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Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Are DAFT facilitating landlords hiding the location of properties? New regulations governing the advertising of rental property must include a provision for the inclusion of the Eircode. What’s to gain from hiding “Newly Refurbished/BER Exempt’ property locations? #RaiseTheRoof


Seven tenants.

Three chairs.

Apartment Share, Sherrif Street, Dublin 1 (Daft)


Edelweiss, Woodley Park, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin (Daft)

Dublin Rental Investigator writes:

Frequently I hear elected officials criticise previous parties or place blame on failed policies without ever coming up with a solution. If you only have criticism and not solutions, take a seat. We need regulation that works. #RaiseTheRoof #DRIManifesto

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Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

What’s Carl Dombrowski offering ‘a female’ near Ossory Ind. Estate? “A place without comfort – just sleeping place with access to nearby toilet – If you don’t mind going to pool, gym for showers”. Sees himself as a slumlord.


Ossory Road, North Strand, Dublin 3 (€300 a month, Daft.ie)

Dublin Rental Investigator’s Twitter avatar; a letter sent to 64 Dublin City Council councillors from Dublin Rental Investigator last month (click to enlarge)

On January 14.

Dublin Rental Investigator tweeted a letter they sent to 64 Dublin City Council councillors about their concerns related to Spotahome.

Further to his…

This afternoon the account is tweeting to say they subsequently received responses from five councillors – three of whom, according to Dublin Rental Investigator, raised queries with the council…

And that the office of the chief executive of Dublin City Council has advised that Dublin Rental Investigator’s account should be monitored for reports of substandard accommodation in the Dublin City Council area and that the council should take action when necessary…

The account states that “it’s great they can depend on my work” but it would be more beneficial if they “monitored the platforms that actually advertise property in the first place”.

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Dublin Rental Investigator

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

This studio opposite Fibbers advertised on @facebook for 4 people at €375pm each. 2 obviously have to bedshare. The kitchen doesn’t meet Min Standards. Difficult to verify. Why is property being advertised on @facebook

When will it ever end?



Yesterday: Studio Flat, Two Bunk-Beds, Four People

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

472 NCR ‘Little flat,’ a studio with 2 bunk-beds. €390pm. 4 people living in a one bed poorly maintained studio for €1,560pm. #BunkBedCity #LeosIreland #MurphysMess #RaiseTheRoof

472 north circular road, Dublin 1 (Rent.ie)

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Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

€285pm room share of ‘office conversion’ with 3. Bunk beds blocking window. Kitchen consists of toaster/kettle/blender, etc on a desk. Looking at multiple breaches, specifically A.7 Housing Regs, perhaps planning (change of use) breaches too.

Blessington Street, Phibsborough, Dublin 7, North Dublin City (Daft.ie)

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Shook! €1,900pm for a ‘studio’ in East Wall. The photos contradict the bed arrangements. Potential breaches in A.7. Housing Regs. Is there planning permission? There’s actual houses for this price in the D3 area.

Boolavogue Road, East Wall, Dublin 3, North Dublin City (Daft.ie)