After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.


Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia (NBC)

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187 thoughts on “No Collusion

      1. f_lawless

        wow, so they ARE withholding direct evidence and are also somehow forcing the silence of the 7 Democrats on the committee. How deep does this conspiracy go?

        1. Johnny

          The report has not even been drafted,never mind completed,it’s a solo run,technically he’s correct but the committee has very limited investigate powers,it’s not the last word.
          Manford,Cohen and Flynn all lied about contacts with Russians,they not exactly the coffee boys.

          ‘The committee’s top Democrat, Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, said Tuesday that he won’t describe his conclusions until the investigation is finished.‘

          1. Johnny

            Burr’s statement is technically correct but it’s disingenuous,to be continued and totally agree with you on medical marijuana.

            ‘Like many of the stunning reveals from Mueller, the latest Manafort drama also offered tantalizing glimpses into the special counsel’s web of investigation but provided no resolution to the long-running Russia puzzle.
            Mueller has yet to provide any proof of a conspiracy or cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russians, despite obtaining convictions and guilty pleas from a string of the President’s former associates.
            But Wednesday’s developments will be seen in an even more foreboding light given the multiple lies, changes of story and obfuscations offered by other Trump confidants about contacts with Russian officials or private citizens.
            These include former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s calls with then-Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak, Donald Trump Jr.’s shifting story about a meeting with Russians promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and the President’s own misrepresentations about a proposed construction project in Moscow.
            None of these activities are necessarily illegal, making it even more difficult to understand why there was an apparent need to cover them up‘


            Yeah,yeah it’s CNN but just came out and is nonpaywall,we can pick this up again at the impeachment:)

  1. Junkface

    A Russian will leak it eventually. Why was Trump locked in a room for 2 hours in Helsinki with Putin and ONLY Russian translators? He’s a Russian asset.

      1. Junkface

        This is common knowledge among US intelligence. This is why the FBI were panicking at the time. CIA agents and White House staff have also confirmed this!
        Most fake news comes from Trump and Fox news. Its funny that the guy accusing the media of fake news has spent his whole life faking news stories. Trump IS fake news. Total conman and Russian asset.

    1. Royal M

      The idea that the 14th richest nation somehow controls the elections of the richest nation always sounded a little far-fetched.

      1. f_lawless

        or that, if the Intelligence state really had evidence that Trump was an agent of Putin, that Trump would have been let continue as President of US for the last two years

    1. Northern Pole Cats

      You mean when the FBI also fail to prove collusion?

      I can’t wait for that democrat/media/shill-lib meltdown… That’s going to be epic!

          1. Bodger

            Events over the next few weeks will prove I am right. I hope you will return then and apologise for your insults and hive-minded naivety.

          2. edalicious

            And if nothing happens in a few weeks, exactly like what happened two years ago, are you going to come back and admit to being another useful idiot?

          3. Starina

            Bodger, did you go to university? Do you remember the part where YouTube wasn’t an acceptable reference for “research”?

            I might love the X-Files but that doesn’t make the show’s conspiracies true, dude.

          4. Nigel

            Let’s make this falsifiable. What are your Nigel-apologises victory conditions? Be specific. A set of agreed-upon outcomes accurately predicted, publicly verified and undeniable, which can be reasonably agreed to.prove your currently rather vague muttering represent a real and true version of current events. A timeline is also necessary to avoid any the-apocalypse-is-delayed-this-proves-my-point cop-out. (I will in fact stipulate such a cop-out as a victory-condition for me.) Go.

          5. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Hive-minded naivety. I like it.
            Then again, I’ve had wine with lunch so I’m easily impressed. No offence

  2. George

    Was wondering about Bodger having been so quiet about Trump for so long…
    Why don’t you post about any of the arrests so far in the Mueller investigation? Or the government shutdown or countless other things….Weird.

    I had assumed you’d copped on that he’s a dangerous, deluded moron but apparently there was just nothing to report that suited your agenda.

        1. Bodger

          Pedewyw, I don’t want to spoil the ending. Attention will now turn to Obama and Hillary’s role in spying on the Trump campaign. Popcorn.

          1. Junkface

            When you make the Popcorn, don’t forget your tinfoil Hat!

            I guess the Irish education system has failed many adults in critical thinking. Trump’s entire campaign team has been arrested, found guilty, and waiting to be sentenced, and you think the REAL case is Obama and Hilary spying on the Trump campaign.

            Sweet Jesus!

          2. f_lawless

            Critical thinking indeed. When none of those arrests or jail sentences were for collusion with Russia, is it not pause for thought that maybe something is not right with the collusion narrative itself?
            I guess that’s the intended effect – sling enough mud so that those who lack enough critical thinking get swept along in a fabricated narrative. “look at all the time and effort put into this; all the arrests made..surely they wouldn’t have done that if Trump wasn’t a Russian agent?!”

          3. Nigel

            Collusion is not the crime, it is the activity being investigated which may have involved criminal acts, which did reveal multiple criminal acts in fact, and Trump being an actual agent is one of the more fanciful possible outcomes but hey well done for accepting the counter-narratve so uncritically.

          4. f_lawless

            the Mueller investigation’s core mandate was to establish if Russia meddled in the 2016 elections and if Trump colluded with Russia to help them. Again none of the arrests, indictments, or charges had anything to do with this core mandate.
            It’s like this thing has dragged on so long, people have either forgotten where the goalposts were or are trying to move them

          5. Nigel

            I know just five member’s of Trump’s team making guilty pleas, multiple Russian contacts despite denials, if Trump were a woman or a black man or any Democrat at
            all he’d have been crucified by now but there’s something about right-wing billionaire demagogues that makes you just want to let them carry on with the benefit of the doubt.

          6. jusayinlike

            None of the indictments of Trump staffers has any collusion attachment, they’re all to do with perjury wrt to finances.

          7. Nigel

            Indeed. Spectacular corruption in Trump’s campaign has already been proved. Even if there are no charges arising from any direct collusion, we know that.

      1. edalicious

        Like we were waiting to enjoy the show that Qanon was going to provide? Whatever happened with that again, Bodger?

          1. edalicious

            “Research”, huh? Should that be entirely restricted to YouTube or am I allowed to use any sources that don’t broadcast solely from their basement?

          2. Bodger

            Edalicious, No restrictions. I would suggest you not judge the information based on whether it comes from the CNN studio or a basement.

          3. edalicious

            And Bodger, I would suggest that you use at least some minor level of judgement when deciding on where you get your information from.

          4. Bodger

            Edalicious, I don’t think you know where I get my information from but I think know where you get yours. You are being lied to.

          5. Nigel

            You see you have to do it with an open mind. Wide wide open. Literally let anything climb in there and start rearranging the furniture.

          6. Nigel

            False dichotomy. ‘Question narratives’ is standard rhetoric now. All narratives must be questioned. Say something meaningful.

          7. millie st murderlark

            In fairness, Bodger, you have to be able to back up the claims you make with verifiable proof. With the internet, it’s all too easy to plumb it’s depths to find something that supports your chosen narrative.

            If you want people to take your claims seriously, part of that is backing up what you say with facts and reputable sources.

          8. Bodger

            Millie, I realise many will not be convinced until it’s has BBC or Washington Post stamped on it so I was waiting until that happened. This is just the beginning. These things take time. Mueller will find no collusion. As f-lawless points out the arrests were for ‘process crimes’ and not related to Russia collusion or indeed Trump. Obama and Hillary will be implicated in spying on Trump’s campaign and worse.

          9. millie st murderlark

            Well then, I shall bide my time and see what comes of these claims.

            I try not to follow US politics too much. It’s a real headache and I find it makes me dislike Americans, which is probably unfair to them.

          10. Junkface

            Bodger, not all mainstream news is wrong all of the time. There may have been the odd mistake and screw up by one news channel, or newspaper, thats only human, but to believe that all of these journalists and writers are part of some massive conspiracy to dupe the world is Mental.

            So if I read something from Reuters news agency, then that story is broadcast by BBC news, then also by Al Jazeera News, Euronews, the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC news, Channel 4 news…..that somehow, all of these intelligent people in agencies around the world are running around and conspiring together to keep the thread of facts identical to each other, so they complete their mission to dupe all populations, AND that they are all ethically fine with this, that truth does not matter at all and that THIS is how they want to further their careers???

            That’s plain old underpants on the head, two pencils up the nose CRAZY! or Alex Jones country

          11. Nigel

            ‘Process crimes’ is how the US right are defending white collar crimes now. Remember when you guys were pushing stories about Clinton’s health and it all turned out to be be a plant by Stone? Tell me again about how Obama and Clinton will be definitively and verifiable ‘implicated’ in spying on Trump in a way that won’t turn out to be more chum thrown at his base by right wing ratfeckers?

          12. Nigel

            I’m sorry are you going to provide actual verifiable proof of anything at any point or is it all going to be right wing pro-Trump propaganda? You said they WILL be implicated but that was the story that Nunes guy came out with that got laughed off the stage last year, so naturally it’s Q gospel. If you have to he this partisan and dishonest to make your point you’re a lost cause.

          13. Bodger

            This is not partisan. I supported Crazy Bernie before Hillary rigged the primaries. All will become clear when Mueller announces no collusion. Soon.

          14. Nigel

            I despise Trump but I’m not stupid enough to assume ‘proving colllusion’ is a given. In itself a no collusion finding will not prove Pizzagate or Q. His campaign has been shown to be thoroughly corrupt and criminal, as has his administration. A no collusion finding by itself will only be a vindication to him and his partisan supporters. Everything else points to him being rotten to the core.

  3. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    Hopefully this will force SNL to write a decent comedy routine, instead of saying ‘Russia, Shhh’ at regular intervals.

    What an obvious waste of time.

    Given the cut of his Jib, I’m guessing there’s more concrete ways to implicate the President in shady dealings, involving taxes and his business interests. But for some reason, those up high in the Dems and/or various government agencies decided not to push for that type of investigation. I suppose for that to happen they’d have to consider tax avoidance/evasion by prominent rich people and the malignant influence of rich entities on economic/foreign policy to be a bad thing.

    1. Nigel

      The Dems have not been in a position to investigate anything until this year, and that was interrupted by the shutdown. The agencies are investigating as directed by the Republicans, and they’re doing it into the affairs of the man who is in charge of them. There are multiple other investigations by state and local agencies, but as of now he’s protected by his party and his position and a base of fools who think Pizzagate is real but multiple arrests and Russian links somehow fail to indicate collusion in Trump’s campaign. So yay for lazy uninformed cynicism.

      1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

        The Dems, with the help of MSNBC and CNN are well able to push for something even though they weren’t elected.

        “The agencies are investigating as directed by the Republicans”
        If that were the case they wouldn’t be investigating at all.

        Sorry, I’m not really knowledgeable of these other multiple investigations by state and local agencies, perhaps because the likes of MSNBC, CNN, the Dems and various State departments tend to not bang on about on it, instead focusing on the whole ‘RUSSIA stole the election’ narrative that absolves Hillary Clinton (and the Neolibs running the Dems) of any responsibility for losing.

        1. Nigel

          I mean it isn’t as if the president of the US being investigated for possibly conspiring with a foreign power during an election isn’t a big deal. They’d be a bit remiss if they didn’t point out that it is an actual thing that is happening.

          1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

            There’s ‘pointing out’, and there’s generating interest in a convenient narrative that’s going to result in Trump staying in power, to the detriment of any other type of investigation that would actually remove DT from office.

          2. Nigel

            But you’ve already said you’re unfamiliar with other investigations so I’m not sure your take on this is particularly accurate. The only people responsible for keeping Trump in power or potentially re-electing him are Republicans and the people who vote for him.

          3. Amorphous Kerry Blob

            Because the people weren’t given a decent alternative by the Dems. For example, if the Dems leadership had gotten behind Bernie instead of doing him down (as revealed in emails), he may well have beaten Hillary in the Primary. I think it’s fair to say he would have won against Trump.

            Thanks for labeling me inaccurate. If you’re familiar with these other non-Russian Collusion investigations that the Dems and State Departments are pushing for, please fill me in.

          4. Nigel

            ‘We’ weren’t offered anything unless you have a vote in the US. Anybody liberal or left who thought Trump was a better option than Clinton was an idiot and I hope they learned their lesson because the Republucans are counting on them. There are investigations into Trump’s charitiy and his inauguration day committee and general finances. Just look them up.

          5. bisted

            …Nigel is in serious danger of wearing out the word ‘idiot’…adding all the people who rejected crooked Hillary to the majority in the UK who voted to leave the EU…idiots all?

  4. Ian-O

    My investigations have also turned up nothing as of yet.

    But then, I wasn’t really doing much, except watching fake news RTE and throwing mouldy tomatoes at the screen.

    Somebody else’s screen, I’m not that stupid (sometimes).

  5. rotide

    Good grief.

    I’m glad so many of you recieve your news from such a paragon of balance and reliability

        1. Nigel

          It comes in cycles. Nothing will happen and he’ll go all quiet again until the next moment of prophecy.

          1. Bodger

            Nigel, for two years we have been told that Trump colluded with Russia. Thousands of hours of coverage, hundreds of articles in Irish papers alone. And there’s nothing there. It was fake news. When they told you Trump couldn’t win or that the UK would remain in Europe you believed them also.

          2. Nigel

            Thank you for telling me what I believed which bears no real relation to what I believed. Thank you for telling me what has been proved or disproved which bears no relation to what has been proved or disproved. Thank you for loyally using Trump’s favoured term for news he doesn’t like. Mueller’s ultimate findings remain a known unknown. Trump.partisans have claimed he’s wrapping up for a year now. They’ll be right sooner or later.

          3. Bodger

            Fake news was a term originally weaponised by Trump’s opponents. Like much else, it has backfired. If you thought Trump would win and the UK would exit I apologise but I don’t think you did.

          4. Nigel

            And now you’re parroting him. Why do so many people who claim to be critical thinkers accept the framing and language of an inveterate and rather malignant liar?

            Like Mueller’s report I knew what I would have liked to see happen, but I did not think the outcome of either was assured. Too many lies and framing and language of the ultimately winning sides were allowed to dominate, uncritically

          5. jusayinlike

            Keep it considering you’re bathing in a river it’s fair to say you’re in need of it more than I am..

          6. rotide

            “Nigel, for two years we have been told that Trump colluded with Russia.”
            No we haven’t. We have been told that Russia attempted to meddle in the election (which they did). We have been told that Trump has business ties with Russia (which he does) and that him and his campaign met with Russians to get information that would help them win the election (which they did). With all these things out in the open, and they are, an investigation was set up to see how far exactly did the man go. Investigating allegations of collusion, does not mean that collusion actually occured. It also depends on your particular definition of collusion.

            “Thousands of hours of coverage, hundreds of articles in Irish papers alone. And there’s nothing there. It was fake news.”
            There’s lots there, see above. The man has lied repeatedly in a way completely different from the usual politician spin. He’s like a child that says the first thing that comes to his mind even if it’s demonstrably false. That’s why there’s so much coverage.

            Of course this is all entirely lost on someone who believes the moon landings and sandy hook were faked and that secret messages about child abuse rings will be coming from 4 chan.

          7. f_lawless

            “Like Mueller’s report I knew what I would have liked to see happen”
            sounds like a bit of a ‘Critical Thinking 101’ there ;) If your goal is to establish the truth, maybe avoid indulging in predetermined preferences for the result?

            “Too many lies and framing and language of the ultimately winning sides were allowed to dominate, uncritically”
            seems like you’ve reverted to a tribal mindset -concoct an explanation as to why its all the fault of the other side rather than honestly reassess whether it was right to have originally believed your chosen side on this.

          8. Nigel

            I can’t predetermine the result. i have nothing whatsoever to do with the result. I have no role in establishing the truth as far as the Mueller investigation is concerned. My preferences are entirely conjectural and will have no bearing on the outcome. You really have some feckin’ cheek wielding ‘critical thinking 101’ more like a magic talisman than an intellectual tool for understanding the world.

            ‘believe my chosen side’

            I don’t have to believe anything. I was there, I watched it happen, both times. What are you even trying to say? I think it’s the ‘fault’ of the other side for winning, and that’s a tribal mindset?

          9. jusayinlike

            Poor little Nigel, still hasn’t gotten over crooked Hillary burning in flames and taking the DNC with her.

            There’s still hope though, you could always back Tulsi G, she’s running on anti regime change foreign policy, she’s against all the illegal wars that Hillary and Barry Sotero started. She wants to cut back the defence budget and use the funds on the domestic front. She supports Medicare for all.

            Would you not support Tulsi, Nigel?

          10. McVitty

            Maybe, but Bodger is 100% correct here and if you stand for fairness, you wouldn’t be struggling so hard to grasp the gravity of what he’s saying.

            The problem with the corporatised media isn’t just the concentration of ownership, groupthink, the suppression of journalistic integrity…it’s the go-to sites like snopes and storyful which make it all so easy to set a narrative, make a consensus-setting truth claim.

            In case you haven’t noticed, we live in an age of news story manufacture. For example, the Covington video that went viral was posted by a bot account, the video was doctored so that people could get what they wanted/needed from it and the rest is history. Everything about that story stinks…and by the time the truth emerged, the great unwashed had moved onto some other equally outrageous and gripping story.

          11. Nigel

            Why do you think the by-now well-known problems with modern media would be sufficient to lead me to believe Bodger when he tells me that the Clinton campaign was ordering children to abuse using coded menu orders through a pizza restaurant? Blah blah modern media is now rote preamble by every kook and crank and propagandist, it lends no authority or credibility in itself whatsoever.

          12. Nigel

            Other common efforts at asserting unearned credibility that now do the opposite: invoking critical thinking; positioning oneself either at the center or entirely removed from the modern left-right political dichotomy while accusing others of tribalism.

          13. Nigel

            And since I have no actual say in any aspect of the US election I’ll be inclined to accept any warm body as an alternative.

          14. Nigel

            Support whoever gets nominated even if it’s not your favoured candidate or forever be a useful idiot of the right.

          15. jusayinlike

            “support whoever gets nominated”

            what, like really nominated or who cheats by hijacking the whole process?

  6. spudnick

    I’m just genuinely baffled by the mindset of people who think themselves on the side of right who celebrate the prospect of setbacks to Trump’s opponents. That somehow Trump is a less-worse option than… God I don’t know, whatever you can dredge up from the internet. I mean, ffs, Pizzagate- even mentioning it is more embarrassing now than the actual guy barging his way into a restaurant with a gun to find the pedos.

    Do you actually enjoy watching the world burn? Or is it just the sad thrill of ‘i’m right and the sheeple are not’?

    1. Termagant

      What parts of the world are burning due to Trump?
      Syria’s calmed down
      He’s talking to the Norks
      The Taliban’s at the table in Afghanistan

      Wars started under Trump’s administration: 0, the biggest fire currently raging is Yemen, and that’s on Barack

          1. Termagant

            Nah there’s no K in Chinese Individuals so it’s not the same
            I heard it somewhere. It might have been a 2000AD comic.

          2. Termagant

            BUT what if I heard it somewhere else also? With Norts Not Norks you’re running the gambit of being actually racist, saying you’d prefer Norts over Norts

            Then consider that Norts are yellow and it’s just straying into some really questionable territory

          3. Nigel

            AHA! Norts aren’t yellow! They have to wear chem-suits that conceal all human features to survive the deadly poisoned atmosphere if Nu Earth! THEY COULD BE ANY COLOUR!

      1. Nigel

        Probably more a reference to his environmental policies but I do note we seem to be heading for a new nuclear arms race while we’re at it.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Did you know that robin redbreasts were so called as when they first arrived in England there was no word for orange? I think it was the 13th century.*

      *badly remembered tweet. Possibly riddled with inaccuracies.

          1. Cian

            Oh wait, I get it now. They were called red-breasts not orange-breasts.
            d’uh (me)

            ’tis the same reason that people with orange hair are called “red heads”

  7. johnny

    – having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia-yet !
    No report just a statement that was also made last Sept by a former Trump campaign advisor, it was seized upon to distract from THE WALL-or lack off :)

    “For President Trump, chants and signs saying “Build the wall” are so 2016 — “Finish the wall” is his new rallying cry. Yet two years into his term, not one new mile of a barrier has been erected along the nearly 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border.
    At a rally in El Paso on Monday night, Trump went so far as to declare that nearby, just that day, “the big beautiful wall right on the Rio Grande” had gotten underway. In fact, some brush was cleared in anticipation of construction, according to a check with the Homeland Security Department.”

    1. johnny

      -here you go Nigel-deep dive into Burr who barely won re-election last time,against an unknown after serving for 20 years-tick tock Richard !

      “Burr has now repeatedly told media outlets that he has seen no evidence of collusion. The first occasion was in an Associated Press interview in September 2018. In the same article, the Associated Press reported that Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.)“says Burr started every meeting at the beginning of the probe by asking senators not to talk to the media ‘until we get additional facts and we put things out together.’” In 2014, Burr said, “I personally don’t believe that anything that goes on in the intelligence committee should ever be discussed publicly.”

      1. f_lawless

        timing of that article just the tiniest bit suspicious, wouldn’t you say?
        ” It was impossible to put the pieces together back then. We now have a much clearer picture”
        So just as it’s all coming together and now clear Burr can’t be trusted, lo and behold a story breaks on NBC: “Burr says no evidence of collusion as investigation nears end”. Hmm
        Or is this a pre-prepared narrative ready to be spun now the committee is drawing to a close and appears to be drawing a blank?

  8. f_lawless

    @spudnick “I’’m just genuinely baffled by the mindset of people who think themselves on the side of right who celebrate the prospect of setbacks to Trump’s opponents”
    It’s not about celebrating – it’s about seeking out the truth and recognising propaganda for what it is – no matter how ugly the full truth might be. . The more false narratives get layered upon each other and ingrained into the public consciousness, the less the public is able to objectively interpret events and understand the world as it truly is.
    That a sitting president could be impeached on false grounds due to politically motivated campaign against him/her/etc would set a horrible precedent for the future

  9. :-Joe

    I don’t know exactly what Bodger is waiting to see come out in relation to sexual abuse and politics etc. or what else is going on with that exactly? Is it something to do with the Bill Clinton with his buddy in the paedophile “lolita express” story or some connection to the holiywoodland child abuse culture going back decades like almost everywhere else?
    – Please enlighten me with a summary if you are reasonable and can avoid making cheap jibes or trying to score points at his or BS’s expense.

    Anyway, on the russia-gate 24/7/365 never-ending breaking news cycle, Bodger is correct about many things. However, like the rest of us mere mortals, he’s also wrong or right and wrong about a few points at the same time.

    The collusion story is a complete distraction while the out-of-control (amoral-extemist)republican party and their corporate backers and lobbyists tear down the institutions and rip out the regulations and oversight one bit by bit at a time so they can exploit the environment, labour and capital even more to their own benefit.

    Meanwhile, people are losing their minds watching mainstream media reporting nonsense with barely any of the facts while making money from the advertising and marketing(please kill yourself) system that supports this whole magic show of drip feeding you miniscule tidbits of information that are near impossible to comprehend in any meaningful way.

    All so you can stay dumb or become dumber(do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world..) and buy more useless goods that you never needed like a good little dumb and getting dumber consumer that the system wants you to be.

    The real trick is you’re never going to get anywhere near the truth if you engage with this mainstream madness and try to work against it or unravel it. Getting angry, fighting and argueing on behalf of one versus the other is a complete waste of time and as soon as you start doing it, you’ve already lost.

    You have learn to transcend all these media outlets. To see them for what they are and either ignore them completely and find something credible or pick and choose information from them carefully with great scepticism. At least educate yourself to the point you can acknowledge the reality of what they are doing and don’t let it confuse you or get you down any longer.

    Your natural fears and learning how to resolve dealing with unknown threats is your addiction and they’re feeding you their warped version of the drug of answers to questions of truth and that’s why you keep tuning in. Rinse and repeat.

    Anyway, the drumpf russia collusion is real but while both blindingly obvious in many ways and obscuredly opaque in many others, it’s also extremely complicated.

    The scumbag etc etc. etc. that is drumpf will not get done for collusion even though there is collusion going on because of the nature of the collusion and the nature of ‘murican politics and law and in particular, the way it deals with powers of and over or against an elected president.

    I can’t claim to ave all the answers but luckily thanks to some reputable jounalists, investigators and documentarians the information and evidence is growing and growing and plenty of it is out there so the best hope of any justice is to uncover all the truth and get him on something eventually.

    The war-mongering, inhumane, greedy, incompetant other scumbag hillary “never achieved or accomplished anything of any worthwhile merit for society” clinton… has supported a documentary which although is mostly factual it is edited intentionally as an expose of russian collusion and a direct attack to bring down drumpf as soon as possible.

    It’s worth watching for another view on the story or if you’re too lazy to put the effort in to watch anything better but their are far better but less well known investigations into this story like this one for example.

    A dutch documentary production / tv company called ZEMBLA – Onderzoeksjournalistiek did a good one called “The dubious friends of Donald Trump”
    – In english with well researched sources and credible interviewees and commentators looking through the whole network of connections going back years.

    It explains a lot of the network of international crooks and sheds a lot of light onto the geo-political dealings of drumpf that pop up at random without a clear context explained by the mainstream.

    ZEMBLA – The dubious friends of Donald Trump:

    [Part 1] The Russians

    [Part 2] King of Diamonds

    [Part 3] The billion dollar fraud



      1. :-Joe

        Less than one minute in, can’t get past the narrator’s accent so declares almost three hours of facts and evidence from serious, credible, in-depth reporting and analysis by journalists and investigators to be, wait for it…. “Terrible”

        Again, without having even watched it.

        You’re some special kind of eejit, aren’t ya?..
        -(Rhetorical question, you don’t need to reply)


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