Aoife Quinn and Seán Quinn Junior on their way to the Four Courts today


The first day of the case taken by businessman Sean Quinn’s five children against Irish Bank Resolution Corporation – centring on €2.34bn in loans given by the then Anglo Irish Bank to Quinn companies – began this morning.

The case is expected to last six months while 49 witnesses are expected to give evidence.

Sean Quinn’s €2.3bn in loans gambled with children’s future, court told (Mary Carolan, The Irish Times)


13 thoughts on “Day One

  1. missred

    Jaysus, he’s the spit of his father. I’d be taking someone to court merely for that injustice.

    1. realPolithicks

      Jr is a charter member of the lucky sperm club and has absolutely no intention of suing daddy.

  2. paddy apathy

    1/ Daddy made his darlings nominal owners of his businesses.
    2/ Daddy was in complete operational control and they understood and were happy with that.
    3/ Daddy bought into a bank but the bank was bad and he got burnt.
    4/ Daddy’s sad children lost the wealth that daddy had given them “on paper at least”.
    5/ Daddy’s kids are suing the taxpayer to return assets that they never really had.

    Do I understand this correctly?

        1. johnny

          -there is that small matter of what the money that was lent was used for,didn’t the central bank sign off on this :)
          Should be a great trial, best luck to one of Irelands greatest entrepreneurs and self made men.

  3. Ollie

    Pepolae makes a valid point. IBRC is liquidated, how come the high court is actually hearing this frivilous claim. One for broadsheet’s legal guru to explain?

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