You’ll Never Walk Alone


This morning.

Pics: Maxwells


Eileen Walsh originally from County Cavan and living in Liverpool since 1951, meets president Higgins and Sabina.


Pics: Maxwells


Easy for him to say.

Being bilingual and all.

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10 thoughts on “You’ll Never Walk Alone

  1. postmanpat

    Stupid clown putting on the diddley di to distract from the reality that we are a bunch of snakes with an embarrassment of a corrupt government in the pocket of corporations. See; Record Breaking! most expensive Children’s hospital in Europe! Big Tech Tax swindles!! disincentivizing recycling with a waste burning power station that relies on excessive waste to run and where the company fines the very government that let them build it, every time there’s a short fall in black bin collections, and pumps the waste into the air for us to breath . Property porn and inflated home prices, banks free to sell 2% cashback predatory lending so we can get a good head start into record breaking crippling debt when the next global financial crisis hits. Ah, but look at him, he has Liverpool family ties. , fantastic ! important work, important office. complete gibberish Irish langrage tweets too, bless!

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    I spent a large chunk of Paddy’s Day 1993 in the Liverpool Irish Centre. Can’t remember a danged thing about it.

    On a separate note, kind of agree with postmanpat about miggledy – he’s an embarrassment.

    1. postmanpat

      The thing is, I used to not mind him so much. but lately I feel we at living in a extremely dangerous time and all this nicey nicey hand shaking with literal whos, in who cares locations is a pointless endeavor that no one cares about except the ten people that show up such events. These days, the political head of states (in every country not just here) , need to stop hiding behind these figureheads. All they do is mask the awful mess some countries are in. Either that or these figure heads need to start going to events that people actually care about and attend and start constructively criticizing the government in public. He sat on his hole for 8 months when the won the president election the first time, he went to a few poetry things but that was it. He’s as much a phony as Leo. They need each other which isn’t good for anyone but themselves. The only thing I ever admired about him was when he called that American fox-news like political pundit that used to be on George Hook , a w@anker on live radio. Apart from that ? he has done zero for this country , all the dopes can buy their lame MDH tea cozies and think its all grand. I think the guy is a wet fart , the president office is a waste of time at best and needs just die off before someone with a nefarious agenda manages to get voted in like a scummy sinn feiner or catholic religious nut will sure as hell try to do. He’s not a “legend”, only dorks think he is.

  3. Gabby

    Has President Higgins made official visits to those other two nations in the United Kingdom – Wales and Scotland? Many Irish emigrated to those parts?

  4. realPolithicks

    “Eileen Walsh originally from County Cavan and living in Liverpool since 1951”

    I’d love to hear her accent.

  5. Sonia

    Shut yer flapping cakehole Per Wee, he’s a shaggin’ disgrace, I’d like to give him one right in the nuts with my pointy Manolo Blahniks. Now let THAT be an end to your snivelling adoration.

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