39 thoughts on “Wanna Buy An Island?

  1. eoin

    “The monastery is a national monument (No.52) and owned by the Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government (DEHLG), and is therefore excluded from the sale). Because of this the OPW have an obligation to maintain the monastery and surrounding artefacts and require access to the island.”

    So, 80 acres with two large puddles and extreme planning or development issues because of wildlife etc. And some civil servant turns up at the weekend with his or her latest fling to “inspect no. 52” ?

    We’re back baby alright.

    1. George

      This kind of place should never really be in private hands. It’s just weird that these things can be sold.

      1. Rob_G

        There are a very many beautiful places in Ireland, I don’t think its feasible that the state can buy all of them. So long as there are appropriate restrictions in place for changing the use of the land, it should be fine.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    That is massively over-priced. That land does not increase in value to that kind of figure, certainly without a gaff. And the historical monument is more of a hindrance than a heaven.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        wouldn’t have to worry about any of that as it’s going to be entirely under water in about 20 years or less.

  3. David J

    Surely that’s an absolutely outrageous amount to look for a craggy windy and wet island off Ireland with no facilities. Who in their right mind would pay that? Unless the seller expects the Government to buy it.

    1. edalicious

      I’d say there’s about an inch and a half of topsoil over the entire island. If you brought a LOT of dirt with you and figured out a way to stop it from blowing/washing away, you could get trees to grow but it probably wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

      1. Ciuncainteach

        Funnily enough, the monastery had wheat fields there and a water mill to boot. It’s difficult to access, outside of a currach/kayak, but it’s relatively habitable for a remote island

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            To be fair, you didn’t think I understood the concept of a semi-d. So, you know…
            I understand the concept of all kinds of semis.

  4. Papi

    I know some of the people who did the excavation out there, all supplies had to be helicoptered in, the place is inaccessible 75% of the time without a helicopter. Still though, good evil villains lair.

  5. Emily Dickinson

    Charlie Haughey had his own island, didn’t he? Used to sail to it on his private yacht for the occasional weekend break before flying back by helicopter to the stately home at Kinsealy. All this on the same salary as a school principal. Always makes me laugh when the likes of Mary O’Rourke claim they had no idea he was on the take. If Simon Harris buys an island we’ll know why the NCH is over budget.

    1. Ciuncainteach

      Inish Mhicileán; one of the Blasket Islands just off the coast of the Dingle Peninsula. First thing I thought of when I heard this story…

  6. Gabby

    An American millionaire could buy the island and build a luxury retirement village with pub and shop for pensioned-off politicians.

      1. Gabby

        Ha ha ha. I intended the luxury retirement with pub and shops for pensioned-off politicians as an alluring TRAP, so they could get their comeuppance when storms and hurricanes suddenly hit.

      2. Clampers Outside !

        But, imagine….. nice hobbits’s type dwellings built into the rock and covered in grass…. sure the wild life would never know you wuzz there and the hurricane season could pass without a bother.

        Or ya could go outside and enjoy it…
        when the notion took ya….
        to feel that Atlantic sea wind

        flingin’ rain at ya sideways…

        like a bucket of iced water…

        ah fupp…

        just ruined it for meself now… !

  7. Janet, I ate my avatar

    maybe some of the Californians buying up doomsday bunkers in New Zealand would be interested ?

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