Is This Yours? (UPDATED)


This morning.

David Wall tweetz:

Found a lovely, distinctive bike (a De Rosa) with kid’s seat, apparently abandoned (unlocked for 2 days) in the Tenters area of Dublin 8. Possibly stolen and would love to reunite with owner. cc @dublincycling


Thanks Alan Bracken

UPDATE: Owner located (see comments)


18 thoughts on “Is This Yours? (UPDATED)

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I’ll take it!
    Actually, I won’t. I STRONGLY DISAPPROVE of carrying kids on the back of bikes. It’s too dangerous.
    And that, my friends, is that.

    1. Nullzero

      Easy now, you’ll have cyclists on here telling you how much safer a baby is perched in a container on a bicycles handlebars than they are inside a car.

  2. Gabby

    I like that big cosy baby chair and wish I could fit in it. Unfortunately, I am 39-and-a-half and weigh more than 9 pounds 3 ounces.

  3. Pip

    Kinda gives me the jitters too. Especially the trailers….
    But statistically seems pretty safe, or we’d know all about it.

    1. Dub Spot

      Dragging a kid through heavy traffic breathing at the same level as carbon monoxide exhaust pipes. Yep. Totally safe.

  4. Mr. Camomile T

    I wish there were better cycleways so that everyone could travel like this with their children. It must be such a fun way to spend time with your child while getting some fresh air and exercise.
    I wish our authorities would build safe, physically segregated cycleways so that anyone who wants to cycle, including cycling with their kids, can do so without worrying about their safety.

  5. Termagant

    There’s no reason a 3 year old shouldn’t be attending to their own transport needs, they’ll only grow up spoilt if you do everything for them

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