‘Cages On the Windows’


Seven tenants.

Three chairs.

Apartment Share, Sherrif Street, Dublin 1 (Daft)

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11 thoughts on “‘Cages On the Windows’

    1. Toe Up

      He probably gets up really early in the morning, as would the people who live in this kip as there’s no privacy.

  1. Just Sayin

    To be fair it looks like a brand new fit out, and was photographed while the fitters were still in the process of removing the cages and reinstating the glass.

    Of course it will be horrible when they throw out the double & single beds and replace with 4 + 2 bunks, plus one to sleep on sofabed in the sitting room.

    Could be a nice apartment for 3 people

  2. Junkface

    “It’s my turn on the chair tonight.”

    “Oh yeah? Them is fightin words!”

    “Let’s get ready to RUUUUMBLE!”

  3. Jonjo

    I presume Dublin rental Investigator reports all of these so that’s probably why it’s gone, rather than being let.

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