One To Beam Up


The Northern Lights shine above the frozen surface of Lake Superior on the west coast of the Keweenaw Peninusla in a 10 shot panorama captured over the space of three hours at the start of this month. To wit:

 At left, a faint band of Zodiacal light rises sharply from the horizon crossing Mars and the Pleides star cluster. Both the distant galaxy M31 and our own Milky Way shine above the greenish auroral arc. Navigational north pole star Polaris is centered above and accompanied on the right by the northern night’s most recognizable asterism, the Big Dipper. Terrestrial lights include markers for two breakwaters on the the horizon near the center of the scene.

Full resolution image here.

(Image: Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti)


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6 thoughts on “One To Beam Up

  1. Papi

    Did that lad stand there like that for three hours? Why? Cool shot, but sit down, have a coffee.

    1. Tony

      You’re thinking of long exposure Paps – this is a composite of photos merged to form a panorama

  2. Boj

    Determined now to work “auroral arc” into a pub-convo later. My slur will probably help…

    honourable mention goes out to “Zodiacal light”.

    1. realPolithicks

      I’m picturing something like “would you like to come to my place and check out my auroral arc”.

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