13 thoughts on “Back In Town

  1. Ian-O


    I think you will find that’s a Jheri Curl.

    That is all.

    (But my thanks, I now have Jailbreak in my head, a great ear worm I must say!)

    1. Ian-O


      I think you will find that is very early Edwardian!

      (Sorry, in a pedantic mood this morning….)

  2. Dub Spot

    For a man who invented the rock pose with bass guitar and is a legend on stage, this statue should be melted down and recast by someone who had actually heard of Thin Lizzy. This is the worst rock statue ever. Fumbling in his waistcoat pocket for a tip for the St Stephens Green lockhards of old or something. Keeerrraaapppppp….

  3. Murtles

    And yet odds on some Richard Cranium will still run into him with a van and knock him down again or an inebriated tosser, thinking (s)he’s the most hilarious person on the planet, will break the guitar.

  4. Mark Roberts

    Surely the statue should be based on Philo’s classic pose on the front of Mark Putterfords’ book “The Rocker”. Sorry to say this statue is created from pictures when bold Philo is well past his prime…..and even Gary Moore when asked said that Phil would have thought the likeness was “funny”. Just my opinion, still great to have any statue though.

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