I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up


Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring (left)has warned the Senior Alert Scheme could be at risk from a hard Brexit

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Mr [Michael] Ring said the Senior Alert Scheme, which provides security and comfort to elderly people living alone in isolated areas across the country, is one of the areas [of concern around a hard Brexit]  that have been identified by his department.

He said that some of the pendants worn by elderly people, which are used to raise an alarm if they get into difficulty, are sourced in the UK and so the supply of these could be impacted.

“There are one or two issues that we would have concern about; one is in relation to the Senior Alert Scheme, a lot of that equipment comes from Britain,” said Mr Ring.

Utterly ridiculous.

*phones Gran*

Brexit threat to Senior Alert Scheme, says minister (irish Examiner)

Rollingnews/ Senior Alert Scheme

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9 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up

  1. eoin

    Porsche is telling UK dealerships there’s a contingent 10% surcharge on vehicles for delivery in April.

    So, there may be issues with the alert devices, but the issue is probably will there be an extra tenner added to the cost.

    Scaremongering galoot seeking relevance.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Sourced from the UK who probably source them from Asia. A quick trip to Ali express will probably get a wholesaler to do a deal. Problem solved.

    1. dav

      another 1 of the millions of problems that brexit will bring, but so long as it stops “bleedin’ forrigenerrs” from entering blighty, I’m sure it’ll be worth it..

  3. Truth in the News

    Make in England ….more like imported into England and the exported to
    Ireland, Ring would want to Ring Direct

  4. Ron

    just amazes me how that journalist can put her name to such a pile of twaddle and expect to be taken seriously as a journalist.

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