23 thoughts on “Bruh

    1. Joe

      I’ve seen some that are lower then that. lethal bikes for roundabout cause they are so low and often folk put the flag on em.

  1. Rob_G


    Why a ‘gob***’, Mike?

    It’s a recumbent bicycle; they are a lot faster & more efficient than a standard bicycle.

    Cycling is great exercise, you should try it some time, fatty.

  2. George

    Why quote Mike when he is insulting a stranger for no reason? Part of the “open to all points of view” policy?

    1. Dr_Chimp

      Well it’s not for no reason. He does look like a gobpoo, but so what, leave him at it.

  3. Stephen O’Farrell

    What a disappointing and provincial post. Recumbent bikes have been around forever, inspite of this surprised slack jaw reaction to it.

    1. Dr_Chimp

      Just because it’s been around forever doesn’t make him look any less ridiculous. Unicycle and penny farthings have also been around for ages and you’d look like a gobshite on one of those too. Who gives a toss though if that’s what he wants to cycle

  4. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    It’s hard to make out but I think there’s a small child on the back of the bike without a helmet while the adult is wearing one…I think

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Digges Street, turning onto Redmond’s Hill I believe.
    Busy spot. Wouldn’t like to be on any bike, let alone that yoke.

  6. Mickey Twopints

    That little girl appears to have fairly severe flatulence, which is the real story here.

  7. postmanpat

    ” gob***** ” says the man taking a phone photo while driving a car. If the bike ever gets into an accident, it will be because of some motorist/DJ using a phone to send tweets while driving.

  8. Termagant

    The idea of cycling around feet-first at waist height in the traffic in town scares my bejeepers right off

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