Behold; the Technicon Carat 187 superyacht by Technicon Design – an inexplicable (possibly promotional) 57 metre ultra luxury concept inspired by ‘the world of the red carpet’ with a dramatic pair of articulated stairs reaching out to two matching tenders docked either side.

Yours in your dreams.


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16 thoughts on “Hot Keels

    1. I Crowbar Lame Irish References Into Every Post

      I thought the picture of the boat was a picture of the village of Termonfeckin county Louth so I did

        1. I Crowbar Lame Irish References Into Every Post

          When I saw your great post I thought it said ‘shop in Buncrana’ sure that’s a great place to shop fair play to you. Éirinn go brách!

  1. Papi

    If those stairs don’t retract in like wings, I’m not interested. I’ll take my super yacht money elsewhere.

    1. Cian

      it looks to me that they do retract. If you look at pic #2 you can see that the steps could stack on top of each other.

  2. postmanpat

    Anyone who aspires to this probably drives a Range Rover and believes in the trickle-down economy. In a few years, expect to see Bono doing a speech about faux-philanthropy on one of these things while is circles around the Gulf of Mexico, burning fuel so to avoiding port fees.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Love It!!!!!!

    ‘Cork colours n’ all

    See. This is why Hot Keels is the best thing going on Broadsheet

    D’ya know
    You’d think they’d run a comp t’ give one’ve us a go
    Or maybe Moynes could run up a bitta’ve an Ode

  4. eoin

    That craft doesn’t look sea-worthy at all. You can just imagine a certain Irish oligarch deciding to stand on the back bit, shure, all the crew and guests would have to sprint up to the other end so it didn’t capsize.

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