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  1. Giggidygoo

    Methinks Varadkar doth protest too much. Looks like the EU is blinking and the treatment is some IE lotion. No matter how you look at it now, we are never to be masters of our own destiny. Only her rivers run free eh?

    “I drink to the death of her manhood, those men who would rather have died
    Than to live in the cold chains of bondage to bring back their rights were denied
    Where are you now when we need you, what burns where the flame used to be?
    Are you gone like the snows of last winter will only our rivers run free“

    Varadkar knows it, Coveney knows it – the whole country knew it anyway……we have yet again being ridden by Europe. And FFG

    1. RiderOnThe Storm

      Methinks Giggidygoo, thou art exactly correct in thy opinion.
      Our engineered-into-the-job Taoiseach, can’t stop himself from throwing a Spaniard in the Works at every available worst moment to stir things UP!!
      The auld saying is true, and he needs to be mindful of it – careful of which you wish for – “I know the European Parliament will not vote for a withdrawal agreement that does not do right by Ireland.”
      Ahem…………..that vote won’t be necessary as, it is VERY slowly, and VERY, VERY LATE dawning on these donkeys in charge of us (no disrespect to that most lovable and underrated animal) that the looming, day- by-day-apparent, NO-DEAL APPROACHETH.
      In VERY, belated, realisation of which, today, they publish the Omni(SHAMBLES)Bus Bill, vainly tryin’ to tell us that – ALL OUR BASES ARE COVERED!!!!!!@&%
      ” He also poured cold water on the prospect of Britain getting a post-Brexit trade deal with the United States if the open border in Ireland is not maintained.”
      Yeah right – he’ll tell that to Trumpie in a couple of weeks time, bearing his triple-leafed shamrock charade whilst they both know that our European masters have ALREADY told us in the event of no-deal, that Ireland’s border IS the EU BORDER and you/we either check all at hard border OR all goods coming off the island of Ireland (that’s ours included) become subject to full checks entering Europe!!!
      And finally, he can’t stop himself – stirring & goading – “I wonder, if Fianna Fáil was 5pc-10pc ahead in the polls for the last year, would they be so willing to facilitate us? Time will tell.”
      Ya can count on that. boyo, IF, Big Mickey (or his stoopid ‘prop-em-up-at-ALL-costs’ party ever grows a pair!!
      As for the Shinners, Labour, et al, wasting our time and expense, putting down ‘No Confidence Motions’ in full knowledge beforehand of going absolutely nowhere………….the circus of CURRENT Dail Eireann……..GOES ON AND ON AND ON,……………….we could write the script for ’em ALL IN THE DAIL, in the face of looming Brexit crisis, and the shameful litany of ongoing and worsening crises at home for the next years and years, BUT, the reality IS ……….THEY have ALREADY handed us same-said script with writ large on same said: ‘you will bow down, conform and OBEY ………and pay us ridiculous salary and expenses for talking shop’
      Oh Where, Oh………….. Where………………..are OUR yellow vests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

        1. USmultinational

          Vradkar and Covney are pathetic leaders. They have no power and are desperate to cling on to their Euro denominated pensions. Followed by the ability to keep running Euro denominated Irish bond auctions to keep the ROI ship floating.

          Washington will back London, not Dublin. It’s delusional to think otherwise.

          Leo knows he has zero power (economic or military) and has to resort to childish political hand-wringing of the USA. Back us or the Irish America vote will go against you.

          The chorus of silly comments by Irish politicians, Irish SME leaders, Irish journos, etc. about the president are coming home to roost. Dail Eireann’s obsession with Israel is a canary in the coal mine for huge problems with the ROI project. Palestine clap trap should be unimportant and low priority for Ireland yet pissing off every multinational operating here doesn’t seem to matter. How about Israeli engineers and chip designers go elsewhere? Will David Norris BDS his iPhone? Would EU citizens BDS Ireland for stealing jobs and paying no corporate taxes?

          Leo is delusional and M&S man Covney believes that if he frowns harder people will take him seriously. If that doesn’t work, be reminded that he went to a private school and must be taken seriously.

          Let’s see how welcome Leo and Covney are in the White House on Paddy’s Day in a few weeks. They’re tolerated in No 10, but as soon as the coloured socks conversation starts, the awkward glances at watches start happening.

          1. Gabby

            FLEE from the WRATH to COME. The righteous will rise and the wicked shall ROAST. Meanwhile, I am flying to my Caribbean bolthole before Brexit.

        2. SOQ

          And all those vitriolic words omitting the obvious- that Brexit is a British thing and that this government is doing exactly the same as if any other party were in power.

          Where is the criticism of May and Corybn eh lads? They are responsible for this mess and if you think that it is solely FG who are making these decisions then you are being very naive.

          ALL the other major parties AND the general public support the backstop so snipe at Leo and Simon all you want but there is no way in Gods earth that Ireland(32) will choose Britain over the EU.

          1. Cú Chulainn

            What’s the default position of a Brit in trouble – kick a paddy. Has been for years. It’s other default position was to keep France and Germany apart. Kick and scream all you like. I’m no fan of what’s about to happen. But you guys are delusional if you think the single market is about to blink.

          2. Giggidygoo

            A ‘proposed backstop’ and a ‘proposed withdrawal agreement’.
            Subtle difference when the word ‘proposed’ is used.
            May hasn’t the authority to agree anything. That’s what has the British tied in knots.

          3. Giggidygoo

            But, Nigel, there is no Withdrawal Agreement is there? There is no Backstop, is there? If they existed, then we wouldn’t be witnessing the circus in the UK. May being sent back and forth to try get a withdrawal agreement, which she can’t sign off herself until the HOC etc. allow her.

          4. Nigel

            As you said yourself they are proposals. That is the form in which the currently exist. Everyone understands that. So when you say they are non-existent, you are saying the proposals are non-existent, and that is absurd. As mere proposals, they have enough mass to warp the entire centre of gravity of Brexit into its current shape.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Nigel – the proposals exist. The BS and WA don’t.
            It’s twice as absurd to say the BS and WA exist.

          6. SOQ

            I wouldn’t be reading too much into May’s travelling. She spent her time before the last vote running around every nook and cranny of the UK when she should have been trying to sure up support in her own party.

            It is appalling that 70% of our young people want to stay in Europe, and they’re being ignored by the 70% of old people who want to leave – Michael Heseltine.

            British democracy is broken and it is up to the British people to fix it. Ireland can only plan for the worst and hope for the best.

          7. Nigel

            It’s absurd to suggest that anybody talking about the agreement and the backstop aren’t talking about them as proposals.

        3. Slightly Bemused

          It’s alright. He just forgot to get vaccinated against the current outbreak of CAPITAL virus affecting the Internet, a symptom of which is localised rashes of punctuations…

    1. Verbatim

      May have something to do with a link that was put in that Eamon didn’t take kindly to… would be my guess.

    2. Bodger

      Thanks, Yep, sorry about this. Several people mentioned in the article asked in the strongest terms that it should be removed on a number of grounds. With respect to everyone involved, I won’t go into it too much but it was felt, for one, being described as ‘alt-right’ meant ‘white supremacist’ as opposed to conservative extremist, which was the author’s intent. This left little room for the article to stand should a jury reject Eamonn’s meaning, for instance.

      1. Yep

        Thanks for the clarification Bodger. I appreciate the position BS was in and can understand the action taken due to the feedback received. Have a great weekend.

          1. SOQ

            The one thing I read from that post was that some people confuse the internet with the real world. There is no Alt Right in Ireland because all the main parties are already right wing, including SF because at core they are nationalist.

            It is insulting to both those in rural Ireland trying to keep body and soul together when their children have already emigrated to the cities and the new people who just want peace, to live without cyber shadow boxing from attention seeking clowns.

            Not sandpapering your bottom here Broadsheet but who made that decision? The head of the civil service department is a start. He or she would have at the very least, signed off on it.

  2. eoin

    Ant-abortion protesters in Drogheda claim they have a source in the local (regional) hospital

    “He said that they were prompted by information from a source inside the hospital but that they usually happened on Fridays because that is when terminations are carried out there. Mr. Byrne says that as a follower of Christ he sees it as his solemn duty to defend and protect the vulnerable.”


  3. eoin

    In case you missed Deputy Clare Daly’s statement on Venezuela last week (because none of the Irish media reported it). Why should they report a statement by a politician? Because it contains a number of facts that are relevant and which any free press would refer in at some point when war-mongering for the US.

    “While the Taoiseach believes the Donald Trump narrative that it is due to a failure of socialism, personally I am more inclined to believe the UN special rapporteur Alfred de Zayas who made an extended visit to Venezuela late last year and is, in fact, an international law expert.Mr. de Zayas blames illegal US sanctions which he says have caused many deaths and aggravated, directly and indirectly, the shortage of medicines, including insulin, which are crimes against humanity which should be referred to the International Criminal Court. They are strong words from a renowned expert. Even if we do not agree on the causes of the problems, I am sure the Tánaiste agrees that Venezuela is not the only divided country with economic problems, but it is the only one in which there is an unelected, self-proclaimed President who has been recognised as a head of state without any basis in law, including by Ireland. It is the only one which the US military is circling. We believe it is landing in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Colombia under the guise of delivering humanitarian aid. It is eerily like the weapons of mass destruction lie that was used to sell the Iraq war and it is happening on a continent where the provision of humanitarian aid has been used as cover for death squads by the same Elliot Abrams who is now at the head of the US operation in Venezuela. This is incredibly serious. One does not need to be a genius to work out that the humanitarian aid narrative is just a Trojan horse. Even the official organisations, the International Red Cross and the United Nations, want to have nothing to do with it, as it is not aid but provocation. It is being used as cover for military intervention and regime change…We know that Venezuela has the largest oil resources in the world. We know that because President Trump and John Bolton have told us that they are in discussions with American oil companies to take the oil from the Venezuelan people. We know that they have wanted to do this for a long time. We also know that they tried to overthrow Hugo Chávez and about the sanctions that followed, but this is a turning point. We know what will happen next. Look at what happened in Libya, Iraq and Syria and President Trump says Nicaragua and Cuba are next…The Carter Center and others have recognised that the elections held in Venezuela were democratic, but there is a certain irony in people being concerned about the elections held in Venezuela when they have no problems with dictators in countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This is not about democracy and the Tánaiste did not in any way address the points I made about the situation having moved on. Since the backing of Juan Guaidó, the situation has changed on the ground. Troops are amassing on the borders of Venezuela under the guise of the provision of humanitarian aid. This is a country that needs such aid. I have a picture of a 12 year old Yemeni girl who is starving. She weighs 22 lbs. There is a need for a humanitarian aid intervention in Yemen, but there cannot be because the Americans are blocking the Saudis. I am not arguing for military intervention in Saudi Arabia. What I am arguing for is respect for international law. within a very short space of time we will be in a situation where the fate of people not only in Venezuela but also in Nicaragua, Cuba and throughout Latin America will be seriously undermined in what is a resources war, about which I have not heard the Tánaiste say anything. The situation has moved on and it is becoming incredibly dangerous.”

    RTE reported yesterday a death at the hands of the military on the border with Brazil. RTE has not reported several deaths by police over the past fortnight in nearby Haiti where the economy is in freefall, there are food and fuel shortages, there is widespread violence. And oh yes, Ireland pours foreign aid in Haiti. We don’t give a red cent to Venezuela.

    1. eoin

      The excuse for a news-and-current-affairs organisation RTE presently has as one of its four main stories Venezuelan army firing tear gas at activists on the Colombian border. Countless (the full death toll literally hasn’t been counted) protesters were killed in nearby Haiti in the past fortnight, heavily armed US mercenaries were captured with an illegal arsenal of weapons but the FBI intervened and had them flown to Miami where they’ve been turned loose, and yesterday there was a scene straight out of The Comedians as police seized the coffin of one of those protesters killed. It’s our foreign aid that’s going up in flames in Haiti; by contrast, we have no skin in the game in Venezuela at all. And yet, there hasn’t been a peep from RTE about the Haiti unrest as it warmongers on behalf of the US and omits from its reporting the UN position on Venezuela. Some news service that we’re forced to fund.

      1. johnny

        Its fair assume another non resident for tax reasons, rich ‘Irishman’ made a few calls……..

        “Venezuela claims that Smurfit Kappa engaged in price speculation, smuggling and refusing to sell to local businesses.
        It has demanded that the Irish firm immediately adjust all prices for its products.”


  4. eoin

    Rolls Roycle and Glaxo Smithkline*, the embodiment of respectability and trust? Not at all, you’d find sounder people in the Kinahan and Hutch organised crime groups. Britain’s serious fraud office has dramatically dropped investigations into both, front page of FT.

    Reuters reports

    “The investigation into Rolls-Royce resulted in a deferred prosecution agreement with the company and one of its units in respect of bribery and corruption to win business in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Russia, Nigeria, China and Malaysia, the SFO said.

    The SFO launched an investigation into GSK and its subsidiaries in 2014, focused on commercial practices by the company, its units and associated persons.”

    GSK might have escaped sanction by the SFO but it’s been fined for bribery before.


  5. Ron

    Here’s the only facts all you silly Voters need.

    there will be a backstop. The play on words has already started to nornalise it. They way they do it with homelessness in this country.

    Varadkar will sell Ireland out to secure his next number in Europe because he knows the game is up at home. Past behaviour is a good predictor of future behaviour.

    Ireland is not ready for no deal Brexit because citizens have elected the most incapable, inexperienced, incompetent Government we have ever seen. Last minute reactionary legislation lol.

    Our government is an embarrassment and they no it but the great Irish Gravy train rolls on when you have a nation of sillies who elect them! win win!

    PS – if I keep up this offensive ‘thick Irish Paddy’ business, I’m getting banned for the third and final time.

    1. SOQ

      No opinion on the on going circus called The House of Commons then? It’s all the fault of the Irish then so?

    1. SOQ

      My research on fabswingers.com would suggest…

      Herself likes a bit of the same and himself places the advert.

      Himself likes a bit of the same and she has a whip.

      Himself plays alone but with consent and is not averse to what ‘looks’ like a woman.

      Young single men would get up on a table.

      This does not excuse the fact that some people are just unable to keep their soul based promises and are now hated by their ex partners. They will always find out. It is not just cheating, it is deceit.

      Make a promise then bloody well stick to it, no exceptions, no excuses.

  6. Dub Spot

    What is this Morning Star BS about the appalling Corbyn? He’s pro-Brexit. Same as May. Leader of the largest anti-semitic party in the UK. Corbyn = May.

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