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  1. SOQ

    Tories walk now leaving the arithmetic of the HP very had to figure. I suppose those in strong remain seats now feel they have a better chance outside the government than in. No matter what way Brexit goes, the British political landscape is going to look quite different after all this chaos.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Vlad must be happy with the chaos he caused – divided Britain, divided Europe….

      1. millie st murderlark

        He chuckles merrily to himself as he eats the still beating heart of an elk he shot himself while barechested and exuding male virility and strength.

        1. Junkface

          Putin has done a lot of damage for a country with a smaller economy than Italy. And none of it would have been possible without the emergence of social media inventions from the USA, the irony.

          1. micky motiff

            Strange that Italy has a larger economy than a superpower
            I would say the way the Italian banks are the treat of their collapse could spark another recession

        2. Nigel

          Hey, Millie, and anyone else interested in an undeservedly obscure bit of Irish non-fiction, just finished this week The Retrospections Of Dorothea Herbert, the collected memoir of a rector’s daughter who grew up in North Tipp, 1767-1829. She describes her childhood and early adulthood, country life and the social scene, until a disastrous disappointment in love, and it’s absolutely riveting. Very funny in parts, very alarming in others, and very sad. It’s almost like the first draft of a Jane Austen novel if she decided to do a bit of Irish rustic realism, except you can occasionally drive past some of the locations. Very highly reccommended.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            All I can think of is that DISGUSTING dessert my great-aunt used to make from Carrageen Moss. Have you read into it? BLEURGH.

          2. Nigel

            My wife’s family lived in Connemara for years, so we make a broth with Carrageen Moss for the flu. We haven’t had to make it for a long while, I think we’re resisting the bugs just to avoid having to make it again.

        3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          I saw on Twitter last night that some Russian guy who speaks Irish was appointed to some job or other in the West. Heh. Amazing recall. Anyway, the point of this wibbling ramble is that he called his cat Vladimir Púisín.

  2. Giggidygoo

    So Simon ‘Bring it on’ Harris managed to get just 58 to support him, out of almost 160 TDs.

    Big swinging Michilín

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Facilitated by the eunuchs and concubines in Fianna Failure who equate abstention with opposition.

  3. LuvinLunch

    The midwife Philomena Canning was subject to a witch hunt by the HSE, funded by the tax payer. All because she wanted to set up a birth centre and the medical establishment wanted to retain control over pregnant women.

      1. Junkface

        That video was great. Tucker Carlson is probably the worst hack for sale in American news media. He’s just repulsive. Everything his guest said was correct.

  4. eoin

    The narrative about the collapse of the Hutch trial is changing.

    Yesterday, it was because the lead Garda had died. What rubbish. That such a huge investigation would hinge on one Garda, when there was a team of what, 30 Gardai, and the lead Garda was reporting to more senior Gardai with progress and administative matters.

    Today, the narrative is shifting to the evidence. The main evidence was the photo in the Sunday World which we’ve all seen (it’s on the front page of the Indo). Is the person in the pic Patrick Hutch? Many people say “yes”, Patrick Hutch denies it. But again, why not test that pic in open court before a jury?

    Last year, it was “emails” amongst investigating Gardai that halted the trial. What was in the emails? It’s my hypothesis the emails showed an attempt at collusion by Gardai to agree to identify the man in the pic as the suspect, Patrick Hutch. Or, it was an attempt at collusion to introduce doubt about the identity. Either way, we now deserve to see the emails.

    A huge criminal investigation and trial has collapsed with the prime suspect walking free and the rest of us looking at a photo and seeing the similarities with the suspect, and wondering why you couldn’t prove in court beyond a reasonable doubt that the pic is the suspect. We’re paying a huge financial and social cost for the collapse and we deserve answers.

    1. eoin

      The GSOC investigation is an abuse of process. It’s been initiated under s91 of the 2005 GS Act.

      “If a complaint concerns the death of, or serious harm to, a person as a result of Garda operations or while in the custody or care of the Garda Síochána, the Ombudsman Commission shall immediately direct a designated officer to— (a) examine the complaint for the purpose of recommending whether the complaint should be investigated under section 95 or 98 , and (b) report his or her recommendation to the Commission as soon as practicable.”

      This section is for supposed to be for deaths when someone dies in a Garda chase or in Garda custody, not a suicide by a Garda in his office. The GSOC investigation is nothing more than an attempt to cover up or delay exposing what was in the emails.

      1. eoin

        Work away Bodger! I wonder how you would get an estimate of the cost of the Garda investigation and the DPP prosecution and if the suspect may now claim compo for being incarcerated for a lengthy period in advance of a trial that has collapsed.

  5. eoin

    Squeaky bum time at Davy, the finance people.

    According to the Times Ireland
    “Patrick Kearney, a property developer, alleged in a case issued in the commercial court that he had agreed to sell Anglo Irish Bank callable subordinated floating bonds with a par value of €27 million for €5.58 million based on the advice of Davy…He alleged that the third party had offered to buy the bonds for 32 cents in the euro, but claimed that Davy persuaded him that the original deal for 20¼ cents in the euro had been agreed. Mr Kearney further alleged that Davy had a conflict of interest in the transaction. Davy denied all allegations ”

    Paddy settled with Davy in private over the court proceedins but the Central Bank is examining the matter and is expected to report shortly on the conduct of Davy which could, potentially, “be stripped of regulatory approval” says the Times Ireland.

    Aren’t the bonds in question above, now worth 100c in the euro? Didn’t the special liquidators at IBRC sell junior bonds at IBRC in 2015 for around 80c in the euro? Well done Davy, maybe you should stick with RTE for your questionable predictions and analyses for the plebs.

      1. eoin

        The next time you see the execrable Ben Lowry on Irish TV spouting his opinion about unionism and the North, remember his paper, the News Letter (where Ben is the deputy editor) has a circulation of 12,499, around a third of the Irish News and the Belfast Telegraph. Even unionists don’t buy his opinions.


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