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Peter Hooton (left and) Simon Hughes in Dublin This morning: Peter’s book There She Goes (top)


‘There She Goes’

At BelloBar, 1 Portobello Harbour Dublin 8.

Simon Conway writes:

Join us for this intimate evening of conversation where award-winning writer and Liverpudlian Simon Hughes talks to Peter Hooton (The Farm) about his latest book, There She Goes, a history of Liverpool between 1979 and 1993.

Doors are at 7pm, tickets available at door as well as online and the conversation starts at 7.30pm

We have a PAIR (yes, two) free tickets for a Broadsheet reader in a scousestanding giveaway.

To enter, answer this question (first out of the hat wins):

What Liverpudlian group had a hit with a song of the same title as Peter’s Book?

Lines MUST close at 2.30pm 3pm 4pm.

An intimate evening with Simon Hughes & Peter Hooton (EventBrite)

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

A special version of the standard, adopted by Liverpool FC fans and beloved of Bertie Blenkinsop, in aid of Seán Cox, the 54 year-old father of three who was left with life-changing injuries after an attack before a Champions League semi-final in Anfield in April 2018.

Via Central Entertainment:

A group of musicians from Seán’s hometown of Dunboyne, County Meath, have come together to produce a rendition of Liverpool fan’s favourite ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ for release by Dolphin Records.

All proceeds from the charity single will be donated to the Seán Cox Rehabilitation Trust which was established to raise much-needed funds for Seán’s future care.

Support Seán Cox

Caoimhin Kelleher could make his Premier League debut for Liverpool against Southampton tomorrow….

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp revealed Spaniard Adrian was hurt when a pitch invader landed on his ankle during the post-match celebrations in Istanbul.

With first-choice Allison already sidelined, should Adrian also be ruled out [Cork-born] Kelleher may get the nod to start his first competitive match for the Reds….

What Liverpool’s Latest Goalie Injury Means For Caoimhin Kelleher (Balls.ie)

‘Caoimhín would score 20 goals a season up front’: Liverpool’s Cork-born goalkeeper making strides at Anfield (42.ie)

Pic: Goal.com

He’s back!

Further to Liverpool’s astonishing four goal Champions League victory over Barcelona last night.

Johnny Keenan writes;

Cork’s biggest Liverpool fan Kevin Murphy aka Richy Sheehy came to world wide recognition last year with his viral hit ‘Salah’.

A one off never to be achieved again, we thought.

UNTIL last night when the genius came up [on US sports site Bleacher Report] with what can only be described as divine inspiration.

With the melody of ABBA’s  Dancing Queen, Richie prophetically warbles: ‘We’re going to beat Messi/by more than three/in the Champions League…’

Thanks to the possibility of Kevin been able to tune in to another dimension for fortuitous inspiration, Liverpool have got to another Champions League final and their first premiership title in 31 years now also seems possible.


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This morning.

Pics: Maxwells


Eileen Walsh originally from County Cavan and living in Liverpool since 1951, meets president Higgins and Sabina.


Pics: Maxwells


Easy for him to say.

Being bilingual and all.

Last night.

Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy.

After securing a Champions League final place with a 7-6 aggregate defeat of Roma, Liverpool players unfurled a banner paying tribute to Dubliner Sean Cox, who remains critical following an alleged assault at the home leg ln Anfield.

Sean, a 53-year-old Liverpool supporter, was left in a critical condition following the incident that saw two Italian men charged and remanded in custody by Merseyside Police .

Reds show support for Sean Cox at the Olimpico (Liverpool FC)

The Basque woman five seats down from me was in awe. The stadium was packed. Over 50,000 souls had taken over the place and turned it red. It was only a ‘friendly’, but the supporters of the ‘home’ team cheered every pass and move with a gusto which was totally out of kilter with the importance of the occasion.

“Why does everyone in Ireland support Liverpool?” she asked me at half-time. “Do you not support your own teams?”

In the city of Shamrock Rovers, Bohemians, and St Patrick’s Athletic, she was shocked to see so many Dubliners come out to support a team from the old colonial power.


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Taking the trip to Liverpool today are a couple dealing with grief, and the extra trauma of having to fly to the UK for treatment, following the diagnosis of a fatal foetal abnormality.

The couple, who also have a disabled child, are documenting their trip on Twitter and Snapchat.

Writes the couple’s husband:

This Thursday, the 10th of November, we will travel to the UK from Ireland to have a termination. This is not by choice. Three months ago, after many attempts, we were overjoyed at the discovery we were successful.

Our first child was born with a genetic condition that meant we spent many months in hospital and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Although there is a risk any future children may carry the same condition we decided it was a risk worth taking.

At our first pre-natal appointment, we were offered a genetic screening test. Although it does not screen for the condition that affects our first child, it will for others that may inhibit the baby’s chance of survival. Of course we agreed to a simple blood test, after all the heartbeat now visible was strong and all markers pointed to a healthy pregnancy. Then we got the call that nothing can prepare you for.

A fatal foetal abnormality was discovered. We had never heard of Edwards’ syndrome before but we were told that even if carried to full term the period of life would be counted in the minutes and hours after birth. It is a crushing sentence for any person to hear, let alone for my wife who has had to give up her career to become a full-time carer for our little boy.

We went back for more tests and got confirmation. We should be telling our friends and relatives about our joyous news at just over 12 weeks; instead we are now past the point of being able to go to a hospital in the UK so we had to make arrangements to visit a clinic.

Traumatic in its own right, we also have to get someone to mind our child who requires constant monitoring throughout the day or his condition can cause him to slip into a coma and his brain can basically shut down. A lot of responsibility for us, even more putting it on someone else’s shoulders.

(Despite) what should be a simple procedure that could be carried out 20 minutes from home, in a risk-free environment, we are being forced to travel to the UK, leaving our child behind and the risks that involves to do the most humane thing possible to a baby that will never survive. That’s why we are going to document our experience from start to finish on Thursday.

We hope that this may enlighten those who do not want to listen or even allow the people of this country to decide for themselves. Our Government has continually kicked the can down the road and we, the people, must decide if we can allow this to happen. We hope that by documenting our experience it may help those that may have been through something similar or may be unfortunate enough to do so in the future.

Please share and check back on Thursday morning for updates throughout the day.

Twitter – @itstimetorepeal
Snapchat – itstimetorepeal

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