Free Tomorrow Night?


In Donnybrook, Dublin 4 yesterday


Cathal MacCoille tweetz:

Road information sign for cyclists, for a change, on the Navan Road, Dublin. Safer 🚲routes would help even more.

Previously: Dublin Cycling Campaign (Broadsheet)

Top pic: Dublin Blockers

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8 thoughts on “Free Tomorrow Night?

  1. dhaughton99

    3 places where this does my head in.

    1. The barbers on the 9th lock. They just ditch the cars in the middle of the path and you have to walk onto the road. But you wouldn’t go in and say anything because it has a certain clientele you don’t sass.

    2. Parkwest train station. They don’t provide parking even though they have a large out area at the front of the station. Cars are left on the path all day and pedestrians have to walk in the bike lane.

    3. Naas Road. Somehow the car show rooms are allowed to park cars as a display on the paths and pedestrians have to walk in the bike lane. I counted 18 cars outside one showroom on Saturday. Around McDonalds and across from Woodies is notorious for this happening.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      It’s even crazier when the car on the path is heading towards you in full motion, just to get that perfect space between two driveways.

  2. Spud

    ‘pedestrian friendly streets’.

    You know the car rules this town when there’s a group to campaign for this.

    As usual, enforcement is a key consideration.
    Sure Donnybrook Garda Station is just a stones throw from that pic and nada is done.

  3. George

    Last night, a few from where I was standing, I saw a driver mount the pavement head on at a pedestrian crossing and park their car entirely on the pavement. There were at least 4 empty parking spaces 10-20 meters away.

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