What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?


Last night.

West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.

The US-Ireland Alliance celebrated the 14th Annual Oscar Wilde Awards at Bad Robot in Santa Monica. Emceed by J.J. Abrams, the evening’s honorees were Aidan Gillen, Chris O’Dowd and Glenn Close.

From top: Outside Bad Robot; Glenn Close and Chris O’Dowd; Sarah Bolger; Aiden Gillen and Camille O’Sullivan; Victoria Smurfit; from left: Carl Austin, Chris O’Dowd and Tara Flynn.

US Ireland Alliance

Pics: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for the US-Ireland Alliance

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77 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?

      1. Dub Spot

        In fairness to Ms Smurfit, she got a very unfair kicking in Twitter when she supported by inspiring daughter when they appeared on the Late Late Show. The abuse aimed at a mum supporting her kid was disgusting.

        Let’s pick on Aiden more. Or that O’Dowd for making people in IT look as uncool as they really are. Ruined my career choice.

    1. Johnny

      Eoin,Smurfit is a ‘sponsor in kind’ of this which I’m guessing involves eh,ehm,showing up.LA is a tough town,not much love unless your on the way up,which she most certainly is not.The link at the site to the ahem ‘sponsors’ goes to a blank page,why is the Irish state continuing supporting this,long after the US State Dept stopped ?

      1. eoin

        Yes, same here, the link to the sponsors for this event is broken and doesn’t exist. I wonder if there really is any merit in Irishicising the Oscars. Is such a caucus constructive?

        1. Johnny

          Eoin it was the Oscar Wilde awards,don’t say you haven’t heard of them,it’s simply not my world.
          We do some work with animators from CalArts in LA-they provide us some creative content and we pay them market rates,provide internships etc.
          They all speak really highly of the ‘Cartoon Network’ and one two have interned there,I’ve a aversion to these type events,just a simple farmer….
          It’s a beautiful Friday going focus on positive things,this is backslapping Celtic boom paddy’s reliving the good old days,Garret Kelleher FFS is on the board.

          Now Jay Z’s bash is a whole different game:)

      2. Dub Spot

        Corporate Sponsors

        The Doyle Collection

        Platinum Members – $1000 or more contribution

        Maury Devine

        Victoria Moore

        Robert Mulcare

        Maura O’Connell & Mac Bennett

        Richard O’Sullivan & Ciara Heslin

        Brittany Schick

        Laela Sturdy & Rachel Garlin

        Trina Y. Vargo

        In-Kind Supporters

        Skadden Arps

        Richard Mooney

        Hayes Solicitors

        O’Connor Sheedy

        Victoria Smurfit

        Next Generation Giving

        Class of 2001

        Ned Augenblick

        Rebecca Blustein

        Erin Breeze

        Mikela French

        Desha Girod

        Winnie Li

        1. johnny

          -as much as it pains me, you appear a decent type so i will take it easy, but yes both myself and Eoin can read the link i provided:)
          Its a sunny Friday,life is good and i just simply don’t have the desire or urge to ‘do’ this useless group, but they are fooked-the connect here is Abrams wife she’s Irish American aka plastic paddy.

          Contributions, Gifts & Grants $562,250
          Government Grants $485,000

          Govt grants be YOU guys !


          1. Dub Spot

            Apologies I was in “I’m a Millennial So Stream Everything To Me On My iPhone, Roysh — For Free” mode.

          2. johnny

            All good-here is a link to IRS 990 form that all US Charities must file, this is from 2016-latest one available.
            As far as i know this is basically the “Trina Vargo” show with one other employee, she was a staff member of Mitchel and parlayed that into this.

            Her other employee(s?) received over 150,000 in salary that year and Trina was paid over 250,000 to administer some mickey mouse scholarship program,for yank kids to go free to Irish colleges, given the rankings I’m somewhat amazed any talented US students could be bothered.

            Anyway,its all worked out great for Vargo with the Irish state continuing to support this,long after the US cut its funding.How an Oscars party in LA is in any way related escapes me, but such is life….


  1. Dr.Fart MD

    hands down the weirdest hybrid accents in the world are aidan gillen and chris o’dowd. it’s impossible to name a country either of their accents could be from. theyre just from.. the world.

    1. missred

      I can see the evolution of Chris’s accent, some people mimic their surroundings depending on where they are living and he’s been in LA for a few years. Aiden Gillen, however, has an absolute mind-fupp of an accent that makes zero sense. He’s like an automated bot

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      I like Gillen’s accent. It makes him versatile as an actor too. Maybe the late Dave Allen’s accent wasn’t too much of a challenge for him but he nailed that role.

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Was Buffy made by Bad Robot? I can hear it being said in my head. Or was it Fringe? I miss Fringe.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Ahhhhhhhhh. Person of Interest. That was a very interesting show. Yer man who played Jesus, ehhhhh Jim Caviezel (he has weird beliefs, I think) and the bad guy from Lost. I think I watched a few series of that.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Jeez, Dubspot. Her name was above and typing it into Google only takes a nanosecond. Lazy git.

    1. phil

      I used to think that , kinda has the same accent for every role, but I saw an episode of this New TV prog, call Project Blue Book, its disappointing , but he is quite ok, maybe even good, Ive changed my opinion of him,….

  3. Ian-O

    Why are people being hard on Aiden Gillen?

    Great actor, who cares if he (admittedly does) have an odd accent – it works.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Me too

      TBF like

      He’s a TV actor

      Still not buying the Big Boyler as our best big screen option for the token Paddy Oirish Man
      But at least he’s not Gerry Butler
      ‘suppose there’s that about him

      BTW I’ve a nawful feeling a certain Broadsheeter was at this gig
      … We’ll be having words

      1. missred

        Gerard Butler, jaysus. Well he’s Scottish, and his Oirish role was widely panned for good reason. He was able to take the slagging though.

    1. johnny

      -last thing on this as its small ball fo rme,I’d like thank YOU guys for paying Trina a quarter million dollars thanks a lot :)

      “$248,281 23.58% Trina Vargo President
      link above.

      1. johnny

        -no idea i inhabit a different world in LA and NY-would not catch me dead at these things.Its not really ‘news’ so i’m kinda yeah ok its still going on….

        -working on piece on Tom Barrack (Colony)Irelands largest/biggest developer who was subject of scathing report this week by house oversight committee and Wilbur Ross (xBofI) who got his hand slapped again for ethics violations,this is just the last sting of a dying wasp.

        “Irish Senator Mark Daly has called on the head of the US Ireland Alliance, Trina Vargo, to come before the Irish Foreign Affairs Committee or to resign.

        Vargo has come under pressure after the US State Department pulled funding for the annual Mitchell Scholarships and for her often controversial and negative remarks about Irish Americans.

        Speaking in the Senate, Daly said, “One issue I would like discussed is the reason the president of the alliance, Ms Trina Vargo, has not attended the Oireachtas joint foreign affairs committee in spite of being requested to do so. She indicated to the committee Chairman she would either come or give an answer.”


        -still getting irish govt funding after US pulled theirs years ago,Trina still getting 250,000 yes TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND A YEAR !

          1. johnny

            -can’t let Irish Oscars week in LA,go by without a shout out to the scandal ridden Ireland Funds,embroiled in embezzlement and fraud investigations.
            -no sign IDA or Enterprise Irl questioning the lack of governance-ah stop were Irish lets get this party started….

            “We’re delighted to once again have the support of the Irish Government via sponsorship from their agencies Screen Ireland (formerly the Irish Film Board), IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland.”


            Full party coverage in ‘goss’ WTF that is sponsored by Irelands leading plastic surgery clinic-how apt !


            Good luck too all the amazing animators at cartoon saloon in Kilkenny.

          2. Johnny

            ~’An American Ireland Fund director accused of embezzling up to $1 million from the philanthropic organisation had a conviction for a similar offence when she was hired, The Times can reveal.

            Karla Stover was on probation for stealing money from a hospital where she had previously worked when she was made head of fundraising in Texas.

            The case has raised fresh concerns about the governance of the organisation under Kieran McLoughlin’

            You’d think given the ongoing court cases,investigations into fraud and embezzlement,that the AF would report this to the relevant authorities ?

            Or that the Irish govt,specifically Enterprise Irl and the IDA may just want press pause,no they both sponsored with your money, a party this week in LA for the AF !


          3. Lilly

            @Johnny – At least Kieran McLoughlin wasn’t personally involved. I imagine – never having headed an organisation of that size myself – that it’s easy enough to drop the odd ball and he did, what no one in Ireland ever seems to do, he accepted responsibility for it and fell on his sword.

          4. Johnny

            Lilly-it’s standard and considered normal to run criminal background checks on ALL employees,credit checks and in many cases drug tests.The individual involved was on probation for similar offenses to the ones she’s now accused off,quite simply its negligent by the fund who’s entrusted with millions by the Irish state and donors.

            He was making depending on how you calculate it almost 750,000 a year,his failure to implement basic HR policies on background checks should have resulted in his termination with cause.Its indicative of an out control charity,with awful governance that was overwhelmed with free money from the Irish state-I mean cmon no one noticed a million missing ?

            The biggest mystery which most people consider outrageous,is the failure of the fund to report this to the relevant authorities-what are they afraid of ?
            Wheres the report,the charges,the investigations-the irish state that’s been supporting this has a right to review it and know WTF happened to your money.

            Oh he’s still there by the way….

            ‘Prominent supporters and board members have also raised concerns about the management of the fund under Kieran McLoughlin, who has remained at the organisation since announcing his resignation two weeks ago.‘


          5. Johnny

            If your wondering what the connection is between the scandal ridden AIF and this…

            ‘Sponsors of the Mitchell Scholarship program include Ireland’s Department of Education and Skills,Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, and the American Ireland Fund. The Scholars will begin their studies in Ireland in September 2019.‘

            The US pulled out,NI stopped funding it but Ireland’s dept of education is funding her salary and the operating costs of this annual LA,has beens or never beens party-why ?


          6. Lilly

            He’s no longer listed on their website Johnny. I take your point about the background checks, but I presume he thought he could leave that to his HR posse. How closely can you monitor all functions in an organisation that size? I’ve heard he’s coming back to Dublin. I wonder how he’ll fare in getting another gig.

          7. Frilly Keane

            I take your point there Lilly
            But t’iddent Microsoft and Bill Gates being dragged inta sum’ting the head of a division should’ve managed

            Kieran McLaughlin and this ‘wan Karla Stover probably worked on the same floor FFS

            And no Charity
            With an EU imprint
            Such as a “Member” Fund
            No matter where they’re based
            Are allowed avoid or miss or skip checks on personnel specifically engaged in a fiduciary function

            Yer local Credit Union
            Run by your neighbours and other local volunteers
            Would get whalloped by the Central Bank with a 6 figure fine for that type ah’ mismanagement FFS
            Naw’ mind a set up that extracts 6 figure sums from our exchequer

            This was a cover for lads hopping on Government Jets or inta Business Class seats to have a handy junket
            n’ get selfies with Celebs
            And a lad we’ve bin seeing loads of lately

            Ah here
            Where did I go wrong

          8. Lilly

            AFAIK Frilly, she was in Dallas and he was in NY. But otherwise, yes, he was being paid enough to run the show, and not just treat it as one big, bloated lig.

          9. Johnny

            Where to even start Lilly-your normalizing incompetence and failure,he was awarded a 100,000 performance bonus,this bonus on top his 500,000 base while all this was going on.


            He gave thousands to Haven,Buckley’s vanity project to build houses in Haiti-FFS to say mission creep would be ludicrous,WTF was he thinking ?

            Millions to the Smurfit Business School-why 10 million to an off shore billionaires school ?

            Gluckman and Fitzpatrick ‘foundations’ who are both involved got money out or back-the whole thing is scandalous,it’s a disgrace.

            Authorized 50,000 to Trina’s failured quoxic quest to be a philanthropy player,naturally using the Irish states money…

            It’s a beautify Sunday,off to enjoy it, all here in the 990.


  4. Clampers Outside!

    Speaking of things Irish American… that Roger Stone a claimed the “cross hairs” he used in an instagram pic were of “occult Celtic origin”…said he “researched” it… Jaysus…

    Picked up on by @VoxHib an early Irish Christian and medieval history Twitter account, worth a follow for the funny history snark, imo… and the genuine history posts are well cool :)

    The Stone thing…. https://twitter.com/VoxHib/status/1098692866254213122?s=19

  5. Lilly

    Why are people so hard on Victoria Smurfit? She strikes me as not the worst by a long shot. She could be sitting on her backside in Ranelagh enjoying the family gazillions, instead she’s out there in Hollywood hustling for work. Credit where credit is due.

    1. Frilly Keane

      I know
      Same here
      Oops #MeToo

      An’ she was good in About a Boy
      It was strong enough to assume it would’ve opened some more doors for her

      But ya know
      Maybe she just hasn’t had her big breakthrough performance yet
      And that’s why she’s still out grafting
      Looking for it like

      1. Dub Spot

        About A Boy was in 2002.

        Let’s hope Victoria never suffers the indignity of having to appear on RTE’s DWTS or Fair City.

        She needs Sharon Hogan. Onwards and upwards, honey.

        1. Frilly Keane

          So what if it was 2002
          Judy Dench didn’t get a big screen breakthrough till M – Goldeneye
          And she must’a bin grafting all over stages and telly for 30 odd years
          n’ she’s captured at least a half a dozen Oscar nominations since
          But none before getting the gig in Bond when she must’a bin well into her 50s

          Look at Richard E Grant
          Withnail was over 30 years ago
          Yet here we are
          The day he is going to get the Oscar for BSM
          On his first call up n’all

          1. Lilly

            Too true. So what if it was 2002. The main thing is to keep on truckin’ – and that applies to the rest of us as well.

          2. Lilly

            Funny you should ask Frilly… I’m out of action, but still in the land of the living :) Hope all’s well with you.

          3. rotide

            Dame Judy credits her film success to Harvey Weinstein. So much so she has HW tattoo’d on her botty. True story.

  6. Frilly Keane

    So what if it was 2002
    Judy Dench didn’t get a big screen breakthrough till M – Goldeneye
    And she must’a bin grafting all over stages and telly for 30 odd years
    Now she’s had at least a half a dozen Oscar nominations since
    But none before getting the gig in Bond when she must’a bin well into her 50s

    Look at Richard E Grant
    Withnail was over 30 years ago
    Yet here we are
    The day he is going to get the Oscar for BSM
    On his first call up n’all

  7. rotide

    Small point from someone who actually knows, these awards might be a jolly but they’re a brilliant part of the irish Film scene abroad. You can’t buy the type of networking you get here. If you asked people actually in the sector, they’d sing its praises.

    1. Johnny

      -which irish film scene abroad ?
      The one that awards Irish actors like Glen Close ,which is so laughable the presenter had a go..

      ‘Previous award-winner Melissa McCarthy, who is nominated for an Academy Award this Sunday, presented Glenn Close with her award, ribbing the iconic actress for her “sketchy” Irish roots
      In accepting, Close noted that she’s “Irish at heart,” and that spending time in Ireland filming ‘Albert Nobbs’ “was one of the greatest experiences of my career.”

      Cringe inducing paddy whackery,absolute drivel,it’s embarrassing to ‘real’ Irish people,all paid for by Ireland’s Dept of Education,while Irish kids sit in overcrowded prefabs….
      Charity begins at home,if the so called ‘irish film scene’ abroad wants host its own parties by all means do,but FFS stop taking the costs of these out the Dept of Educations budget.

      ‘There are now 1,300 prefabricated buildings at schools around the country – a rise of 300, or 30pc, in just two years – as pupils and teachers suffer delays in badly needed building works.

      The ongoing demand for new schools to cater for population growth has pushed many promised refurbishments down the priority list.‘



      1. Frilly Keane

        While I respect Rotide’s authority on Film matters and would agree getting out and about out there is worth the weight of the egos with the Irish Film industry, no matter how much we snigger at them here; I’m all in with Johnny Hamptons on this.

        There are children going to school hungry this morning, and only for Breakfast Clubs – all maintained by volunteers

        Think about that Rotide

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