Listen Then Decide


The ‘Here’s How’ podcast.

William Campbell meets citizen journalist Rowan Croft.

William writes:

The far-right and the alt-right are making a big impression online, but Rowan Croft says that his YouTube channel, Grand Torino, is not one of them. Is he right? As Rowan says, do your own research and decide for yourself.

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12 thoughts on “Listen Then Decide

  1. lolly

    what’s with Broadsheet redefining the word journalist? there’s yer man the ‘independent journalist’ and now we have ‘citizen journalist’ – these are meaningless phrases. If they are self-publishing online then call them bloggers, if they are writing for someone else’s publication for money or some other benefit in kind then call them freelance journalists. If neither is the case then they are not journalists but agitators or something else.

    1. f_lawless

      Lolly you sound out of touch – those aren’t particularly new terms and weren’t defined by Broadsheet. From my understanding, they’re a reflection of the changing nature of journalism. Traditional corporate media has evolved in recent decades to become a more firmly embedded part of establishment power rather than holding it to account. “Stenographer journalism” has risen greatly and real investigative journalism is becoming rarer in the corporate world. As a consequence, more and more are losing faith and turning to independent voices – but then, of course, the onus is on the individual to make their own judgment on the validity of those voices.
      Also, it seems to me that too often these days the term “blogger” is being used as a smear – as in, “they aren’t paid for their work, so based on that, their opinion isn’t of much significance”
      (PS I’m not familiar with Rowan Croft so not in a position to judge for myself)

  2. Cloud


    Just trying to start a debate.

      1. realPolithicks

        Years ago when I was in secondary school our english teacher was attempting to start a debating team and he foolishly revealed that he himself was a “master debater” a decision which he later regretted. I think he may have found that year a bit “tiresome”.

  3. Nigel

    ‘GrandTorino @rowanwcroft
    Feb 16

    Associated Press = Rothschilds Do some research princess. *mute•’


  4. Dr_Chimp

    Haven’t listened yet (will do) but have read the article. Generally, the BBC has somehow managed to turn itself into a social justice peddling rag so it’s no wonder he doesn’t trust it. And on the claim of rape in Sweden, an important thing to note (as it ironically is in the BBC article) that the Swedish government won’t allow data to be kept on ethnicity and rape. So it really is impossible to prove or disprove. The BBC did carry the following article about a Swedish public tv programme on the rape question and the Guardian article on the rise of crime more generally in Sweden.

  5. Yep

    Listened. Had a look at his videos too. I dislike him as I don’t think he is very bright. Clear he is in it for the “celebrity” and what might come of it.

    I will say if his personal address was released it is very dangerous and should be condemned. William also took an unnecessary swipe with this and shouldn’t have.

    All in all, I think the man is fuppin dim. When you read the back and forth on twitter you realize a lot, on both sides, are just that. Dim.

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