Marching With Nurses And Midwives


This afternoon in Dublin.

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation’s Stand With Nurses and Midwives’ Rally is taking place with supporters marching from the Garden of Remembrance to Government Buildings.

It follows three days of strike action and three more days of strikes scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Talks on the dispute are to resume in the Labour Court this afternoon after they were adjourned last night after nine hours.

Pics: Rollingnews; INMO and Mick Caul

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18 thoughts on “Marching With Nurses And Midwives

  1. Giggidygoo

    How’s that then Leo & Simon? Better get a RedC poll out soon. Harris will be gone quicker than diarrhea. If Michael Martin had any ounce of gumption he’d call a halt to this charade of a ‘government’ immediately.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      He won’t though. Meehole & co enjoy the wages and expenses for doing SFA far too much to jeopardise it.

  2. Dub Spot

    Fair dues.

    The Irish Times and RTE will be along shortly with their placards about why we can’t afford to pay them more.

    1. Frilly Keane


      RTÉ gave it full wellie there earlier

      Now in the best true disingenuous taste
      That could be all down to good proper old fashioned Trade Union solidarity
      And in sympathy

      1. Praetorian.

        What RTE said was “tens of thousands took part in the march…mainly comprising of nurses and their families with SOME members of the public joining them along the way”….
        RTE spinning the blueshirt line to discredit and diminish public support for these people as much as possible.

  3. Eoin

    “Three hundred and fifty people will die needlessly in hospital emergency departments next year unless Health Minister Simon Harris definitively addresses the trolley count crisis in next week’s budget.”

    “Medical errors causing 1,000 deaths a year, conference told, Lawyer says with 160,000 injured by such errors”

    Yeah, but these nursing strikes are placing patients’ lives at risk you know. At least that’s what RTE, Rothermere, Murdoch, O’Brien and Tara Street are telling us, so it must be right.


  4. Dermie

    Give them what they deserve. Plain and simple. I was in A&E recently and it was absolute Mayhem. And yet all nurses were so professional and kept their calm even though there was abuse being thrown their way

    1. SOQ

      A bit like drag queens who fancy themselves as DJ’s so.

      One of the most honourable professions being denied a pay rise to bring up it to international standards. by a an incompetent teeth ‘n tits clown quoting the need for budgets, while also…. over seeing the biggest consultancy feeding ground in the history of the state.

      Bicycle. Now.

    2. Jam

      They are the third highest paid nurses in Europe. Give them whatever they want? Somebody else does pay for that you know?

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Wouldn’t it be brilliant if they were the highest paid supported with the highest safety and work standards?

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