Trump Pavement Syndrome


Fake Trumps brought to heel on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last Sunday


Inspired by Cardi B’s tweet-threat that she would “dog walk” Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren if she didn’t leave the Grammy winner alone, 20 white men donned T-shirts, MAGA hats and custom collars and were paraded down the Hollywood Walk of Fame by people of colour and members of the queer community.



Watch Fake Trump Supporters Get ‘Dog Walked’ in Anarchist Performance Art (Rolling Stone)

Pic: Jason Goodricj/RollingStone

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10 thoughts on “Trump Pavement Syndrome

  1. Baz

    interesting that those affected by TDS seem to think abusing (even though simulated) others is a good thing.
    similar to the antifa that actually are the only ones displaying fascist actions

    1. Zaccone


      This sort of thing is also not exactly how you win over the middle ground voters that are required to win a presidential election over there. Its extreme.

    1. McVitty

      yeah, there is only one community you should be concerned about – the one you live in. This global village garbage has reduced us to tribalism, undermined real community and suggests that progress can only be achieved in a big joined up or global movement.

  2. AssPants

    Sounds more like a fetish indulgence…….

    Obviously it’s all straight WHITE males fault………………..

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