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From top: The Gibney Chronicles, out this Friday; Its author irvin Muchnik

This Friday, March 1

American sportswriter, author and investigative journalist Irvin Muchnik’s book on Irish Olympic swimming coach George Gibney will be published.

The George Gibney Chronicles is the culmination for Irvin of four years of reporting and a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security.

Gibney moved to the United States in 1995, the year after an unusual and controversial decision by the Supreme Court led to the quashing of his 27 charges for indecent carnal knowledge of minors.

Justice Roderick Murphy’s report into sex abuse and swimming in 1998 concluded that Gibney’s accusers “were vindicated” by the accumulation of Garda evidence.

The ebook is being published at a time when findings of Irvin’s 2017 FOIA case settlement, which disclosed information about Gibney’s American immigration file, could result in his deportation.

Calling 2019 “the year of reckoning,” Irvin says in the introduction that American government sources say conclusion of Gibney’s “unusual immigration scenario” is at hand.

Irvin writes:

In 2010 Gibney was denied U.S. citizenship because he concealed from his application his Irish criminal indictment. He was not removed from the country, however, and U.S. District Court Senior Judge Charles R. Breyer, in his 2016 FOIA decision in Muchnick’s favor, called the government’s inaction curious. Breyer also cited the author’s suspicion “that the American Swimming Coaches Association greased the wheels for Gibney’s relocation.”

The Gibney Chronicles also examines the legal status of a connecting crime on American soil: Gibney’s rape of a 17-year-old girl in Tampa, Florida, in 1991 while on a training trip with Trojan swimming club which uses the facilities at Newpark Sports Centre.

The George Gibney Chronicles: What the Hunt For the Most Notorious At-Large Sex Criminal in the History of Global Sports Has Told Us About the Sports Establishments and Governments on Two Continents is available here for $3.49.

Anyone without a Kindle-compatible device can receive an emailed PDF copy of the 30,000-word ebook by remitting $3.49 on Paypal to


An earlier version of this article stated that Trojans swim club is ‘from Dublin’s Newpark Comprehensive school’. In a statement, Newpark’s principal Derek Lowry has asked us to clarify:

‘Trojans Swim team do not have any connection to the school but have used Newpark Sports Centre for training for many years. The club pay rent for the use of the pool but there is no other connection with the school and the members of the club do not attend the school.’

‘George Gibney Chronicles’ — eBook About Two-Continent Hunt For Irish Olympic Swimming Coach and Fugitive Sex Criminal — Publishes March 1 (

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    Done. Thank you Irvin for exposing Gibney. If it ever gets a print release, I’ll buy that too.

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