Meanwhile, At The High Court [UPDATED]


This evening.

The jury found that articles published in the newspaper on March 15, 2015, meant that the story of Mr O’Brien’s borrowings and the amount of the borrowings was telling and disturbing and that Mr O’Brien was massively overstretched and faced huge financial pressure in November 2008.

But the jury found none of this was defamatory of Mr O’Brien.

They were deliberating for just over seven hours.

Mr O’Brien must now pay the costs of the case, which lasted for 17 days in the High Court.


Denis O’Brien loses defamation action against The Sunday Business Post (RTÉ)



From top: Tom Lyons and Ian Kehoe arrive at the High Court this morning.

This morning/afternoon

The High Court, Dublin.

More as we get it

Jury In O’Brien Defamation Case Given Option Of Majority Verdict (Newstalk)


45 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The High Court [UPDATED]

  1. eoin

    What happened to the 12th juror? Too angry? You’d think that a hearing that was going to last 3 weeks and cost perhaps €500,000 +, would merit a panel of 15.

    The only satisfying thing about this circus has been the necessity of DOB to turn up each day to demonstrate to the jury how important this is to him. All while his Digicel is going down the toilet, by the looks of the bonds market.

    1. Johnny

      -which the judge quite bizarrely in my opinion brought to the attention of the jury,given what he’s weighing in at for this fight,he’s hard miss….

  2. Otis Blue

    Kehoe has a cheerful insouciance.

    He’s a good journalist and seems a decent fella.

  3. Emily Dickinson

    Lawyers with their fingers crossed for a retrial.

    I thought the flow-chart of questions inflicted on the jury was more complex than it needed to be.

    1. The Old Boy

      I think (but would have to check) that the flow-chart was agreed between the parties.

  4. eoin

    Wow, after DOB’s last outing – against the Daily Mail and the late Paul Drur when DOB was awarded €150,000 damages for an article which the jury held suggested he was a hypocrite – I was nervous that the jury might have gone DOB’s way against the SBP.

    Well done Ian Kehoe, Tom Lyons and Gavin Sheridan, all decent honest journalists.

    What now for the SBP now though? It’s may be nursing €250,000 of its own legal costs; it’s living hand-to-mouth. Who will pay these?

      1. eoin

        In large proceedings, you rarely, in my experience, see 100% of your costs, even if you win and the loser is ordered to pay your costs. The costs will likely be assessed by the court service (taxation) in this case, and the SBP may end up nursing significant costs, however unfair that may be. The libel insurance position at the SBP isn’t clear.

        1. bisted

          …fairplay to all…but I loved the notion that Eoin suggested…that a direction for protection of costs be sought in view of the state of the Emporers new clothes…

      2. realPolithicks

        I was listening to an Irish news report, they stated that as the loser he could be expected to have to cover all the costs…I guess we’ll see…

  5. Johnny

    Well done Olga, Bodger and broadsheet for the exceptional coverage here, congrats to Ian,Tom and Gavin among the most talented and straightforward journalists in Ireland.

    Having followed this, the judge scared the poo out me, I was all ready with a big post on judicial conflicts, how small Ireland is, lack of disclosures by the judiciary on financial matters, etc etc etc….Phew – you guys spread that diatribe:)

    What a fupping great day, well done Ireland and the jury.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Well done BS. I have to say I was very concerned the jury had been steered the wrong way. Overly complicated decisions. But, hurray, redacted got a well deserved bloody nose.. Still.. it’s chilling it was ever allowed proceed..

      1. Johnny

        Given the decision against the PAC (prelimary) the threat to free speech in Ireland is real.
        This jury has restored some confidence that basic common sense can and does prevail and the law is not always an ass.

  6. A force for justice

    Well done to Tom Lyons & Ian Kehoe, a brave journalist needs a brave editor, such a pity they are now gone from SBP.

    Pity the chill effect is there & will remain, no comments allowed on the journal. Pathetic.

    1. Otis Blue

      Aren’t they setting up a subscription thingy together?

      Also Kehoe was appointed to the RTE board last year.

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