11 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. I can't think of a name

    Please change the title of this recurring theme to ‘ This Is What Happens’.
    It would be funnier.

  2. SOQ

    Ah leave the marketing industry’s tat alone, they have never visited Kilkeel. Couple of vans selling over a spring weekend would clear the lot. Might need to polish the English accent and use words like ‘pet’ of course.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Indeed they are, and over here selling decent motorcycle insurance at relatively decent prices for years. Given that there are a significant number of UK citizens living in our country, it’s reasonable to assume that some amongst them will be bikers, and some of those bikers may go to the show, be in the market for a wooly hat, and have the money to buy one.


  3. Martco

    well I’ve been a Carole Nash customer on and off over the years, decent service always. mind I moved this year as the premium shifted a fair bit, not entirely sure if its Brexit craic or what.

    anyways might pop in to the show to see the hardware I can’t afford :)

    out of interest…I don’t know if it’s just my anecdotal imagination or what but I swear I’m seeing a LOT more UK reg’s on the road about the place than usual….anyone else?

  4. Gabby

    In cold weather a Union flag wooly hat is more practical than a MAGA baseball cap. The context in which one wears defining wooly hats is important. Flag-waving underwear can be kept discreetly under wraps – although hanging it out to dry on the garden clothesline requires discretion if you live in a certain neighbourhood.

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