Mo’ Better Blues


THis morning.

UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4

Taoiseach and Leo Varadkar and Tanaiste Simon Coveney launch Ireland’s new ‘Policy for International Development, A Better World’.

This will ‘provide the framework for Ireland’s expanding development cooperation programme, in line with the Government’s commitment to reaching the UN target of allocating 0.7% of our GNI to official development assistance by 2030′.


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7 thoughts on “Mo’ Better Blues

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Says a look when the only handshake is between the Taoiseach and the semi-Taoiseach
    Varadkar looking for a UN job obviously.

  2. Zaccone

    Seems a bit wasteful when there are so many people suffering in Ireland. Putting the 0.7% of GNI to use helping the 10,000 Irish homeless people living in dreadful conditions would be a bit more useful.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      No. We are a well-developed country, full of opportunities with a welfare system for those that need it and a reasonable standard of living for all citizens. There are countries in the world who’s populations are destitute and countries which will never reach their full development potential because of dodgy trade deals and imperialism of their past. We have a responsibility to play a part in narrowing that gap between developed and developing nations of the world.

      1. Martco

        why are WE (Rep. of Ireland) responsible for fixing up on the dodgy trade deals & past imperialism of OTHERS @Spag? possibly I’m just selfish but I’ve never quite understood the argument.

      2. Zaccone

        As Martco asks, why is Ireland, a victim of colonization for 800 years, responsible for “dodgy trade deals and imperialism” done by colonial powers?

        And what if not destitute would you call the homeless people suffering in Ireland? Are they really enjoying a reasonable standard of living?

  3. eoin

    Jeebus, we’re aiming to give away nearly €2 billion a year to other countries for development. In theory, it’s a noble ambition to help others but the potential for incompetence, sleaze and worse is HUUUUUUGE.

    What organisations benefitted from the aid that taxpayers involuntarily stumped up in 2017?

    Pg 74 of the link below provides a partial answer. Mary “Dubai it?” Robinson and Denis “the buccaneer, NOT a member of any gang” O’Brien’s charities feature.

  4. Con Kennedy

    Surely “Mo’ Better Blueshirts” would have been a better headline? Missed a trick there Broadsheet, missed a trick.

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