Best Haze Of Our Lives


From top: Scenes from the Kights of Campanile ceremony under the campanile (bell tower) in the Library Square of Trinity College; the Knights of Campanile society president Ben Arrowsmith; tweet this afternoon from The University Times

On March 15, student journalists Edmund Heaphy, Eleanor O’Mahony and Donal MacNamee reported in The University Times, published from Trinity College Dublin, about an initiation ceremony on February 27 for what they termed an “elite, invite-only Trinity sporting society”, called the Knights of the Campanile.

The society, a sporting fraternity, is described as an “all-male society with over 1,200 members” while “a maximum of 50 students members are allowed at any one time”.

They reported that they could hear members being told to “bend over”, “get in the shower” and “start whispering insults in each other’s ears”, while they could hear “groaning, gagging and retching sounds” all coming from a second-floor apartment where an initiation ceremony was apparently taking place.

The journalists had left a recording device outside the apartment but this was later found by the members.

The following day, according to the journalists, the society’s president Ben Arrowsmith brought the recording device to the office of the University Times and threatened legal action.

They reported:

Arrowsmith called the Editor of the newspaper, Eleanor O’Mahony, a “stupid bitch”, and said he would hand over the recording device once he had deleted the recording of his “pre-drinks”.

Yesterday, the newspaper released a statement defending their use of a recording device.

Further to this…

Cormac Watson, in The University Times, is today reporting that a petition is now circulating calling for the removal of the newspaper editor’s salary and on-campus accommodation from 2020/2021.

Mr Watson reports:

The petition to change the constitution of the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) would also see the paper get just €3,000 a year to go towards publishing in print – this would cover just one issue.

If the petition is signed by more than 500 people, a student-wide referendum will be triggered.

Knights of the Campanile Implicated in On-Campus Hazing Evening (University Times)

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Campanile pic: Eleanor O’Mahony (The University Times)

25 thoughts on “Best Haze Of Our Lives

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    insider info from an alma mater here; those sounds they describe.. ARE what you think. They make pledges carry out sexual acts on each other. It’s super lame, super messed up, and theyre just trying to be like american universities, but lack of imagination from the kids of elites results in hazing being .. haw haw haw, chortle chortle, gay, tee hee hee .. incredibly juvenile. I’m surprised it’s only coming out now.

    1. shortforBob

      Based on your wildly incorrect and pretentious attempt to use Latin it seems certain you must be a Trinity alumnus.

      Trinity has many people who are quite good at exams but very stupid in other areas, and in this case people who are good at sports but horrible people lacking sufficient empathy to stop perpetuating dumb hazing rituals.

  2. Termagant

    On the one hand, to hell with these play-acting buppyholes, their ridiculous boy’s club and their poxy petition, on the other hand, 3 grand per issue of the UT is absolutely ludicrous

    1. Termagant

      “The petition to change the constitution of the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) would also see the paper get just €3,000 a year to go towards publishing in print – this would cover just one issue.”

  3. shortforBob

    “A petition is circulating” and if that dumb petition can get enough signatures to be worth considering then I’d bet a petition to defund the Knights of the Campanile would get at least twice as many signatures.
    Not that either petition is likely to be taken seriously by the powers that be.

      1. Rep

        The modern meaning of “Decimate” is now the first meaning in the oxford dictionary. Do you suggest we avoid all words whose meanings have evolved over time? Does gay only mean Light-hearted and carefree to you?

        1. Nigel

          I think if you’re not literally having your Roman Legion slaughter one in every ten of their own comrades then you shouldn’t be using the word at all.

        2. shortforBob

          regular people can go ahead and use it any way you like but anyone claiming to be a journalist and especially an editor should think twice and choose their words more carefully. Many publications have strict style guides so that writers aim higher than merely acceptable prose.


  4. rotide

    Uhhh, they have a website and it’s completely voluntary. There’s no sign of any wrongdoing anywhere?

    Looks like the ‘all male’ part of it perked up some aspiring hacks ears

    1. Clampers Outside!

      There’s a ladies rowing club since 1976.
      It’s “women only” …oh no! …said no one ever.

      On to the next nothing story..

      1. shortforBob

        There’s no shortage of argumentative Trinity students. These arguments and just about every argument you can think of has happened before. (There’s also a women only society for sporty achievers called the “Heraens” and I seriously doubt they do any dumb hazing rituals but I was never great at sports.)

  5. :-Joe

    Ah-haaaa.. Great scott…

    Looks like a job for Harry and his relentless band of fantastically infantalised twerps!

    Harry Potter and the unfortunate never-ending recurring case of syphaltic banality and the self-entitled homo-erotic anti-sexual delusional supremacy…

    Spoiler Alert!
    We’ll all get it up the philosphers hole …

    //=Do we really… YES You have to like or subscribe to anything..


  6. Niamh

    Jesus this poo has suddenly explained many aspects of my psycho ex-Trinner ex-boyfriend to me, in retrospect.

    1. shortforBob

      Rowing or Rugger?

      They’re not all bad, but there are reasons for all the stereotypes.

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