Have You Lost Your Acoustic Guitar?

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The guitar (top) and where it was discovered (above) in Hatch Lane, Dublin 2

Brian writes:

Hey you, forgetful guitarist! Why did you leave your acoustic guitar in Hatch Lane, Dublin 2 last Friday (March 8) between 3.50pm and 4.30pm?

Don’t worry. It’s being looked after (and has new strings on now).

Get in touch [Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie) with the make and description and I’ll get it back to you…


10 thoughts on “Have You Lost Your Acoustic Guitar?

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Given that Brian found it on Friday, and has put new strings on, I imagine there was a certain amount of ‘great, time for a sesh this weekend’ before posting that it was found :)

    Am curious what strings were put on. This can be both a personal choice, but also the guitar could be set for a certain gauge. My brother used 12s, while I used 10s, but when he put his on mine, they buzzed, and if I put 10s on his the action was really high. Both of us used phosphor-bronzes, so tone was not much affected.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        With you on the Martyns, best strings in my mind. We both had acoustics, but my brother played more heavy rhythm where I preferred a gentler plucking style.

        I never could get the hang of electric, for some reason.

        Sadly, age, and joint issues mean I can no longer play as I once could. My daughter has decided that I am giving her my guitar, but only once I am dead. Not sure what that says :)

  2. AFoxIndeed

    Oh no, he was probably on his way to butcher hallelujah or a kodaline song on Grafton street… seriously all those buskers only know 2 songs. But i shouldn’t complain, last year they all only sang hallelujah


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