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  1. Giggidygoo

    Is Michael Ring for real? Is he putting the notion forward that because the pendant suppliers are in the UK that those suppliers won’t be allowed to, or won’t be prepared to export them to the EU? Parish pumper politician is away with faeries.

  2. Ron

    When did the Examiner get bought out by Waterford Whispers News?

    Is this how dumbed down the Irish have become? Someone that calls themselves a political journalist writes a full front page article with trashy scaremongering hyperbole about how the supply of security pendants to the elderly ‘could’ be in danger because the supplier is in the UK? Is that what I actually read there?

    Well I know the political sillies brought the usual ineptitude and incompetence that has become the hallmark of their time in Government to that other great infrastructure project; Broadband, but that is no excuse to not have at least one of the overpaid daw daws they have working for them to simply ‘Google’ security pendent suppliers.

    How someone could publicly put their name to a lazy article based on a pathetic press release from a washed up incapable Minister and expect to be taken seriously as a journalist is beyond me.

    It seems this country hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.

      1. Ron

        Hey everyone. I found one of those silly Voters over here. Dav, it’s hard to share a laugh with you whilst we all read your ridiculous diatribe. Now don’t comment on my stuff anymore. There is something wrong with you. Really wrong.

        1. ReproBertie

          “those thick Irish Paddy Voters”
          “don’t comment on my stuff anymore.”
          Why are so many of the aggressive morons snowflakes?

  3. Eoin

    Front page of the Examiner, cover price increases today by 10% from €2.00 to €2.20, the same as the Indo and the Irish Times. The three titles comprise 40% of the Irish daily market, but 90% of the so-called broadsheet segment. It’s not price fixing, mind.

    The increase comes ahead of the release on Thursday this week of the newspaper circulation figures for the second six months of 2018. Word on de Street is, the Examiner is down 10% to around 25,000 copies a day. So, at least they’ll be able to spin it as even-stevens with an offsetting price increase.

  4. Eoin

    Times Ireland goes big on anti-abortion activism, nine separate articles in today’s issue including an editorial. In fairness, they’ve done a thorough job on the subject.

  5. Eoin

    RIP John Stalker

    “Mild-mannered deputy chief constable who uncovered foul play by the RUC before being suspended from the investigation”

    ” On arrival in Belfast, Stalker and his team of eight detectives were greeted by Sir John Hermon [husband of independent unionist MP in 2019, Sylvia Hermon] , the RUC chief constable, with an ominous warning: “Remember, Mr Stalker, you are in a jungle now.” So it was to prove.

    London Times has a good obituary of “honest John” and how he tried to get to the bottom of a murderous cohort in the RUC, the former policing service in Northern Ireland.

  6. Eoin

    War-mongering shills at RTE are back on Venezuela.

    US is using aid as a political weapon, it’s not stockpiling food and medicine on the borders of Yemen, Zimbabwe or Syria, oh no, it’s on the border of the country with the world’s biggest reserve of oil.

    The UN has spoken out against US tactics. However, RTE is omitting from its campaigning reporting the UN statement. When a news outlet deliberately omits the UN position, it’s not a news outlet, it’s propaganda.

        1. eoin

          RIP to the deceased person.
          The story shows the link between RTE and the Gardai, and okay, most if not all of that story is straightforward and probably came cleanly from the Garda Press Office in Phoenix Park. Anything extra, and many of these RTA stories do have “extras”, it’s quid pro quo. RTE doesn’t investigate or report Garda wrongdoing unless it absolutely has to. That’s why our Garda service is so corrupt and incompetent.

          1. ReproBertie

            Reporting on a RTA demonstrates a link between the gardaí and RTÉ? By that rationale every news outlet in the country is garda propaganda.

            I hope you warmed up before stretching like that.

      1. eoin

        Not even there. The €20 million disgrace that is Met Eireann is exempt from media scrutiny thanks to it providing those nice smiley characters with zany dress sense and funny grin. How much does Met Eireann charge RTE for their services? It’s commercially confidential says RTE. Okay, kinda. But Met Eireann says the same thing. If you knew how much these chancers were paid, we’d be Bastilling Donnybrook.

          1. dav

            the weather they produce is a disgrace, it’s more suitable for a country on the northwestern edge of Europe than for a Caribbean country that we should be..

          2. Giggidygoo

            How about Harm giving out the sea forecast which fishermen depend on, but the same fishermen have problems understanding his dutch accent?.

    1. Junkface

      Do you not think that US are trying to avoid further catastrophes in their southern neighbours, otherwise they might start fleeing to the US? Also there are children starving all over the country, not to mention the thousands of patients dying in broken Hospitals, they have no medication, diseases like Cholera will soon set in, and again it could make its way throughout central America and up to the US. Its full of Grey areas, I don’t think its as black and white as people think. Of course Venezuela have a lot of oil, but the mechanism to even extract it at a profitable rate right now is also broken, the actual infrastructure of the oil companies have fallen into neglect and disrepair.

        1. Junkface

          Jesus. Everyone knows how the USA have meddled with South America over the last 30 years with CIA funded coups okay? I’m saying this is presently a humanitarian disaster, and the country needs help. Food and Medicine. They rest will have to be carefully monitored by the UN as Venezuela tries to prepare for an election.

          Yes Haiti seems to have slipped back into corruption and revolt, which is terrible.

          1. eoin

            The UN can do food and medicine if it comes to it. If the US gets involved we’ll have another Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Haiti, Panama, Congo….. you get the picture.

  7. Dub Spot

    Gotta love the environmental-conscious editorial style of the Irish Times.

    It’s just a shame they insist on recycling 3 day old versions of the Guardian.

    “Una Mullally: Music’s #MeToo moment will be much more difficult to handle”

  8. Jonkel

    Irish independent at it again – they spent all their time rubbishing the nurses dispute and now it’s straight on to the teachers. I wouldn’t mind if they got any of their facts or figures straight but they can’t be bothered if it doesn’t suit their (and the Government’s) agenda. It’s convenient that this headline appears on the first day of mid term. It’s also annoying to hear radio ‘journalists’ (SO’Rourke) repeating the crap as though it’s true without fear of rebuttal!

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