McVerry Well-Appointed



Fingal, County Dublin

Liam Coughlan in his new home in the Peter McVerry Trust Ravenswood social housing development.

The scheme is the charity’s first greenfield development consisting of eight one bed homes together with a small community building specifically designed for single people with the most complex needs.

Top from left: Fingal councillor Anthony Lavin, CEO of Peter McVerry Trust Pat Doyle, Director of Housing Margaret Gerety, Fingal Mayor Anthony Lavin , Liam Coughlan and Peter McVerry.

In fairness.

Peter McVerry Trust

Sam Boal/RollingNews

9 thoughts on “McVerry Well-Appointed

  1. eoin

    Eight 50 sqm 1-bed homes costing €1.6m or €200,000 apiece on land the PVT already owned?


  2. realPolithicks

    The look of happiness on Mr Coughlans face tells you how much this means to him, good luck to him with it.

    1. SOQ


      Life will throw curved balls, but to some more than others. The yellow vests in Paris are setting up their own homeless shelters so do we have to do the same here in Ireland? Hard to believe things have got so much worst than two years ago. Jim Sheridan from then.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        And we are constantly being told how well the country is doing. Taxes up, unemployment down, employment up. And here we are with minister boys fiddling figures to keep numbers under 10000 homeless, disregarding hospital costs massive overruns. All hoping some new piece of news will take the spotlight off them for a while.

      2. realPolithicks

        Those are grim statistics SOQ and it’s only gotten far worse in the couple of years since. As a society(and I don’t just mean Ireland) we seem to have decided that homelessness and poverty are acceptable for a certain segment of the population. We have the means to feed and house everyone in the world but we don’t care enough to make it happen.

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