Running Down A Dream


From top: Róisín McGettigan; Kellie Harrington, Irish World Champion Boxer; Claire Lambe, Irish Olympic Rower; Nicole Turner, Irish Paralympic Swimmer; Róisín McGettigan, Programme Developer; and Róisín Jones, Programme Developer

This morning.

The Olympic Federation of Ireland launched Dare to Believe – a school “activation programme” in which Olympic athletes will take part in workshops in schools across Ireland.

Dare to Believe was developed by 2008 Olympian Roisin McGettigan, who says:

“When I came home from the Olympic Games, I was asked to speak at my local schools. I had all of these hard-earned lessons, international experiences and passion for my sport that I was bursting to share with the next generation, but I soon realised that presenting my story effectively was something I needed to prepare for.

I felt that if I had a template to work with and guidance on how to tell my story, it would have been a better experience for me, but more importantly a better experience for the children to whom I was speaking. It got me thinking about what could be done.

I’m delighted that the Olympic Federation of Ireland, the Athletes’ Commission and the International Olympic Committee have backed this programme. Dare to Believe is an engaging programme that will make a difference in the classrooms and strengthen relationships with Olympians.”


The Olympic Federation launches Dare to Believe programme (Olympic Federation of Ireland)

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    1. Gaz

      What a total BS comment. This is not the fault of the Olympics or athletes just the countries who let their venues go into disrepair.

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