!

        It genuinely was just one card to someone I thought would never see it, never mind read it.
        The card was a point of pride in Ireland. I was proud all the EU supporting peace in Northern Ireland. The card was a thank you card-not a political statement.

        I am really sorry if anyone feels it is anti British. That was really not my intent. My brothers and sisters are all British, me and my youngest brother are the only ones born in Ireland, and are slagged, for being the only ones. When I started baby infants in Clare, I had a East London Accent -because that is how all my siblings talked. I don’t have anything against Britain.

        Anyway just wanted to reply. Have a great weekend.

    2. Boj

      Lets take the conspiracy out of it. When I saw this on the news I contorted like Emily Rose on Easter Sunday! And this was at the thought of a kid sending this. When I found out it was from a fully grown woman, I began to rapidly turn inside-out, so it may not have a meaning for you, but this has changed my life forever! I also like the Joe Small Theory on Conspiracy theories….write a book please.

  7. Frilly Keane

    wether we’ve or they’ve been played or not

    tis still a pathetic sight to see our own head of State getting another head of States (ye know what I mean) to pose around with a feckin thank you card for the press

    have they no jobs t’be doing

    1. Martco


      it’s like we’re reminding everyone on the broadcast spectrum that we are serious gombeens

      Also. I don’t know what the actual deal is here but (on a more serious note) I really hope the media scuttle this story asap…just a couple of cues that I’m picking up on but I reckon it might be best if this lady is given some peace & quiet now

      1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

        I expect people are wary that this lady may be awarded a seat on the current affairs panel – a la Glenna Lynch.
        And wish to interject.
        Due to vapidity.

          1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

            Glenna is brill, and deserves her seat on the current affairs panel.
            This other lady does not deserve one.

    2. Junkface

      I really thought the card was sent by a 12 year old girl or something. Very odd.
      Agreed on the two of them posing for this photo with the card, its fairly pathetic. What were they thinking?

    3. George

      Well, the card was sent to Junker so how would Leo be the one introducing the card? Also “have they no jobs to be doing?”. This would have taken all of a minute.

      1. Frilly Keane

        George haha, sure

        I didn’t suggest Leo did anything more than fix a pose with another head

        And it is pathetic
        I don’t care how little time it took
        Even if it was just on a smoke break

        I appreciate the sentiment and motives of the sender
        More that you might think

        The EU are the biggest defenders of the GFA
        In fact I said so on one’ah the’s
        The one with Derek Mooney
        ‘ must be a year ago now

        And now that I think about it
        That particular show
        It kinda mirrors a lot of the behaviour and comments I’ve been subjected to here lately

  8. George

    Will someone please explain the conspiracy and what is apparently to you all. What is transparent to me is that some woman made a corny card to send to Junker. That’s it.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The conspiracy is that it was printed in a Sinn Fein local constituency office, using its entire annual allocation of ink, it shows a highly symbolic exploding ‘star’ and it describes the partition of Ireland by brute force from the Brits. I see shinner written all over it. (In invisible ink).

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Except for the Joe Duffy aspect. That show isn’t allowed to make the first move as regards contacting new contributors its discussions. So would you have us believe that she rang the JDS first?

      1. newsjustin

        Really? Joe Duffy isn’t allowed “reach out” to people? I think you’ve just made that up. He rings dodgy companies, etc all the time, looking for spokespeople…

      2. George

        Yes, they are allowed. They frequently invite people. Joe is always saying “We invited X on to explain and they gave us this long statement which I don’t want to read out”

    3. dhaughton99

      That it’s all part of Leo’s fluffy PR machine.

      Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t one of his PR shills ‘break the internet’, dirty dancing within taxi driver outside the Stags Head a few years ago?

      1. Hailey

        Hi, Hailey Kierse here. I just wanted to say Leo Varadkar did not have anything to do with the card. It was just a corny card I sent! I totally understand why you might have initially thought it was a PR stunt though.

        I ordered the card from on January 31st-and asked it be sent directly to Jean Claude Juncker. Leo Varadkar had no idea it had been sent. The card came out bigger in reality than what I thought it would be to be honest! eeekkk!

        The “break the internet’ line, and “dropping the mic”-my niece Faye- is always saying that, so the words were just in my head when I was writing the card.

        Anyway just wanted to reply. Have a great weekend.

      2. Hailey

        Hi, Hailey Kierse here. totally understand why you might have initially thought it was a PR stunt though.
        I just wanted to say Leo Varadkar did not have anything to do with the card. It was just a corny card I sent! I

        I ordered the card from on January 31st-and asked it be sent directly to Jean Claude Juncker. Leo Varadkar had no idea it had been sent. The card came out bigger in reality than what I thought it would be to be honest! eeekkk!

        The “break the internet’ line, and “dropping the mic”-my niece Faye- is always saying that, so the words were just in my head when I was writing the card.

        Anyway just wanted to reply. Have a great weekend.

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