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    1. Eoin

      The Sunday Times reports that Denis’s company, Island Capital is challenging the Siteserv Commission and its views about the admissibility of certain documents. Island is represented by top notch solicitors Arthur Cox and the judicial review won’t be cheap. Damned pity Island wasn’t paid that alleged €1m success fee in the sale of APN which is currently being probed by the corporate watch which is onsite at INM!

      The Siteserv inquiry was reluctantly agreed to by FG in 2015 and has been delayed five times and is set to cost €25 million. The inquiry was kicked off as a result originally of concerns about the controversial sale of Siteserv by Anglo to Denis.

    2. Frilly Keane

      ‘exactly my thoughts too E
      It’s disturbingly catching enough to be a fillum promo poster ….

      About some mad lunatic corrupt murdering raping globalist big pharma poisoning selling guns to children immigrant flooder and funder of liberatzies everywhere kinda lad

  1. Eoin

    Sunday Times reports

    “Foreign buyers will be forced to pay a higher rate of stamp duty to buy a home in England or Northern Ireland, ministers will say today. In a move aimed at helping to solve the country’s homelessness crisis, the higher tax will hit anybody who has spent less than six of the past 12 months living in the UK. ”

    Good idea here? Expand it to foreign companies or companies whose control is non-resident? Goodbye purchases of homes in Dublin, left idle for decades as land investments for companies based in the Cayman Islands.

    Why not expand it to property tax?

      1. Conall

        Great suggestion.

        There is no long-term benefit in giving foreign companies and their workers the opportunity to invest in Irish property, other than of course price rises to counteract the property collapse.

        Now that these price rises are coming back to 2008 levels, it’s time to stabilise the market and this is a good way to do so.

  2. Eoin

    It’s a mystery why the Irish media, print and broadcast, isn’t reporting the weekly French Yellow Vest protests any more. They’re getting more violent and there is still what appears to be massive support. The French police are throwing so-called “stinger grenades” which are banned in some European countries, what about here. The grenades disperse painful rubber pellets when they explode, they’re used to disperse people. A journalist picked one up yesterday and lost fingers/a hand. The French police are also knocking people’s eyes out with rubber bullets, now these are legal here but police have to aim them below the head. There are armoured vehicles with “chemical weapons” patrolling Paris. Italy is warming to the French protesters which is causing a storm. Seems like the sort of news that you might expect another European country like Ireland to report. What are they afraid of?


    1. Conall

      The Irish media regards the public as children and is chary of reporting anything which might cause it to ‘misbehave’. This is a consequence of a paternalist Ireland controlled by the Catholic Church and upper middle class. Ireland has changed but the mainstream media – many of whom are literally children of the old paternalist Ireland – hasn’t. They’ve evolved on social matters but their attitude to the general population remains the same – children who should do as they are told.

      They are dependent on government advertising and now they are looking for further financial support as their print revenues fall. Fortunately we have the internet – a larger global source of information. But we still need focus on how the globalist matters apply to the local level. The MM has to be monitored and criticised by readers to make sure that they are not leaving out the issues that matter. Leave comments, write in, raise issues with journalists on twitter. Support and voice support for alternative news sites that do cover these issues.

      All of these things matter in terms of developing a properly functioning media in Ireland.

  3. Eoin

    Absolutely nothing in the papers about Leo’s 2.5 hour dinner with Theresa May on Friday night? What did they discuss that was so hush-hush? Did they talk about that which can’t be talked about?

    “But once you start talking about checks anywhere near the Border, people will start delving into that and all of a sudden we’ll be the Government that reintroduced a physical border on the island of Ireland”

    1. Frilly Keane

      Jays’ I’m more interested in what they had

      Like t’was hardly spice bags and a few cans
      With vienetta for afters like

      I’m supposing some fancy chef put together
      Just wondering like
      Cian would you have any idea

    2. Giggidygoo

      Nor anything about Harris’ on the front page headlines. The massive march yesterday relegated to an ‘oh, we almost forgot’ piece. Obvious that they want to keep the hospital issue as far out of the spotlight as possible. I mean, main stair in one of the papers above is about Howlin and Noone and fag companies.
      Shameful excuses for journalism.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Don’t be looking at me
        T’iddent my fault there isn’t any investigative journos around to work weekends

        Or any other day

        S’not my fault they were easily bought out with advisor jobs n’ pensions n’what have ya

        There’s Nothing stopping anyone calling themselves and Investigate Journalist to use the Internet or SM

        So don’t be just blaming the Papers

        1. Giggidygoo

          All well and good Frilly. But the older generation that haven’t the knoweledge (or the access in rural areas) to use the google thingy religiously buy the sunday papers for their amusement after the spuds. And headlines, even though the papers mightn’t be bought, are visible, and are diversionary.
          Good job that the FFGers supporter trough is diminishing.

          1. Frilly Keane

            I dunno

            I think if there’s a story that needs telling
            No matter what Generation
            or their means of media; papers, wireless, t’internet, twitter/ facebook, or good old fashioned over the fence gossip
            will Pay attention

            I tweeted recently that there are no real actual producing Investigative Journalists left in this country
            nobody contradicted me

            Truth is
            If a story is capable of getting on the air with some crowd
            or converting into a Book

            Journo’s, established or forgotten about or just starting out or what have ya
            Just don’t put in the graft and the grind
            Or like me in one way
            Take on the fight or the risk
            – run the gauntlet kinda

            why do you think more and more are teased into PR and Adviser gigs so easily

          2. Conall

            I think the problem is that when someone tries to do something they are personally attacked, often by the people who support their point of view on many issues but differ from it on one or two issues, and when a group of people get together there are egos and manipulation within the group which stop matters progressing further.

            Unfortunately many of the people who vocally advocate change are incapable of seeing these matters in perspective, or perhaps they don’t really support the change at all and are trying to sow dissent within a genuine group. This is regrettable, however fortunately as people become more experienced in terms of challenging and setting up alternatives to establishment views they also become better able to identify and deal with these issues.

            Some people are simply not suited for group involvement and if genuine might be better off as solo operators. However even in this case it is important to try to act maturely rather than continuing to gripe and covertly undermining those genuinely agitating from the same point of view.

            These are my opinions in terms of change organisation for the future, from studying it in the Irish context for over 10 years now. Doubtless there will be more to add in the future.

  4. Martco

    that ridiculous Sunday Beano headline translation: yes the ship is still sinking but look! the experts say the deck chairs over there are sliding about much faster than the ones over here

  5. Ron

    That Sindo paper is some rag. The biggest citizen led marches since the water charges relegated to a small pic on the front page while they lead with a suggestion that things are improving for people in the rental sector. Watch the boy Murphy now jump on that as evidence his incompetence and ineptitude is somehow working.

    The sooner people stop buying these rags the better. ‘Journalists’ lol. These people couldn’t string a word together with alphabet soup never mind write a piece that could be considered quality journalism.

    Incompetent, inept and incapable just like the politicians they salivate over.

  6. Ron

    Garda unit investigated over how it dealt with arrest of alleged drink driving recruit

    A number of incidents leading up to the arrest occurred on the night of New Year’s Eve.

    AN INTERNAL GARDA investigation is under way to examine the circumstances surrounding the arrest of a garda recruit in the Leinster area over the Christmas period. 

    The probe was launched by senior officers in the district to ascertain the full details of the incident after suspicions were raised that the recruit was arrested for alleged drink driving but not dealt with appropriately.

    It is understood that following his arrest on New Year’s Eve, the man was taken home from the station by colleagues before the correct procedures were followed in relation to drink driving suspicions. 

    TheJournal.ie understands that the off-duty garda recruit – who has been an officer for more than a year – was socialising with friends when he was involved in an altercation in a pub. The incident spilled out into the street where the officer was met by gardaí from his station. They defused the situation and brought the man home. 

    According to sources, however, the recruit attempted to return to the scene but allegedly crashed his vehicle into a nearby tree. 

    A different garda unit spotted the incident and the man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving. He was brought to a local garda station where a sergeant processed his arrest. 

    The recruit was detained but when the sergeant took a break from duty, the first police unit – which had earlier taken him home – allegedly drove him home again. 

    On his return to the station and realising that due process had not been followed, the garda sergeant rearrested the recruit at his house. 

    The current internal investigation will examine the work of a number of gardaí who were working on New Year’s Eve, not just the drink driving suspect.  

    What usually happens when you’re arrested for drink driving

    Under the Road Traffic Act, a person is arrested for drink driving after they fail a roadside breath test. 

    They are then brought to the nearest garda station with an intoxilator machine – of which there are about 90 nationwide. An evidential breath sample is taken and if a person fails, they are then charged with the offence of drink driving.

    While the charge and bail is being processed, the accused is supposed to be placed in a holding cell. 

    It is not known at this time if the recruit’s arrest was fully processed before the first police unit brought him home for a second time.

    The Garda Press Office, when given extensive details on the allegations, confirmed that it is investigating an incident of drink driving. 

    A spokeswoman said: “Gardai are investigating an incident that occurred on the 1 of January 2019 … at approximately 2am. A male was arrested for drink driving (20s) and was brought to [the local] station. This matter is still under investigation.”

    Gsoc said it had not received a referral in relation to the case but added that incidents such as a recruit drink driving would usually be dealt with internally in An Garda Síochána. 

  7. Ron

    Here’s a great clip of the bastion of Labour Party ineptitude, Alan Kelly being held to account by voters in this country.

    Watch the smug look on his face when confronted. The look of disdain for the people he claims to represent.

    All coming home to roost for Kelly as it finally dawns on him that he is the class clown. More of this please.


  8. Ron

    Meanwhile in the banana republic of Ireland..

    The Government awards a huge building contract for the new national children’s hospital to a (Dutch) company called BAM, then call in consultants PwC at a cost of €440,000 to examine how the cost of the original contract ballooned from €650 million in 2012 to a staggering 1.7 BILLION today (soon to probably be TWO BILLION). We already know why the overruns happened. It was due to the ineptitude and incompetence of the various clowns in this country that have somehow managed to convince people they are experts, when in reality there is nothing expert about them. Expert at being inept and incompetent. Now add in the little boy Harris who has never had a real job in the real world, who is incapable, inexperienced, inept, incompetent but dangerously arrogant who decides not to bring those overruns that he was aware of to his cabinet colleagues, so we hear. And just when you think they cant be anymore incompetent, they hire PwC who has been supplying professional services to BAM for nearly a decade at a cost to date of €34 million.

    In the Dáil Richard Boyd Barrett pondered over consultants PwC’s auditing BAM’s accounts for nine years and getting paid at least €34 million for their trouble. He said BAM has a history of “massive overruns” and “now the people who audited them are the people who apparently are going to get to the bottom of the scandal of the national children’s hospital. It beggars belief.”

    Wasting another €440,000 on another pointless report is throwing good money after bad, it’s Fine Gael’s way of kicking the can down the road. Scrap the report and start sacking the politicians, civil servants and useless overpaid advisers and in the meantime call a halt to this disastrous building project which is just a hole in the ground sucking in billions..

    Fine Gael: Probably the most incompetent and inept politicians in the world.

    1. Conall

      Yes I think we need a change badly. Fine Gael is not what the country needs at the moment.

      But what would you suggest as an alternative? My view is that none of the political parties as they currently stand are fit for government unless internal changes are mad.

      1. Ron

        Personally, I’m going to give my vote and take a punt on the Social Democrats this time around. I will also support a good independent if they run.

        The political system is in dire straits with incompetent but loud politicians dominating the Irish landscape for years. But they are just one part of the root cause. We also need to start calling out the other elephant in the room which is the imcompetence of the civil service in this country. These are the silent people in the background who wield power that they should not have in decision making in this country. Now add in their incompetence into the mix and that power they yield becomes very dangerous. When it all goes pear shaped they pass the buck to someone else and get quietly moved on to the next department.

        All those people you went to school with and weren’t academically clever to get a leaving certificate points to go to college usually went into the civil service as clerical officers… They grew up in there and over the years have been promoted to the top tiers of decision making, not based on their competence or skill, but based on their time served. The most incompetent of them, just promoted because they were allowed to hang around for years. They are a large swathe of people in this country and we all know some of them. They are very well paid, live very comfortable lives. They never have to work hard because they have permanent jobs for life. They are never accountable to anyone or for anything. They don’t want to upset the apple cart they benefit from so they will always vote for the status quo… They are a large majority of the FG and FF support base that ensure the incompetence continues.

        1. Conall

          Thanks for the feedback.

          I am considering the Social Democrats too.

          I hope they will resist the temptation of turning into just another political party in it for the perks ego, drama etc. This is very important. The attraction of political glamour can be very alluring for young politicians and their advisors. However this glamour is ephemeral and serves only to distract from the politician’s job of serving the people that they represent. In the case of the Social Democrats their base is the ordinary people of Ireland, not vested interests. If they forget or even seem to forget this, they will not last.

          I also think that Fianna Fail under a different leader could have potential to provide the government of the people we need. There would have to be a complete clear out of the old guard. For the avoidance of doubt I do not think O’Callaghan should be that leader because he is too much connected to two different elite sectors which should be serving government not constituting it.

          1. Martco

            Lads ye’re all wasting your time.

            I love Catherine Murphy too…she’s 100x of fake Taoiseach & his opposition gimp put together BUT it’s all sewn up.

            It’s done, you live in a conservative dictatorship for all intents, you’ve seen nothing but that in your lifetime to date, nor your fathers not even yer grandfathers.

            the system will prevail & bar a catastrophe, revolution or civil war nothing is going to change. nothing.

            It costs a fortune to even field a candidate for a GE & break into the system e.g. SD didn’t have a candidate in my constituency last time out (and I’m not talking arse end Roscommon here, DLR ffs) & all I heard around me at the time was “jasus if only they’d had someone up I’d have voted for them”

            and worse still these days it’s only the likes of BS that dares dig up stories & reports on many of the lies, cheats, shenanigans. the press no longer serves its purpose, it’s owned.

            ye’re living in fantasy world if you ever think it’ll be different in this lifetime (unless one of the above axis-tilting incidents should occur)

            sorry to be so blunt.

          2. Conall

            All my life I was told by people – it’s no use, you won’t get anywhere. So was my father. But we tried, and we achieved what they said we couldn’t. We set up a business in an area where there was a monopoly. Then, the monopoly provider opened a business next door. We kept going anyway. It was a lot of work and stress (my dad died of a heart attack at 59, I got serious prostrate cancer at the same age). But we achieved it anyway, and opened the way for others to go into that market too.

            That was pre-internet. Since then, the internet has helped a lot. I beat my cancer and the diet I followed from online information (along with regular treatment) helped. A positive attitude is crucial. An informed try at something, thinking it out in advance, is successful more often than you think.

      2. Frilly Keane

        but Conall

        bringing in PWC KPMG or what ever big 4 with deep pockets turn it is

        is exactly what any other Government in this country would do
        that is a fact

        that is how our infrastructure is set up

        1. Ron

          @frilly… it should be the C&AG brought in to investigate. That’s what another country would do. A hallmark of this FG freak show is that they have turned Ireland into a breeding ground for useless consultants to cream it off the Irish Taxpayer.

          1. Cian

            Wait. Is the C&AG not also full of incompetent public servants that are accountable to nobody and are there in comfy permanent pensionable positions?

          2. Frilly Keane

            Jesus Ron
            have you only discovered BS now

            well me mainly
            have bin’ saying all that for years here

            btw; tell ye who else we already have available to us besides C & AG and CAB
            and who have serious Jaws on them

            The Central Bank

            where there is weakness or a breach
            they’ll find it
            even it its someone who took a half day and it wasn’t recorded on his Annual Leave chart
            they’ll spot it

          3. Cian

            No Ron. It is your inconsistency.

            You had a tirade against public servants at the top of the page, and an appeal to use them at the bottom.

            I think all departments/agencies/boards/other have a mix of good and bad people. In fact the same is true of the private sector too. Some people are better than others. The public sector doesnt have any monopoly on incompetent workers… And the private sector doesnt have a monopoly on good workers.

  9. Termagant

    What are the lowest mortgage rates in town?
    I have a friend in the Netherlands who just got one at 1.7%
    are they that low?

    1. Ron

      The latest figures show homeowners in Ireland continue to pay more than the typical cost for a mortgage in other eurozone countries.

      This country has fallen into second place following a rise in rates in Greece.But at 3.04pc for the average new mortgage, rates in this country in November were still much higher than the Eurozone’s average of 1.79pc, according to new figures from the Central Bank.

      This means that a family borrowing €250,000 over 25 years will end up paying €156 more a month than their counterparts in other countries in the currency zone.

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