Might As Well Jump


Staying in amharach?

Linda Ni Ghriofa writes:

There is only one major professional sport where women and men go head to head for the same prizes…horseracing! Jump Girls – directed by Luke McManus – is an observational bilingual two-part documentary which provides unique access to the key women making their living at the top of National Hunt racing – trainer Jessica Harrington and her daughters Kate and Emma, and jockeys Rachael Blackmore, Katie Walsh and Lisa O’Neill.

‘Jump Girls’ episode 1 will be broadcast on TG4 tomorrow at 9.30pm.

9 thoughts on “Might As Well Jump

    1. Mayomayhem

      I would say that showjumping is a more worldwide major professional sport than horse racing. The prize money for the top shows would reflect this too. There are only about 16 women in the top 100 riders though but men and women compete in the same competitions

      1. Charlie

        The money and popularity of horse racing around the globe is light years ahead of show jumping. Horse racing is an every day event driven, prize money, gambling, greed and breeding. A flat jockey(man or woman) has the potential to earn crazy money if they’re good enough. So far, women have only managed to make a minor impact in flat racing but more so over the jumps.

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