Farmleigh, Phoenix Park, Dublin.

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Cartoon in today’s The Times Ireland edition by Harry Burton

Tonight in Dublin Mr Varadkar will meet Mrs May, whose government relies on the support of the DUP.

Ahead of her meeting with the Taoiseach over dinner, Britain’s Attorney General Geoffrey Cox will hold talks in Dublin with his Irish counterpart, Séamus Woulfe.

Mr Cox has been leading work within Whitehall on providing either a time limit on the backstop or giving the UK an exit mechanism from it.

Both proposals have received a dusty response from Dublin, which insists the backstop cannot be time limited if it is to provide an effective “insurance policy” against the return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Brexit on agenda as Varadkar meets NI parties and Theresa May (RTÉ)


Steady on, McDreamy.


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6 thoughts on “May Féin

  1. Johnny

    By all accounts a very successful lobbying,sorry visit by Coveney,well done Simon.

    ‘SHAPIRO: I’d like to ask you about this trip to the United States that you are on right now. It’s a brief visit. You’re here in Washington. And prominent members of the Trump administration have been very supportive of Brexit, whether that’s national security adviser John Bolton or Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. What’s your message to them on this trip?

    COVENEY: Well, I met Secretary Pompeo yesterday. I had a very good meeting with him. But I also met a – you know, other congressman last night – you know, Richie Neal, Pete King. And we’re not asking anybody to take sides here – you know, the Irish or EU side or the British side. But we are asking the U.S. to watch closely to ensure that a peace process in Ireland that the U.S. have been hugely supportive of – that that doesn’t get undermined.

    SHAPIRO: So your message is that this peace is fragile.

    COVENEY: This peace is fragile, and that is why we need to be clear and firm, as well as respectful, of the U.K. to make sure that the commitments that the prime minister has made to Ireland – that they’re fully followed through on. And I think we’ve got some very strong statements last night that if the U.K. want a trade deal with the U.S. in the future, which undoubtedly they do, then this border issue and the protection of the peace process will be very much factored into U.S. thinking.‘

    Next up Leo on Paddy’s Day,he must be dreading meeting Pence again and his openly homophobic wife.

  2. SOQ

    I say a temporary backstop of 20 years. By which time the unification vote will have been well and truly won.

  3. Starina

    perfidious albion strikes again. this is no different than any other treaty they’ve tried to snake their way out of for the last 1000 years.

  4. johnny

    Coveney’s visit getting a great write up in FT-nice work.

    “At a Washington reception for the Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney on Wednesday, prominent congressmen from both the Democratic and Republican parties said the UK had to honour the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which underpinned the peace settlement in Northern Ireland, as it negotiates its departure from the EU.

    US politicians with affiliations to Ireland wield great influence over US trade policy. Richard Neal, an Irish-American member of the House of Representatives is the Democratic chairman of both the Congressional Friends of Ireland caucus and the House ways and means committee, which holds the power to approve or block any US-UK trade deal.

    Peter King, a Republican representative from New York, said it was “important” that the current unmanned “soft” border on the island of Ireland be maintained “if the British want to consider any kind of trade agreement with the United States”.

    King then launched into a rousing rendition of a Nation Once Again-the brits haven’t a hope here:)

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