Have You Lost Your Acoustic Guitar?


The guitar (top) and where it was discovered (above) in Hatch Lane, Dublin 2

Brian writes:

Hey you, forgetful guitarist! Why did you leave your acoustic guitar in Hatch Lane, Dublin 2 last Friday (March 8) between 3.50pm and 4.30pm?

Don’t worry. It’s being looked after (and has new strings on now).

Get in touch [Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie) with the make and description and I’ll get it back to you…


10 thoughts on “Have You Lost Your Acoustic Guitar?

  1. Uncle Gay I

    I thought that if you had an acoustic guitar then it meant that you were a protest singer…..

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Given that Brian found it on Friday, and has put new strings on, I imagine there was a certain amount of ‘great, time for a sesh this weekend’ before posting that it was found :)

    Am curious what strings were put on. This can be both a personal choice, but also the guitar could be set for a certain gauge. My brother used 12s, while I used 10s, but when he put his on mine, they buzzed, and if I put 10s on his the action was really high. Both of us used phosphor-bronzes, so tone was not much affected.

    1. pedeyw

      Marytn Bronze 12s for acoustic. Ernie Ball 10s for electric. But then I don’t own an acoustic anymore.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        With you on the Martyns, best strings in my mind. We both had acoustics, but my brother played more heavy rhythm where I preferred a gentler plucking style.

        I never could get the hang of electric, for some reason.

        Sadly, age, and joint issues mean I can no longer play as I once could. My daughter has decided that I am giving her my guitar, but only once I am dead. Not sure what that says :)

  3. AFoxIndeed

    Oh no, he was probably on his way to butcher hallelujah or a kodaline song on Grafton street… seriously all those buskers only know 2 songs. But i shouldn’t complain, last year they all only sang hallelujah

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