Poetic Justice


Craic Boi Mental – Irish 2Pac

‘Give me dis, give me dat, You want some crack? oh sh*t who’s that? It’s the Irish 2Pac…’

James M Chimney writes;

The four horsemen of the hiphopocalypse have just ridden by and left this (above) in their wake…It’s hardly ‘MF 1700 is how I roll, baling hay takes its toll. Bitches checking my frontage, knee deep in pussy, dripping in gold’ but shorty don’t have my lyrical skillz.

Craic Boy Mental

3 thoughts on “Poetic Justice

  1. Goodnight Ireland

    Is this a parody or fo’ real? Presume it’s the former but fear it’s the latter

    1. JEH

      It really exists right in that curious little niche between the two, doesn’t it? I’m not certain Craic Boi Mental knows himself.

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