Was It For This Time?



Last night.

BBC 1’s This Time.

Eamonn writes:

Alan Partridge went full Provo last night…

This Time with Alan Partridge, episode 4, review: Could this be vintage Partridge? There’s real heart beneath the cringe (Telegraph)

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37 thoughts on “Was It For This Time?

  1. H

    I feel like I’ve slipped into a parallel universe, I watched last night’s episode but I don’t remember this bit at all… :-/

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Heeeeeeeeh heh heh. Taped it but didn’t watch it. Hilarious. His accent is pretty good!

    1. ivan

      He was on the Late Late *years* ago and said that when he was a kid he used to go visit his cousins in, I think, Westport or something.

      It’s why the ‘Der’s More ta Oireland Den Dis’ thing is so funny, because he knows full well who he was skewering, and it wasn’t the Irish.

  3. Pee Pee

    some very good comedy on the bbc of late, fleabag, white gold, people just do nothing, new alan partridge…

    1. rotide

      That’s how you spend a license fee that’s literally 20 times the size of the one RTE have access to.

      1. millie st murderlark

        I really don’t think the folks in rte have any idea how to spend the money they do have efficiently.

        The size of the budget is not the issue.

    2. eoin

      Watched a “comedy” on RTE with a wee plump girl who recently said she’s taken comedy as far as it can go in Ireland. After five minutes, there wasn’t one single act or utterance which raised a smile nor was it in any way dramatically interesting. A total waste of the mandatory licence fee, and the ratings reflected it, but the RTE bod who commissioned the programme remains unaccountable.

      1. rotide

        Have you ever tried to be a commissioning editor?

        Maybe you could just snap your fingers and make another love/hate happen or maybe you just haven’t the slightest idea what your are taking about and are using “a show I saw the other day that I didn’t like” to prove some sort of point in your ongoing grudge against rte

        1. johnny

          Is Eoin your new bête noire,why don’t you post something yourself for a change instead snipping,snarking like cranky oul fella constantly.He’s too polite to tell you to FO like i would, you bully, hound and harass people constantly but never post anything original or interesting, just mean spirited insecure boring rubbish…..

  4. Jonjo

    Your man would feed turf to the sheep, and try and get the pig to lay an egg.


    Coogan does a great Whest accent. He does it in Moone Boy too. I guess all those years holidaying there has helped.

  5. eoin

    Not the first time Coogan has taken a pot shot at the Irish, remember I’m Alan Partridge.

    ” Yeah. I think the Irish are going through a major image change. I mean, the old image of Leprechauns, shamrock, Guinness, horses running through council estates, toothless simpletons, people with eyebrows on their cheeks, badly tarmacced drives – in this country, men in platform shoes being arrested for bombings, lots of rocks, and Beamish. I think people are saying “yes, there’s more to Ireland than this”. A good slogan for the tourist board – [does the bad Irish accent again] “Dere’s more to Oireland dan dis.””

    In fairness, Coogan probably can’t differentiate his stereotype of an Irishman from a Cornish yokel or a Yorkshire hardnut, but not all of his audience will appreciate his harmless intentions.

      1. Otis Blue

        His take on Ireland is always keenly observed and informed by a fairly solid understanding of it.

          1. millie st murderlark

            A really excellent film, must be said. I dragged himself to see it in the cinema and snotted all over his shoulder, which he totally appreciated.

    1. rotide

      Pot Shot? you think this (and the sketch you referenced ) is a pot shot at the Irish?

      Are you actually trolling?

      1. johnny

        -says the oldest,nastiest most mean spirited troll on here….
        RTE sent Perry to NY/DC to cover that rubbish, your excuse for wasting more money was that its ‘normal’-if its so normal why didn’t RTE send the 6 newsreader when Perry was in DC then ?
        -why do persist in trolling him, do you think Eoin is going enrage with you-HAHAHA
        -you have literally all day posted something mean/nasty under each and every one his posts-when does your pension come, use your free travel pass to go somewhere, see the world,instead trolling Eoin all day……
        -are your now obsessed with Eoin-do you think this is healthy and normal, its not Ro.
        -you sat with a bic biro or a keyboard writing JOHNNY,JOHNNY,JOHNNY way too many times, for your little ditty in that hat competition-thats seriously unhealthy and just downright fecking weird.

    2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I started trying to do that thing where you show the joke flying over the person’s head but don’t have the requisite keyboard skills.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Oh, I was all go with —>s and the like, but I lost the will to live.
          ====)- – – never lose the will to live with that one, though. Always funny.

    3. Spaghetti Hoop

      What? This is nowhere near a ‘pot-shot’. Coogan is half-Irish. Still spends a lot of time here in addition to his childhood. He’s doing what every Irish comedian does – slags off his own culture. Does it well though.

      1. eoin

        I think the point is, and probably the reason BS posted it, this BBC show is aimed at an English audience and that audience is being given an unpleasant stereotype of an Irishman, bad teeth (yeah, right, Britain!), “eyebrows on his cheeks”, the ruddy complexion of a heavy drinker in his Argyle v-neck under a suit, circa 1950s style. So, it might indeed be funny and be funny to an Irish person, but what do you think of that stereotype being presented to 50m in England? Would Coogan do it to a black person or a Jew? I don’t think so, and not because Coogan is a racist, but he probably sees the Irish as being as familiar as someone from Cornwall or Yorkshire. Anyway, as you say “whoosh”, that point is probably too subtle for some.

        1. johnny

          Personally I loathe paddy’s day in the states and never attend any parades, bars or restaurants ‘celebrating’ outdated stereotypes.

          “The Republican National Committee drew outrage for stoking an ethnic stereotype Sunday, tweeting a St. Patrick’s Day message of “please drink responsibly” with a doctored photo of Democratic presidential candidate — and “noted Irishman” — Beto O’Rourke’s 1998 mugshot for a DUI arrest.”


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