You’re Losing, You’re Losing Your Vitamin C


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Leinster House, Dublin 2

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny (top) joins campaigners against the increase of the VAT on vitamins, minerals, fish oils, and probiotics –  currently  zero-rated  – and calling on the government to reverse the 23% increase which is imposed on March 1.

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23 thoughts on “You’re Losing, You’re Losing Your Vitamin C

  1. Eoin

    Other than the folic supplement when you’re preggers, all these supplements do is give you expensive pee, and in the case of fish oil, per the UK’s NHS:

    “Supporters of fish oil supplements have claimed that they can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and dementia as well as improving cognitive function and mental health. But there is little conclusive evidence to justify these claims.”

    And does (rancid, because it’s not fresh) fish oil cause prostate cancer? A major study says yes and the NHS says the study was “covered fairly in the papers, with the Daily Mail including comments from independent experts.”

    So, fupp of Gino & hunker down on the medicinal cannabis stuff on which you’ve done great work.

    1. Col

      Also from the NHS:
      “But since it’s difficult for people to get enough vitamin D from food alone, everyone (including pregnant and breastfeeding women) should consider taking a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D during the autumn and winter.”

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    If they become 23% more expensive, people might think twice about wasting their money on diluted water and sugar pill woo.

      1. Barry the Hatchet

        That’s fascinating, Cian! There’s also been a study (sorry I’m too lazy to find it) which has shown that a placebo works even when the person taking it knows it’s a placebo. Something about the psychological effect of swallowing a pill. The human mind is bonkers!

      1. jason

        I know it’s not vitamins but at 2c per tablet compared to 16p per tablet on boots website and presumably both making profits, it definitely needs to be taxed. Eat a healthy diet. problem solved. your welcome.

          1. SOQ

            You clearly are a Homeophobe. Yay! Iv’e invented a new word, what do I win? Please don’t say it is a dinner date with Daisy. Never mind the bill, she’d be cutting the table down the middle.

        1. Eoin

          Persimmon is one of the most under-rated fruits, you get them in the Polish shops and a 250g persimmon (they seem to sell huge ones in my local) would give you around 150mg of vitamin C, 50% more than the daily intake recommendation. Also, you get fibre and a few other vitamins and minerals.

          Pity they’re not more widely available.

  3. SOQ

    Apart from the appeasement of those who neurotically consume, what is the purpose of synthetic vitamins manufactured by drug companies?

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