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This morning.

The High Court, Dublin.

Following yesterday’s Carly Simon-based courtroom drama, Denis O’Brien arrives to continue giving evidence in his action against The Sunday Business Post over articles published on March 15, 2015 giving details of a critical  2008 report by accountants PwC into Ireland’s banks.

Yesterday: Meanwhile, At The High Court

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This afternoon.

Mr O’Brien has claimed the articles in the Sunday Business Post were malicious and that the newspaper souped up and exaggerated a story based on a PwC report to Government about Ireland’s banks and their biggest borrowers.

Under cross-examination, he claimed Mr [Tom] Lyons moved from one newspaper [The Sunday Independent] to another [The Sunday Business Post], brought his files, rewrote the story and turned it into something else. He said the journalist blamed 21 people for bringing down the country, and stuck him into the middle of it.

Denis O’Brien says he did contact INM about 2012 Sunday Independent article (RTÉ)

15 thoughts on “You Probably Think This Post Is About You

  1. Eoin

    From the Irish Examiner yesterday

    “The taxpayer never had to shoulder any burden from his loans, he added.”

    Did Denis not have several €100 million outstanding when Anglo or IBRC was liquidated in 2013. Did he really repay 100% of those loans when other borrowers were able to buy their loans back at certain cent in the euro? Maybe he did. He would have been the stand-out exception though.

    1. Eoin

      I’m confused. Did Denis claim he received an apology from INM about the Sindo article below by Tom Lyons in 2012 which named Denis as one of Anglo’s Top #13 borrowers, owing €800 million-plus at one point? If INM did apologise about this article, would they not have taken it offline? Maybe I am confusing articles. Maybe Denis is confused, he appears to have said yesterday he took no action about the article, but today is claiming he did “he believed he ultimately got an apology from group managing editor Michael Denieffe over the coverage, he said.”

      Isn’t this the article (still online)?

      And didn’t Denis try to have that article spiked at the time in 2012 by pleading with the chairman of INM, James Osborne who told Denis to PFO?

      1. Liza Lu

        Perhaps he doesn’t mean an apology in the legal sense but more a ‘sorry you had to go through that old chap’ sort of thing.

        Denis has a unique way of looking at things so that it always ends up with him being in the right.

      2. johnny

        Digicel dividends to DOB:

        $300 million in June 2012
        $650 million in February 2014

        It always been my contention,that Anglo failing and calling these loans was the tipping point,that will result in Digicel filling bankruptcy protection from its creditors, erasing ALL shareholder equity.

  2. Frilly Keane

    ‘all very pass remarkable today aren’t we

    Shur’ what’s wrong with O’Brien looking like O’Brien*

    Here’s comes the Wagon, the Wanderly Wanderly Wagon

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