They Still Won’t Take Them Down


The filth and the fury: shocked shoppers react to the ‘nether garments of hate’ in Dundrum Town centre this afternoon


Corset is.

‘Dunnie Mummy’ writes:

Despite outrage over the past 24 hours, I see the ‘too sexy’ lingerie posters [advertising Agent Provocateur outside House of Fraser] are STILL UP terrifying adults and children alike…Won’t someone stop this FILTH now!


Meanwhile, last night…

More lingerie photos as we get it.


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37 thoughts on “They Still Won’t Take Them Down

    1. Eoin

      Childer being traumatised, that’s what. Just look at 3-month old Phlegmia in pic #2 hiding behind her blanky.

    2. Eoin

      Actually, maybe we should be traumatised that Topman is still able to trade after the antics of its owner (or husband of the owner). Tune into the Telegraph from 9pm tonight, this from the BBC

      “The Telegraph now intends to publish the details of the allegations against Sir Philip and the “inside story” of the High Court action on its website at 9pm on Friday and in Saturday’s newspaper.

      The newspaper has also published an audio recording of Sir Philip in which he threatened to “bankrupt” the Telegraph if it printed the allegations.

      “I will personally sue your editor for damages that will be long beyond what he’ll be able to earn if he lives to 1,000 years old,” he said on the call.

      Sir Philip has been left with a reported £3m legal bill and has been ordered to pay the “bulk” of the Telegraph’s legal costs.”

  1. Martco

    hahaha..this is a total & very very obvious old skool morkeshing play

    major win for that underwear crowd but if it was me I’d boycott it just for spite. I HATE obvious morkeshing scams. (and anyways Mrs Martco is getting one of those nice 9kg Samsung washing machines in graphite with that really cool AdWash pop out door at front)

    I can’t believe everyone is getting taken in by it

    obvious as fupp fer fuppssake!!

      1. Martco

        if I was in the market for an undies purchase for my mrs for the 14th
        (deffo wouldn’t fit me anyways ;) )

        Feb is also a crusher of a month for me – 3 birthdays and valentines, grrr

        so at least the Samsung does some good

        1. Col

          So if you’re in the market for something, and a company that sells that thing advertises it, you won’t buy it out of principle?
          Stick it to the man, eh.

    1. Rob

      I got the washer dryer version of it. It was, on balance, rubbish.

      Decent washing, terrible dryer. Sold it on at a small loss and got a Bosch one. Much happier.

      Slightly off topic, but still.

  2. kellMA

    Ya, doesn’t bother me. If my girls asked me about it I’d just say its a picture of a girl in her knickers because that is what it is. They want us to buy those knickers but mammy is old enough to know that those ones won’t be comfortable.
    Can’t wait ’til they have the firemen in their pants next week….

    1. millie st murderlark

      My little one enjoys roaring “Knickers Monica” at the top of her lungs when she sees anything to do with underwear so I think she’d thoroughly enjoy this campaign.

      Completely agree with you KellMA

  3. scottser

    I haven’t made my mind up whether to be outraged or not. I’d like to see more photos of women in their scanty panties to be really sure.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Go upstairs to Penneys. They’ll have similar in the window without anyone clutching their pearls. Everything’s well covered… no nip slips, no thongs. My only objection would be that such a slim, athletic woman wouldn’t need the corset.

    1. Jeffrey

      I still think it needs to be questioned every so often but you are correct, there is nothing more than you would show from a bikini type ad other than the fact the lingerie is of the “raunchy” type

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        It’s not even particularly raunchy. That’s quite a practical bra, full cup, underwire, thick fabric. The front of the knickers covers the necessary area, the back may be a bit of a thong, but the pic doesn’t show bumcheek, or if there’s an opening in the crotchular area. Cute, wearable… probably way overpriced, but in no way as scandalous as they’re trying to portray it.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          right, what’s the problem
          I am not scandalized, except it looks cheap and uncomfortable, but felt obligated to leave some negative comment
          guilty feminist !

        2. Liam Deliverance

          @Daisy – I didn’t think it was particularly raunchy either . . . until your commentary livened it up a couple of degrees!

  5. gobbledy

    If there’s anything worse than being outraged at seeing tits it’s sneering at people who are outraged at seeing tits

  6. Frilly Keane

    I’m leaning towards Bodger’s shyness here
    As to why this isn’t exactly the case


    They still won’t pull down them down

    Is kinda more up our street
    Int it?

  7. SOQ

    I can see myself in that lingerie.

    I might pop in and check the price then order on line from website but, not from Dundrum mind. Some young wan might brush past me and a week later I’d have a dry cleaner apologising as to why the stain couldn’t be removed.

    1. Dub Spot

      Accidents can happen . . .

      . . . especially if you insist on bringing your mug of Complan into the shop . . . .

  8. Dub Spot

    At least it’s entertaining to see the outrage … but where is Roisin Ingle and Louise McSharry with the zero-size virtue signalling ? … Come on…

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