Nothing To Review Here


Dr Tony Holohan

This morning.

In the Irish Examiner.

The newspaper’s health correspondent Catherine Shanahan reported:

The most senior Government health adviser attempted to block a review of CervicalCheck the day after Vicky Phelan called for an investigation into the screening programme.

Instead, Tony Holohan, Department of Health chief medical officer (CMO), urged the health minister to opt for a report which Dr Holohan himself would prepare.

He advised Simon Harris that the “appropriate way forward” was to “state that you have asked me to provide a report on the matter, including whether further actions or steps are required”.

His warning was issued the day after Ms Phelan stood on the steps of the High Court and said publicly that CervicalCheck had essentially failed her and she now had terminal cancer.

Her solicitor, Cian O’Carroll, also made public the discovery that other women had smears incorrectly read, and, like Ms Phelan, had not been told of an audit that discovered the errors.

…Dr Holohan warned the minister that to announce a review “could unnecessarily undermine public confidence in CervicalCheck” when there was “no evidence at this stage that there are quality or patient safety concerns with the CervicalCheck programme”.


Top medic tried to prevent Cervical Check review (Catherine Shanahan, The Irish Examiner)

4 thoughts on “Nothing To Review Here

  1. Kevin Higgins

    Unless greatly mistaken Tony was part of the Mary Harney American junket that included the Super Bowl and the re-routing of the Aer Corps jet to Las Vegas

  2. realPolithicks

    The default reaction to any problematic issue among Irish government officials is to duck and dive and attempt to keep the issue “inhouse”. Its the typical protect the institutions all costs no matter what.

    1. phil

      Id agree , but I often wonder why , its not like there will be any consequences for anyone employed by the state , no matter whats discovered ….

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